B&B Spoilers Oct 23 – 27: Paris and Zende Appear at the Showdown and it’s Eric vs Ridge

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, Oct 23 to Fri Oct 27.

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What’s coming up on B&B the week of October 23?

RJ struggles with the secret he’s keeping for Eric when pressed by Ridge and Brooke.

Special guests arrive at Forrester in preparation for the Fashion Showdown. Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman), Esther Valentine (Kate Linder), and Countess Von Frankfurt (Marie Osmond).

lauren fenmore tracey e bregman

Monday, October 23

Monday’s early B&B recap: Eric’s dying

Dr. Colby doesn’t actually say what Eric’s dying of but he’s dying.

Donna reacts to the awful news that Eric has Cerebral Vascular Disease.

Eric maintains he’ll work on the fashion show until his death.

RJ’s dilemma of not betraying Eric or telling Ridge the truth intensifies.

Ridge demands answers from RJ.

Katie learns about Eric’s health crisis when she unintentionally overhears Dr. Colby discussing Eric’s diagnosis.

Katie lets Donna know she overheard everything and Donna confides Eric’s heartbreaking diagnosis to her.

Katie urges Donna to tell Ridge about Eric because this is robbing him of time with his dad.

Katie and Donna discuss Eric and she wants Ridge to know but agrees to keep Donna and Eric’s secret.   

eric and donna reacting to bad news

Tuesday, October 24

Tuesday’s early B&B recap: RJ wants to tell his dad the truth

Katie wants Eric to tell everyone he’s dying.

Eric makes Katie keep quiet about his impending death.

Brooke puts Carter on the spot about whose side he is on. 

Carter’s team Ridge but he also wants Eric to do well.

Ridge and Brooke talk about how his relationship with his dad sucks now.

The excitement of the fashion showdown builds as Eric and Ridge both vow to win.

Katie sobs in Eric’s arms.

Eric wants to make a mark before he dies but everyone reminds him he has. Donna tells him his doctor doesn’t want him to do the showdown. The women tag team him, but he will do what he wants.

eric asks katie to stay quiet

Wednesday, October 25

Wednesday’s early B&B: Charlie and Esther hit it off

Katie urges Donna to tell the Forresters the secret she’s been keeping.

Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine arrive from Genoa City (Y&R cast crossover).

Esther meets Eric, her fave designer.

Lauren catches up with Eric.

Eric coughs up blood and his hands shake more than ever.

Katie and Donna hug and Katie gives her sis more advice.

Luna, Lana and RJ flit around with Eric,  preparing for the fashion show.

Wednesday marks the start of the preparation for the fashion show — the couture showdown between Eric (John McCook) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). This event should last five days and features Luna, Zende, Paris.

luna rj meet lauren

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Thursday, October 26

Thursday’s early B&B: RJ cries over Eric’s tragic news

RJ’s emotional when Eric finally discloses his prognosis from his Cerebral Vascular Disease.

Donna, Eric and RJ prepare for the fashion show.

Ridge, Hope and THomas prepare for the fashion show.

Lauren and Esther get a tour of FC though Lauren used to work there. 

Eric flashes back to past fashion shows. 

Esther and Charlie continue to make a love connection.

fashion show B&B

Friday, October 27

B&B’s early recap: Countess Von Snooty arrives

Paris returns.

Katie explains the rules of the competition to an elite group of guests.

Countess Von Frankfurt and Esther get off on the wrong foot.

Eric and Ridge share a moment as the fashion showdown begins.

Marie Osmond (Countess Von Frankfurt) and Elsa Esnoult (Fanny Greyson). 

Countess Von Frankfurt and Fanny are at the show to find the most beautiful Forrester gown.

Elsa Esnoult posted a clip on her Instagram behind-the scenes with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye).

Today in @tf1 on @50inside find this incredible experience I had in Hollywood! Can’t wait to show you all about this 🇺🇸. Thank you to @jeremie.vincent and @noemie_klein_ who followed me during this trip and thanks to whom I can show you these beautiful images and of course a huge thank you to the whole team of @boldandbeautifulcbs who welcomed me with so much kindness and kindness ♥️


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A post shared by Elsa Esnoult (@elsaesnoult)

paris and rj arrive to watch the preview

What’s coming up for Bold and Beautiful week of October 30?

Haute couture, romance and big drama abound as Eric and Ridge’s fashion showdown starts.

Brooke makes a startling realization.

Steffy surprises Finn by returning home from Europe.

steffy shocked to see sheila


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