Adam and Sally Have Sex, Victor Tells Nate He Fears for His Sanity, Nick and Victoria Decide to Go Along with Their Father’s Scheme

Thurs Oct 26, Y&R day ahead recap: Adam talks to a psychiatrist about his father, Victoria and Nick mull over how to deal with their father’s plan, and Victor swears Nate to secrecy.

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Nick Makes a Startling Reveal to Victoria, and Adam Confesses His Scam to Sally

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 26, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 27. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In her suite, Sally dreams about Nick and Adam fighting over her. They pummel each other as she yelps at the to stop it.

adam yelping at nick in dream

Nick says she’s the only one who can stop it.

She has to choose one of them.

Sally wakes up, breathless.

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” she repeats.

She gets up and tries to work but keeps flashing back to conversations with Adam and Nick.

sally in suite

Spectra grabs her purse and takes off.

Adam sits in the jazz lounge recalling the conversation he just had with Sally about talking to a doctor about his father.

adam having a flashback

Dr. Skelton (Stefan Marks) the psychiatrist joins him.

Adam gets him to assure he will be discrete.

They discuss Victor and his reputation.

Adam thinks his father is exhibiting signs of dementia.

adam meets skelton

There isn’t much the doctor can do without meeting Victor.

Adam fills him in on the slips and memory lapses that his father has had and his rages.

The doctor says only thorough tests can determine normal signs of aging from actual dementia.

doctor can't say much

This could be a lot of things that could be treated, or it could be part of progressive dementia, which can only be slowed.

He’d like to review his medical history and do tests but that isn’t possible if he won’t willingly participate.

Confronting his father could be counter-productive.

Adam will see what he can do.

He loves his father and wants to do whatever he can to help him.

adam thinks of father's lapses

After the doctor leaves, Sally comes down the stairs.

Spotting Adam, she tries to run but he calls over to her.

sally sees adam

Sensing she’s frazzled, he offers to buy her a drink. She decides being there is a mistake and leaves.

sally makes excuses to leave

Adam follows her up to her room and asks why she’s running from him.

She wanted a drink but realized she needed sleep when she got to the lounge and insists this has nothing to do with him.

sally stopped at door

Sally notices he’s not okay and he explains he met with a psychiatrist about his father.

He admits he’s more worried than anyone would believe.

It feels like there isn’t a damn thing he can do to help him.

adam tells sally how worried he is

She gives him a lengthy hug.

adam and sally hug

They kiss. When they step into her suite, he asks if they should stop.

She doesn’t want to.

sally adam kiss in hall

They undress each other and have sex.

sally adam sex

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At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki he is sure that Nick will go straight to his sister and tell her everything,

nikki begs victor to stop this

She doesn’t think her daughter will understand. He doesn’t care. It won’t affect his plan.

Nate is sent in and Victor asks for some alone time with him.

nikki and victor with nate at ranch

Once they are, Nate tells Victor his call seemed ominous.

He told him he’s the only person he can trust.

Victor tells him his children think he’s losing his marbles.

The former doctor finds that hard to believe.

nate joins victor and nikki

Victor asks Nate what his daughter has been telling him.

He says she has shared her non-judgmental fears.

He’s sure she would not use a mental lapse against him.

All she has is profound love for him. Victor rubs his chin.

nate reassures victor

Victor hopes all his children can be trusted and flashes back to telling Nick the truth.

Swearing Nate to secrecy, he tells him that he feels his family’s worries are justified.

He’s starting to fear his grasp on reality is slipping away.

victor tells nate worries

Nate wonders why.

Victor explains that he got worried when he forget about losing his grandchild.

Nate suggests he not diagnose himself and see a professional.

He doesn’t need to write himself off as hopeless.

nate sworn to secrecy

Victor is relieved to hear that and knew he would be understanding and compassionate.

He repeats that no one can know about this. If there was the slightest hint he was losing his marbles, it would be devastating to the company.

victor swears nate to secrecy

Nate offers to use his connections to have him tested as discretely as possible.

Victor agrees with it but reiterates it has to be kept secret, especially from his daughter and Adam.

He suspects Adam already smells the blood in the water.

“This conversation stays between us or else,” he warns.

victor swears nate to secrect

At Society, Nick tells Victoria that their father has been playing a game with them all along.

victoria and nick talk victor deception

She wonders what the point was and refuse to accept this. It’s too cruel.

He points out it’s right out of their father’s handbook.

He was shocked and then relieved.

She guesses he came clean with him, which means he’s the only one Victor trusts.

Nick fills her in on the drawing his father did. He assumes it was planted to recruit him as an ally.

nick tips his sister off

His mom insisted he come clean about this to her.

She’s amazed their mom has been in on this.

Victoria says that Adam would exploit this to get his position back but she wouldn’t.

victoria is in denial

Nick admits that there could be a threat inside Newman. She’s sure it must be Adam.

He suspects it could be Nate. Maybe they should play along because his suspicions could be valid?

nick and victoria want to trap adam

He’s sure their brother would take advantage of this so maybe they should let him fall into the trap.

She’s not sure but he’s sure their father will do what he wants regardless.

All they need to do is leave Adam to be himself.

nick and victoria talk nate

Victoria is furious at her dad but also relieved.

She doesn’t know how to handle all this.

She remains adamant that Nate is not a threat but her brother explains that Nate is one of their father’s targets.

She decides they should go along with their father’s plan so they can see Adam fail.

He shouldn’t even tell their dad what he’s told her.

victoria and nick mull move

He’s not sure this plan will work on their brother given how concerned he seems.

She’s sure that’s all an act. If this scheme gets rid of Adam, then bless their father for thinking of it.

Nikki arrives and spots them together.

She joins them, relieved that everything is out in the open and sure her daughter is angry with her.

nick and nikki discuss victor and trust

Victoria knows she was in an impossible position but…

Nikki says this is their father’s way of trying to trick whoever is plotting against him to revealing themselves. She assures her children that their father adores them.

She blames Adam for Victor’s trust issues. Her daughter knows that may be true but she’s not sure she can forgive him.

victoria isn't sure she can forgive

They discuss what to do going forward.

Nick thinks they just go along with it and let Adam walk into the trap.

“Or Nate,” Nikki adds.

nikki explains victor to kids

Victoria dismisses her concerns about Nate.

Next week on Y&R!

“Look at you! You’re here,” Billy says as he hugs Chelsea.

“I’m back baby,” she says, kissing him.

billy and chelsea kiss

“I’m tired of my family offering me crumbs and expecting me to take it with a smile. I want what is rightfully mine and I will do anything to get it,” Kyle tells Tucker as Audra nods.

kyle tells tucker he will do anything

“So what happened with Aunt Mamie that you wanted to talk about?” Lily asks.

Nate says, “I didn’t think much of it at first but then I found out something about Aunt Mamie that changes the whole ballgame. And it isn’t good.”

nate tells lily and devon about mamie

“Nick told me that you’ve been fooling us this whole time. I can’t believe that you’d let me think there is something seriously wrong with you. You actually think I would exploit your health just for a job title?” Victoria asks her father.

victoria confronts victor

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