Katie Discovers Eric is Dying as he Vows to Complete His Collection Even if it Kills Him

Mon Oct 23 recap of B&B: Katie asks Donna what’s really happening with Eric, Liam, Brooke, and Ridge talk Steffy, and RJ and Ridge go over the rules for the competition.

Friday’s B&B recap: Liam told Steffy Finn was keeping Deacon and Sheila’s romance a secret, Hope turned to Thomas as Li continued to taunt Sheila.

Ridge and Brooke kiss in the office. He needed that.

She notices he seems distracted.

He admits the fight with his dad is getting to him.

brooke and ridge making out

Liam interrupts and asks if either of them have talked to Steffy.

liam asks after steffy

The last they heard, she was backpacking in the Alps.

Brooke hopes that’s helping her decompress.

They wonder if she knows about Deacon and Sheila.

ridge says steffy backpacking

Liam flashes back to calling her about Deacon and Sheila.

He says he needs to talk to her and just wants her to feel safe enough to come home.

He brings up the competition PR but Ridge says Katie is on it.

RJ arrives and Liam jogs off.

rj walks in on parents

RJ got the talking points from Katie and says his father seems to want to change the rules a bit.

rj and ridge talk competition rules

Ridge explains it will be on the internet and the designs will be anonymous so no one will know who designed what.

He’s worried people will buy Eric’s gowns because they are his “last collection.”

rj and ridge talk competition rules

Father and son argue about the collection.

Ridge tells his son that he’s proud he’s working in the business.

He just thought it would be beside him.

ridge ribs rj about working with eric

He wonders if something happened.

As Ridge grills him about it, Brooke gets between them.

RJ still wants to design with his father, but his grandad needs him.

ridge and brooke ask rj for answers

His grandad is a force of nature, as he’s sure Ridge knows. Working with him is like magic.

He’s never experienced anything like that before.

Designing for him is life and nothing will stop him.

He’s proud to be part of that.

Ridge is proud too but wonders why he leapt into working with Eric. Is his dad okay?

Is there something he doesn’t know about?

rj asked if something is going on

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At Eric’s, he draws as Donna brings him some green juice.

He says that his grand finale is really coming together.

donan brings eric green juice

She says the doctor is on the way and they will soon know what’s wrong with him.

He’s determined to beat the pants off Ridge right now.

donna and eric talk competition

As he starts coughing, Katie arrives.

He shoves his handkerchief away as she tells him how bad his cough sounds.

katie says cough is bad

They play it down but he keeps coughing until he has to walk away for cough drops.

Katie asks her sister what’s really going on.

Donna claims he’s just been working hard and is excited.

Her sister can’t understand why he’s walking away from something so important to him.

katie asks donna what' going on

Eric returns and reminds Donna they have an appointment. Katie takes off.

Eric knows she wants to tell her sister everything but he wouldn’t be able to stand the pity.

He assures her everything will be fine and he’ll live until he dies, happy to have her in his arms.

eric reassures donna

Dr. Colby arrives with news about Eric’s condition.

He tells them they have to be realistic about dealing with this.

Donna goes into denial, but the doctor says the condition is worsening.

donna learns eric's dying

Eric needs to take it easy and conserve his strength.

The fashion show could kill him.

eric and donna reacting to bad news

Eric refuses to sit back and wait to die.

He’s going to do the show and go out on his own terms.

eric will die designing

This is how he’s lived all his years and he won’t forego that.

He’s going to toast what he has left and die a happy man.

“This collection will be a reality! I don’t care if it kills me! I don’t care!” he says.

eric refuses to stop designing

Donna can’t believe this is happening.

She lost him once and that was the biggest mistake of her life. How will she lose him again?

He tells her not to go there. Holding her hand to his chest, he tells her to feel their hearts beating.

That’s what they have.

eric holds donna hand to heart

Katie arrives at the door and overhears all of this.

katie eavesdrops on eric and donna

Eric says that everyone has to die and he won’t curl up and wait for it.

This is his grand finale and he doesn’t care what a doctor says.

They love each other.

He needs to take a walk and tells her to keep her chin up.

Once he leaves, Katie rushes in to ask if it’s true that Eric is dying.

Donna confirms it.

Her sister holds her and tells her how sorry she is.

Donna doesn’t know what to do.

Katie tells her that Eric’s life force is vital. She guesses this is why Eric keeps calling this fashion show his finale.

She insists that Ridge needs to know.

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