Eric Coughs up Blood, Lauren and Esther Visit From Genoa City and Katie Gives Donna Loving Advice

Weds Oct 25 recap of B&B: Eric’s coughing becomes worse as Lauren and Esther visit for the fashion show, and RJ and Donna are more concerned than ever. 

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Eric Swears Katie to Secrecy, Refusing to Let Faddish Ridge Ruin His Legacy, and Weepy RJ Tells Luna He Needs to Tell His Dad the Truth

In the design room, Lana tries on one of Eric’s gowns and finds it spectacular.

When she leaves, Eric starts coughing and covers up the severity of it to RJ.

eric and lana the model

In the hall, Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine (Tracey Bregman & Kate Linder) arrive and Esther’s so grateful that she took her.

Lauren knows she’s always wanted a Forrester Original. Luna greets them and Esther talks about how magical her flight was. “I mean flying in the clouds, champagne in hand and arriving in Los Angeles?”

She can’t believe she’s about to meet the Eric Forrester and wear a gown just like Mrs. Chancellor used to wear.

esther excited at forrester

In the room where the runway is, Charlie’s on a call with Pammy, begging her to come to the fashion show.

She’s got to bake lemon bars.

He misses her but by the time he gets the words out, she’s hung up.

“I’m such a loser when it comes to love,” he says, sitting down sadly. 

charlie feels unlucky in love

At home, Donna tells Katie that Eric’s insistent of living while he’s still alive.

Katie looks over the fashions.

Donna recaps her last conversations with Eric before the diagnosis and prognosis that he’d be dead in six months.

katie feels for poor donna

Donna knows he’s older but still thought they had more time.

Katie hugs her and suggests she savor the time they have. Donna tears up.

She’ll try but she’s so afraid for her husband.

donna and sister katie embrace sadly

Lauren greets Eric with Luna and he introduces RJ.

She hopes he’s heard good things about her. RJ says, “Um….” and Eric tells the kids to go.

He thinks Lauren’s as beautiful as ever.

luna rj meet lauren

She’s glad he invited her. He calls this his best line ever, his grand finale, making Lauren curious.

She asks why he’s not in his office and he calls it a situation he hopes to resolve.

He’s vague when he talks about being unsure how much time he has left.

lauren with eric


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Outside in the hall at Forrester, Luna admires Esther’s purse. Esther tells her it was a gift from Mrs. C, the woman she worked for.

RJ greets her and she fangirls. “I follow you online.”

RJ laughs happily and has to take Luna away since there’s a shipment issue.

They go and he worries about his granddad.

rj worries

Esther tidies Pam’s desk up. Charlie finds her and grips her arm, thinking she’s stealing. “Not so fast, Lady.”

He reaches into her purse and finds her feather duster. “I’m a compulsive cleaner,” she admits.

He is too. They introduce each other and she tells him why she’s there.

They seem to make a connection and stare into each other’s eyes. 

esther meets charlie

Lauren takes her to the design room where Eric’s busy coughing away and his hand shaking uncontrollably.

He perks up when they come in.

Esther’s mesmerized by the man. They discuss Mrs. C and what a wonderful woman she was, how elegant she was when wearing one of Eric’s garments.

esther talks to eric forrester

Once they’re gone, Eric’s coughing is almost unmanageable.

He coughs into his hanky and blood appears.

blood on eric's hanky again

Angrily, he shoves it into the waste basket and starts touching the gowns, noticing his hands aren’t cooperating. 

eric alone at forrester

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