GH Spoilers Oct 23- 27: Trina Gets in Cyrus’ Face

Full list of spoilers Monday, Oct 23 to Friday, Oct 27, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Carly getting unsettling news, Austin losing his cool, and Joss getting outraged.

In the weekly spoiler video, Michael tells Nina her luck has run out and Lois tells BLQ that Tracy may have done everything for her.

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Monday, Oct 23

Monday’s GH recap: Tracy makes demands

Brook Lynn is stunned.

Lois and BLQ discuss what Tracy’s going to do next.

Cody voices his gratitude to Sam with a present and talks to her about Mac being his dad and how he hasn’t told him yet.

Sam already knew Mac was Cody’s dad.

Dante goes to Sasha to try to get her to stay in Port Charles.

Tracy flexes her authority.

Tracy tells Lucy and Maxie she wants Sasha as the face of Deception, to build women up.

Lucy freaks out on Tracy, reminding her that she didn’t build them up and Tracy calls it apples to oranges.

Portia and Cyrus come face-to-face at the hospital and she has a flashback of him terrorizing her. She wants to call the cops on him and almost has a panic attack.

Sonny confronts Selina. He wants to know what happened between her and Gladys. Selina explains how she let Sasha gamble and when she lost and it came time to pay, she told her she had access to Sasha Gilmore’s accounts and that’s how she paid up. Selina regrets her actions and calls Sonny an ally.  She wants to make amends with him.

Sonny talks to Selina about Cyrus going free.

Scott, Mac and Kevin have a discussion about Cody being arrested, charges were dropped and how protective of Sasha he is. 

Cyrus interrupts Mac, Scott and Kevin to talk to Scotty, his lawyer. 

Dex and Sonny talk strategy and how he’s not happy he was taken away from his honeymoon.

scott joins mac and kevin


Tuesday, Oct 24

Tuesday’s GH recap: Austin threatens Cyrus with a scalpel 

Laura confronts Scott. She wants to know why he was her brother’s lawyer and why he got him off.

Cyrus delivers a threat to Mason after being held by Austin with a scalpel at the neck. Mason shakes in his hospital bed.

Lucy seeks out Tracy but Tracy’s in NYC, so she blasts BLQ for making her sign over the 51%.

Michael ponders a big decision. Should he tell on Nina? He decides not to when he’s faced with Sonny who talks about his happiness.

Nina chews out Martin.

Martin thinks Nina’s confronting him over the SEC and Michael but it’s over something he forgot to file.

Lois gets Chase and Brook Lynn to sing together and Yuri watches.

Laura visits Curtis.

lois wants to use chase

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Wednesday, Oct 25

Wednesday’s GH recap: Michael confronts Nina about the SEC reveal  

Willow and Obrecht catch up.

Obrect can tell Willow is upset about something and Willow says she’s been dreaming about her mother.

Dante checks on Cody and they feed Trigger.

Nina is blindsided.

Michael lets Nina listen to the recording from Martin clarifying she tattled on Carly.

Brick and Sonny try to figure out Cyrus’ finances.

Carly gets unsettling news.

Maxie and James discuss Halloween, which is his favorite time of year, his costume and all while eating dessert.

Maxie shares her professional opinion.

dante and cody with horse

Thursday, Oct 26

GH recap: Sasha’s staying in PC

Curtis is livid.

Curtis and Portia discuss Cyrus getting free and wonder who the doctor was who gave the all clear for him.

Sonny and Dante have a heart-to-heart. Dante talks about growing up without his dad.

Willow accepts Nina’s gift.

Michael tries to get Nina to  

Joss is outraged.

Finn gets his hair cut at GH and he and Liz make plans for their getaway. 

Felicia makes a costly mistake.

Cody is given food for thought.

Sasha tells Cody she’s staying in Port Charles.

stella and jordan watch felicia

Friday, Oct 27

Friday’s GH recap: Austin smothers Mason

Liz learns a new skill.

Alexis and Laura catch up.

TJ is disappointed.

Trina comes face-to-face with Cyrus.

Austin loses his cool.

trina won't forgive cyrus

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