B&B Spoilers Nov 13 – 17: It’s Hope Versus Liam, Who is Appalled That Hope Moved on From Thomas’ Past

Monday, Nov 13 to Friday, Nov 17!

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of November 13?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, November 13:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Li admits she is jealous that Poppy can have children and she cannot.

Liam professes his love for Steffy and asks her to leave Finn and reunite with him.

Steffy tells Liam that Sheila can’t put her off of Finn.

Li and Poppy hash out strong emotions about their decades-long feud.

Li still wants Luna to quit Forrester.

Luna gets comfort from RJ.

Deacon and Finn discuss Sheila.

deacon and finn discuss sheila

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, November 14:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Thomas and Steffy sob after hearing Eric is dying.

Luna encourages Poppy to stand up to Li.

Poppy meets RJ.

Steffy and Thomas are stunned to learn the truth about Eric.

Ridge comforts his kids.

Brooke acts as support to Ridge.

Katie cringes when Eric keeps boasting about beating Ridge.

Eric is getting worse and wants to do another line.

Donna worries.

ridge family hug

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, November 15:

In Wednesday’s Bold and Beautiful recap, Hope is in shock, learning that Eric is dying

Thomas struggles to accept Eric’s impending death.

Eric boasts to Ridge that he beat him.

Brooke walks in on Eric coughing and he tells her it’s nothing. But it’ll be “the death of me.”

The Logan sisters band together as Brooke delivers devastating news to Hope.

Carter walks in on the family discussing Eric.

brooke explains ridge couldn't keep quiet


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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, November 16:

In Thursday’s early B&B recap, Liam discovers Thomas and Hope are lovers and tells her he still loves her and wants her to dump Thomas.

Liam is jarred to witness how serious Thomas and Hope’s relationship is.

Luna is nervous about meeting RJ’s sister when Steffy invites them over for dinner.

Brooke lectures Thomas on being with Hope, worried they’ll both get hurt.

Luna and Steffy hit it off.

steffy and finn dinner party

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, November 17:

In Friday’s Bold and Beautiful recap, Liam learns Hope and Thomas are just hooking up.

Thomas stands his ground with Brooke regarding Hope.

Steffy questions Luna about her feelings for RJ.

Liam is appalled that Hope is just hooking up and says this isn’t her.

Hope thinks Thomas, not Liam, sees her for who she is.

Brooke wants Thomas to lower his expectations of Hope.

brooke tells thomas to have low expectations


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