Y&R Recap: Claire Knocks Nikki Off the Wagon as Jordan Reveals Herself, and Jill and Lily Warn Devon About Tucker and Mamie

Fri Nov 17: Today on Young and Restless, Abby and Sharon aren’t happy to see Summer fawning over Chance, Heather and Daniel discuss their dynamic, and Nate asks to be let back into Chancellor-Winters.

Thursday’s recap: Nikki was caught and drugged by Claire during an escape attempt, and Diane asked Kyle to become a mole for the Abbotts.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 17. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer stops by her brother’s apartment and jokes about the “bachelor pad chic.” He admits Sally decorated the place.

summer visits daniel apartment

She points out he could have consulted with his sister in the design industry.

He admits he thought she would be pushy and then brings up Chance getting shot.

She visited him in the hospital and the shot wasn’t so bad. He should be out today.

Her brother wonders if things have changed between them and she insists she won’t get between the cop and Sharon.

daniel and summer talk chance

Daniel suggests the thing with Sharon isn’t serious and maybe he has feelings for her too.

Summer says he sounds like their mom and the commish just sees her as a friend.

summer says chance not into her

She changes the topic to his love life, which he doesn’t want to discuss.

Lucy and Heather arrive with a pineapple and wine, surprised to see he has some furniture.

heather and lucy stop by daniel's

She tells her father that pineapples mean welcome in Savannah.

lucy explains pineapples to daniel

Heather announces she has an interview this afternoon for a position at Chancellor-Winters and thanks him.

He thinks she should thank Lily and is sure she will crush the interview.

Summer takes off and Lucy runs off to see her room.

Heather tells Daniel that his sister seems curious about their dynamic.

heather and daniel chat

She says his sister was giving them looks and he thinks she’s just worried he will spiral out of control again.

Heather knows he’s in a better headspace and won’t hurt her or Lucy again.

He thanks her for the vote of confidence. She likes who he is now…very, very much.

heather likes daniel

At Crimson Lights, Sharon talks to Mariah and Tessa about Aria’s hearing aids.

sharon mariah tessa talk baby

She only keeps them in for about an hour and can clearly hear them.

mariah tessa talk hearing aids

Chance shows up. Sharon is amazed by how wonderful he looks.

chance pops up

Tessa thinks he needs a more stylish sling.

Nina arrives and immediately starts complaining about her son checking out on his own.

nina nags chance

They sit and Nina nags him about his admission that he’s been getting shot too often. He admits he’s only questioning his career choice.

His mom says when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

He still has to think it over and asks Sharon her opinion.

chance with the ladies

After Mariah and Tessa leave, Chance offers to take the ladies out for brekafast.

chance offers breakfast for ladies

Chance brings Sharon and Nina to Society. Abby is happy to see him and assumes he’s okay since he’s walking.

chance and the ladies at society

Nina asks her to join them.

As soon as the four sit, Nina immediately asks Abby how she would feel about Chance leaving his job.

nina asks abby about chance

She admits she still cares and Dom will worry about him one day too. If he’s thinking of walking away from the force, she’s all for it.

abby supports leaving police

He’s given zero thought to what else he would do and Sharon says it’s a big decision.

His mom suggests big business would be a natural move.

Summer shows up, happy to see him up and about.

chance smiles at summer

Sharon squints at her. Abby notices.

abby stares at summer

Moments later, Abby corners Summer and asks what’s going on between her and Chance. Summer had no idea she was so obvious.

summer realizes she was being obvious

Chance brings Nina and Sharon back to Crimson Lights.

After his mom takes off, he tells Sharon he’s missed her.

chance asks sharon what she thinks

She asks how he feels about leaving the force and reminds him of how he liked to keep people safe.

He hates the idea of leaving his guys in the lurch but getting shot makes you re-think things. He’ll do what’s best for him.

sharon has advice for chance

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Jill waits for Nate with Lily and Devon at the penthouse.

lily at the penthouse

Nate and Mamie arrive.

mamie and nate arrive

Jill is not amused.

jill not happy to see mamie

They tell Jill to keep calm and Jill says they will talk another time.

Nate announces that he wants them all to repair their relationship. He would like to return to Chancellor-Winters.

nate wants to come back

Devon wonders what’s changed since he loves working at Newman so much.

devon asks nate what happened

Nate explains he doesn’t work there anymore and explains Victor’s fake senile shenanigans.

Lily is appalled. It all sounds like typical Victor to Jill.

jill says that's typical victor

Nate admits he fell for the charade. When he tried getting Victor help, it blew up in his face. Victor was hellbent on finding a traitor and decided that was him.

nate explains what happened at newman

Devon and Jill are skeptical but Nate is adamant that he had the best intentions while Adam was gunning to take advantage of the situation.

Mamie thinks he should be welcomed back into the family where he belongs.

She and Jill begin arguing and Mamie insists her return is all about bringing the cousins back together.

Nate has been reading the business press and feels like he could help.

Lily asks if he wants back in the family or a job now that he unemployed.

Nate claims he misses them and wants to make the family proud. Neil and Malcolm always made up, just as Dru and Olivia did.

mamie and nate make pitch

Jill is sure he’s sincere but they have to talk about whether they want him back at the office.

As Mamie and Nate leave, she tells Jill she looks forward to discussing their issues.

Left alone, Lily says they all believe in second chances. Jill thinks what Nate said was true and Devon imagines his cousin is being self-serving.

devon not convinced

Jill thinks he’s sincerely penitent and they could use his support.

jill and lily mull things over

Jill doesn’t buy Nate being a team player. He claims he has a new appreciation for teh value of collaboration and is more flexible than he used to be.

He’s learned from his highs and lows and now knows the meaning of family. He’s ready to be the best man for the job and a proper cousin.

nate says he meant well

Lily tells her brother that they have proof that Mamie and Tucker are involved and are likely plotting to oust Jill.

Mamie and Nate arrive at the GCAC and she tells him his cousins would be foolish not to take him back.

nate isn't confident

He thanks her for the vote of confidence, but he’s doubtful. Devon clearly needs more convincing.

She’s sure he will get there.

mamie reassures nate

At the lake house, Claire has Nikki hooked up to an IV and combs her hair.

claire checks on nikki

She tells her she needs to stay nice and calm for the family reunion.

She’s not surprised Nikki tried to escape. It must be strange for her not to be in control.

Aunt Jordan will explain it all. She’s try but she’s afraid she would get too emotional.

claire tells nikki her aunt will be there

She’s been waiting for this Thanksgiving her whole life.

“Sweet dreams, Nikki. Enjoy them while you can,” Claire says, leaving to set things in motion.

nikki unconscious

Eventually, Nikki wakes up and spots the giant thing of vodka beside her.

nikki with vodka

She pushes it away and notices she’s hooked into an IV. With difficulty, she yanks it out.

Climbing out of bed, she realizes the IV was full of vodka and gasps, “No!”

nikki realizes she was drinking

Downstairs, Aunt Jordan (played by Colleen Zenk) tells Claire not to get soft on her now.

aunt jordan

They’ve waited so long and so very close.

Next week on Y&R!

“Come to work with me at Chancellor-Winters. Honey, I will teach you the ropes of the business world,” Jill tells Chance.

chance asked to join chancellor-winters

At Society, Abby welcomes the Baldwins back, glad that Michael managed to keep Gloria out of prison.

gloria michael back

At the lake house, Nikki downs a bottle of vodka.

nikki drinking

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