Li Confesses the Real Reason for Resenting Poppy, Finn Confronts Deacon and Liam Reminds Steffy of Their Connection

Monday, Nov 13: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy wants to make up with Li, Steffy tells Liam she won’t let Sheila ruin her marriage, and Luna reminds RJ he’s not alone.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Liam tried to recruit Ridge into getting Steffy to dump Finn, and Li ordered Poppy to take Luna and leave.

At the cliff house, Liam tells Sheila that she needs to protect herself and the kids.

She can only do that by cutting Finn out of her life.

liam urges steffy to dump finn

He asks her to leave the doctor and come back to him.

As long as she’s with Finn, she’s with Sheila.

He urges her to cut the cord and reminds her of how great they were together.

She knows they had some good times and made a beautiful baby, but she’s not backing down or giving up her marriage because of “that lunatic.”

steffy asked to come back

She makes it clear that she will always love him but she’s committed to her family and husband and won’t leave them for anyone.

He’s sorry to hear that but he’s not giving up. “Our story’s not finished,” he says, sure they will find their way back to each other.

liam won't give up

Finn calls Deacon over to his office.

Deacon asks if he’s going to slip on his rubber gloves but the doctor is only interested in his brain.

deacon visits finn

They start arguing about Sheila.

Deacon says she gave him life and wants to be a part of it.

Finn makes it clear he doesn’t want her in his life and she needs to stay away from his family.

finn asks about deacon's brain

Deacon doesn’t envy his position but doesn’t know how he can’t want to get to know his birth mother.

deacon and finn discuss sheila

The doctor doesn’t want a sales pitch and makes it clear that his commitment is only to his wife and children.

Steffy is his world and he won’t risk losing her over Sheila.

Finn goes home and makes out with his wife.

He’s been thinking about holding her close all day.

They have so much time to make up for.

finn missed steffy

He just wants to take her into the bedroom and tells her how madly he loves her.

She loves him too.

He loves her more than anything and no one will ever keep them apart.

They kiss.

finn and steffy make out

In his office, Liam talks to his picture of Steffy, telling it that she will come back to him and he will never let her go.

liam obsessing over steffy

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At Forrester Creations, RJ tells Luna how much he wishes he could help Eric.

rj and luna talk eric

She says all he can do is support him and reminds him he’s not alone in this anymore.

Now his parents know and he has her to lean on.

He’s happy she’s not leaving the company, regardless of what her aunt says.

Li doesn’t dictate who works there.

luna and rj talk li

She tells him her mom is in town and explains how her mom and aunt grew up and Li has always been cold.

luna says her mom is in town

He’s sorry about all that and gives her a hug. They kiss.

Down the hall, Li orders Poppy to take her daughter and go.

Poppy thinks she’s being unreasonable.

Luna just wants to work.

poppy thinks li is being irrational

“I’m not having it!” Li snaps.

li not having it

Poppy doesn’t know why she’s so dismissive and wishes they were close.

Li accuses her of almost upending her career and won’t allow her daughter to do that.

Poppy asks how she can make things right. Her sister isn’t helpful and is appalled when she says she fell in love with the chief surgeon.

poppy says she's happy

Li lectures her for fluttering through life like a butterfly with no direction and always seeming happy.

Poppy says happiness doesn’t have to be dictated by money or success and is easy when you have nothing.

Her sister accuses her of belittling her accomplishments.

li disgusted at poppy

Poppy is proud of her but doesn’t see the point of striving without happiness.

Li is not happy and complains about Jack and Sheila.

Poppy points out that without them, she wouldn’t have Finn.

poppy just wants to be friends

Her sister starts railing about Sheila and then tells her sister that she and Luna should have stayed away.

Poppy repeats that Luna is just there to further her career, not sabotage Finn.

poppy and li argue

Li accuses her of instilling her “free and easy” values in her daughter and starts complaining about how she got all the dates when they were kids.

She blurts out that it was unfair that she was able to carry a child when she couldn’t.

Poppy reaches out to her but Li bats her away.

She guesses this is why her sister has been so angry.

Li has no use for her pity. Her sister reminds her she has Finn.

li refuses poppy pity

That’s not the same for Li. Luna and Poppy share blood.

After all the things she’s accomplished in life, she can’t have a child.

She still refuses to let Luna interfere in Finn’s life.

li lectures poppy again

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