GH Spoilers Nov 13 – 17: Willow Wants Michael to Buy Metro Court and There’s A Shooting

Full list of spoilers Monday, Nov 13 to Friday, Nov 17, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Dante interrogating Austin, Maxie making a surprise announcement, and TJ reeling.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna tells Dante and Jordan that Charlotte has been stalking her for months, and Ned suddenly remembers something very important.

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Monday, Nov 13

In Monday’s GH recap, Ned and Olivia have sex and Drew says he wants to takeover ELQ.

Brook Lynn and Lois strategize.

Nina unleashes her fury.

Anna briefs Jordan and Dante.

Gregory opens up to Chase.

Michael is caught off-guard.

yuri notices ned is not eddie

Tuesday, Nov 14

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Carly is suspicious of Nina, and tells Sonny that she offered to sell her Metro Court.

Ava counsels Trina.

Trina Feels she and Spencer are Doomed to Fail.

Valentin reads Victor’s notes to Charlotte and learns something new about what happened. 

Finn and GH are Being Sued for Malpractice.

Dante interrogates Austin.

Cyrus tells Mason to lie for Austin’s sake and then threatens Austin’s life.

Carly seeks out Sonny.

Spencer makes a plea to Esme.

Finn gets bad news.

valentin reads victor's letter to charlotte

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Wednesday, Nov 15

In Wednesday’s General Hospital, Andrea loses TJ and Molly’s baby and TJ has to face telling Molly.

Nathanyael Grey is out as Mason.

Andrea tells TJ that she woke up with cramping and bleeding.

TJ is left reeling.

TJ opens up about how he really feels about having a baby.

Kristina and Molly have a lunch date and Molly makes a reveal.

Curtis takes to using relaxation techniques. 

Marshall and Curtis connect over meditation. 

Cyrus issues a warning.

Diane vents to Alexis.

Maxie makes a surprise announcement.

Cyrus makes threats to Austin.

Austin reminds Cyrus he’s supposed to be reformed.

Portia talks about how her perspective has shifted. 

Alexis and Diane talk about Diane’s romantic problems with Scorpio.

Haven (Morgan Fairchild) is back and Cody and Sasha make an appearance on her show.

Cody is happy to overhear that Sasha has feelings for him.

sasha applies deceptor to cody

Thursday, Nov 16

In Thursday’s General Hospital recap, Ava goes off on Austin about his lies.

Dex cautions Joss.

Ava lashes out.

Cody comes clean.

Molly is blindsided.

Anna catches up with Sonny.

cody and sasha talk feelings

Friday, Nov 17

In Friday’s GH episode recap, Austin is found on the floor, unconscious after a shooting. 

Laura makes an offer.

Robert seeks Felicia’s help.

Joss shares some hard truths with Spencer.

Sonny wants answers from Nina.

Willow encourages Carly.

jordan tells laura she doesn't believe it

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