B&B Recap: Liam’s Stunned Catching Hope in Lingerie Meant for Thomas, and Professes His Love for her While Brooke Lectures Thomas

Thursday, Nov 16: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Finn welcome Luna into their home, Brooke lectures Hope about being with obsessive Thomas, and then confronts Thomas, while Liam gets an eyeful of Hope.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Hope is in Shock to Learn Eric is Dying, and Carter is Suspicious About Why Ridge is Lying About the Challenge

Brooke brings Hope some candles to the cabin and realizes she’s having Katie look after the kids so she can have sex with Thomas.

Should she bring her some lingerie, too? “Mom!” Hope gasps.

Brooke says she knows how she feels about her relationship with him.

She knows her daughter wants to move on and have fun but why with Thomas?

brooke asks hope if she wants lingerie on bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Hope talks about their bond, their trust for one another and as a bonus, she doesn’t have to beg for his attention.

Brooke reminds her that his attention was obsessive at one time and unwanted. Hope says that’s in the past.

Brooke purses her lips.

brooke tries to turn hope against thomas Hope in the bold and beautiful recap on soapsspoilers

Later, once Hope’s alone, Liam arrives. Hope dashes off to the door in a slinky, sexy negligee and opens the door to — Liam.

Liam gives her a once over and then a twice over, his jaw on the floor.

He’s there to get Beth’s sleeping bag since she has a sleepover this weekend. Hope says she’s with Katie. Liam asks what she’s doing.

liam sees hope in her negligee waiting for thomas in the bold and beautiful recap on soapsspoilers

“This is called lingerie,” she says. He asks if she’s expecting Thomas.

She tries to close the door and get rid of him but he wants to discuss the elephant in the room. He realizes he wants to know how far she and Thomas have gone.

“And now you know,” she tells him, standing her ground.

She gets on a light robe and he can’t believe that she’s letting the guy who let them think that their daughter died.

hope faces liam B&B

Beth wouldn’t even be in their lives if Thomas had his way.

“That was years ago, it wasn’t yesterday,” she says, knowing this is a shock for him.

Liam yells at her when she tells him she doesn’t need his approval.

She hasn’t forgotten what Thomas did but he has changed and so has she. She tells him her world turned upside down when their marriage imploded and he turned his back on her so callously.

liam goes bonkers in the bold and beautiful recap on soapsspoilers

She thought she knew him so now she sees the world in a new way and he doesn’t get to judge her.

He claims it’s not what he’s doing. “I’m scared for you,” he says. She can move on but just not with Thomas.

Hope reminds him of the times he hurt her by going back to Steffy.

He’s sorry for that but his kids are the world to him so he worries for them and in turn for her. He still loves her. “Always will.” Hope’s surprised.

liam yells at hope and asks her to dump thomas

At the design room at Forrester Creations, RJ tells Luna they’re invited to Steffy and Finn’s for dinner.

She’s nervous since Steffy’s a fashion icon.

RJ thinks she could be one day too and talks up how he and Eric like her.

luna nervous about dinner with steffy bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Steffy will realize how charming she is.

They share a kiss.

rj and luna share a kiss in the bold and beautiful recap on soapsspoilers

At the cliffhouse, Steffy cries in Finn’s arms. He asks what he can do.

She talks to him about her grandfather dying and that she’s supposed to pretend it’s not happening when she wants to grab him and never let him go.

Finn suggests they cancel dinner but she wants to meet the woman her little brother is spending so much time with.

Later, they set the table and Finn talks about how coincidental it is that his cousin is working at FC. Steffy thinks RJ deserves someone special. 

steffy cries about gramps bold and beautiful soapsspoilers


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B&B spoilers into November

New B&B comings and goings

Finn and Steffy invite Luna and RJ into their home.

Finn’s excited to see Luna who tells him it’s surreal living in LA and working at Forrester.

RJ claims they couldn’t have done Grandfather’s line without her.

rj and luna visit steffy and finn B&B recaps

She was responsible for gathering the fabric they used in the dress-making. 

Everyone smiles and sits to eat charcuterie and drink wine as Luna talks about how much joy Eric found in his craft, especially with all that’s happening to him.

Steffy can’t process losing him. Neither can RJ. Luna and RJ talk about how much Eric told them about his history while they worked. Steffy’s happy to hear that.

She’s a little embarrassed to admit that they have gotten takeout because they’ve been so busy.

finn pours wine at party B&B

Finn asks if she still dislikes fish and jokes about a trip to a seafood restaurant after visiting an aquarium was a disaster.

She laughs, unable to believe he remembers that.

He joins her in laughter and says it turns out she’s still as sensitive and caring.

Steffy talks about being excited to work with RJ and to get to know Luna. They drink to that. 

steffy and finn dinner party


At Forrester, Thomas is ready to leave when Brooke catches him.

She acts like she doesn’t know where he’s going and closes the door behind her.

He braces himself for a lecture and knows she has misgivings about her but Hope doesn’t.

brooke visits thomas to talk about hope B&B recap

He asks if she needs him to apologize again but she says it won’t help. It’ll help if he changes his behavior.

He says everyone, including her has said they saw changes in him.

Brooke says she doesn’t want him or Hope to get hurt and doesn’t get it. He’s handsome and successful and surrounded by beauties.

brooke reminds thomas he has hurt hope in the past B&B

He only wants Hope. Brooke reminds him she doesn’t love him but Thomas says she was burned by love and doesn’t believe in it right now.

Brooke reminds him of the pain he caused Hope’s family.

He knows it’s complicated but they’ve shared some great moments lately.

Brooke thinks that once Hope finds her way back to herself, she’ll cut their connection.

thomas talks to brooke about hope

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