B&B Recap: Hope is in Shock to Learn Eric is Dying, and Carter is Suspicious About Why Ridge is Lying About the Challenge

Wednesday, Nov 15: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Carter asks why Ridge let Eric think he won, Brooke tells Donna who else knows about Eric’s condition, and Eric says he won’t go quietly.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy and Thomas sobbed, hearing Eric is dying, Eric deteriorated but refused to see Colby, citing he needed an encore to his grand finale.

At home, Donna and Katie try convincing Eric to stay home and chill by the pool but he’s determined to go to work and put his feet up on his desk.

ridge steffy and thomas sad at office

When he starts coughing, he insists he won’t die today. Brooke shows up.

Eric drinks some water and says he just has a cough.

Brooke wanted to come and spend time with her sisters. Eric is eager to see Ridge and promises not to gloat too much.

eric tells brooke he just has a cough

Once he takes off, Brooke asks Donna how she’s holding up.

Keeping this secret has been killing Donna.

donna and katie hear that the kids know

Brooke explains that Ridge told his kids the truth about their grandfather.

brooke explains ridge couldn't keep quiet

Donna says that Eric can’t know that they know.

She feels like she’s falling apart. Katie tells her she’s not going through this alone and Brooke wishes they could stop this charade.

katie tells donna she's not alone

Hope bustles in and realizes something is wrong.

hope asks what's wrong

Donna gives her sister permission to explain so Brooke tells her daughter it’s awful and Eric is dying.

brooke tells hope eric is dying

Hope is perplexed and they explain he’s been sick for months.

hope hears that eric is dying

Donna recaps what’s been happening and how RJ has been helping his grandfather.

They didn’t know the full extent of this at first and thought they’d have time to figure things out.

They ask Hope to not let on that she knows because Eric doesn’t want pity.

hope her mom and aunts discuss eric

Tearing up, Hope doesn’t know how they can do that. Brooke hugs her.

hope in shock

Hope wishes they could all show him support and love. Katie says it’s Eric’s decision and it’s all about how he feels.

They can love and support him by treasuring every moment and not treating him like he’s dying.

Donna is just trying to love him in the moment, no matter how hard that is.

donna explains eric wants no grief

The four of them hug.

logan women hugging

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In the Forrester office, Steffy and Thomas are upset after their father informs them Eric is dying. They discuss how hard this has been on Donna.

eric coughing at home

None of this feels real to Thomas. None of them are ready to lose Eric.

thomas and steffy in disbelief

They don’t know how they can keep this a secret.

ridge says they need to keep this secret

Carter arrives and accuses Ridge of avoiding him. He assumes the kids know the truth about the fashion challenge.

carter interrupts

He demands to know why he’s letting Eric believe he won.

When Ridge claims he just wanted to see his dad happy, Carter doesn’t buy it.

carter asks what's happening

Ridge rubs his head.

Eric shows up and jokes that no one can sit at his desk.

eric walks in on everyone in his office

He’d forgotten how healthy competition is. Ridge forces him to do some of the best work in his life.

It was fun beating him.

eric thanks ridge for competition

Eric notices Thomas and Steffy look miserable. Steffy immediately admits Ridge told them everything.

He asks what that means but they don’t explain.

Carter takes off and Eric says no one should be surprised that he won. Art lives forever and it’s their job to make sure it’s not forgotten.

He tells them his stapler is back, just like him and he will make the most of the days he has left.

eric won't go quietly

Time is not on his side and he won’t go quietly. He’s not going to retire to a yacht.

Eric isn’t walking away after his finest hour.

Thomas and Ridge tell him how much he inspires them.

When Thomas reminds him of an art project for school, Eric remembers it immediately.

thomas and steffy tell eric how important he is

His grandson tells him how much that meant to him and how much he has taught him as a man.

Steffy says he has always been a light for the family.

They all tear up as Steffy tells him how much she’s always looked up to him. They’ve always had a connection.

eric tearing up with ridge

He tells her that she’s a fearless woman, just like her namesake.

Ridge says they all get their fearlessness from “the great Eric Forrester.”

Eric hugs his grandchildren.

eric hugs grandkids

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