B&B Recap: Liam Loses it When Hope Admits That She Loves Thomas and Then Tells Him So

Friday, Nov 17: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam tells Hope she’ll always love him, Brooke tells Thomas Hope might never love him, and Steffy tries getting some information out of Luna.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Liam was stunned to catch Hope in lingerie meant for Thomas, and professed his love for her while Brooke lectured Thomas.

At the Forrester office, Brooke tells Thomas she knows that he and Hope are “enjoying each other’s company.”

brooke tells thomas to have low expectations

He says it’s more than that and he’s just following hope’s lead.

She suggests he keep his expectations low because deep down her daughter is mourning the loss of her marriage to Liam.

Brooke doesn’t think he appreciates how much Hope treasured her life with Liam. That makes Thomas squint.

thomas listening to brooke go on

He thought that she’d understand that Hope deserves a man who is devoted to her.

She does but it’s not him. Maybe her daughter sees something she doesn’t.

She may be having fun with this fling but she’s not in love with him and may never be. Can he live with that?

brooke can't see it

Thomas decides it’s getting late. He knows Brooke may never believe in his relationship with Hope, but he think her daughter will.

Brooke dismisses it as a phase. He chooses not to believe that and honestly thinks she will open her heart to him.

thomas tells brooke he's optimistic

When he exits, she sighs.

brooke sighs

At the cabin, Hope tells Liam she will always care about him but there is a line.

He doesn’t need to worry about her.

hope tells liam to get used to it

She’s fine and this is her life without him.

He’ll have to accept that.

hope tells liam this is her life now

Liam claims his feelings for her haven’t changed since the day they were married but she doesn’t know how he expects her to believe that.

He repeats he’ll never stop loving her and he’s sure she’ll never stop loving him.

liam says hope will always love him

Liam brings up Thomas letting them think their daughter is dead and accuses her of forgetting it.

She hasn’t forgotten and says he’s made himself accountable for it.

Her ex continues to complain about her giving Thomas slack. She says they are taking things day by day.

He assumes that means she’s just having a lot of sex with him and says that’s not who she is.

lian whining about hope and thomas sex

Hope says he doesn’t know her and likely never did.

Thomas sees the real her and puts her desires first.

hope tells liam he doesn't know her

She reminds him he ended their relationship and he doesn’t get to dictate her choices.

He claims he’s concerned about her choices.

Hope blurts out that he threw their relationship away and he never gave her his full heart.

He always had Steffy on the backburner.

hope tells liam she never had his whole heart

Blubbering, he complains about her working with Thomas when he told her not to and she reminds him he ran straight to Steffy.

liam blubbers

He keeps talking and she doesn’t know what to say. She’s trying to be open to anything that comes with Thomas.

Liam wonders if that means another baby. He asks if she’s on birth control and she loses it.

She admits she could be open to that with Thomas. It certainly will never happen with Liam.

Thomas arrives outside and listens.

thomas eavesdrops at cabin

Hope explains that she knows Liam means well and she doesn’t know if she’s making the right decision, but she knows what she wants, and that’s Thomas.

hope tries explaining to liam

Thomas walks in and asks if she’s okay.

Liam loses it. Hope repeats that she knows he loves her, but this is not his home anymore.

liam annoyed by thomas and hope

They will parent Beth together but the man in her life is Thomas. The man who loves her with all of his heart.

hope tells liam it's not his home

Turning to Thomas, she tells him she loves him for that.

They hold each other and Liam trudges out.

As they stand by the fire, he points out that she just said she loves him.

hope tells thomas she loves him

“I suppose I did,” she says.

They kiss.

hope and thomas kisising by fire

Liam watches through the window and his eyes get wet.

liam watching through door

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At the cliff house, Steffy, Finn, RJ, and Luna continue teasing each other with tales of their childhoods.

rj and luna at dinner

Luna talks about how exhilarating it was to work with RJ and Eric.

Steffy’s heard she crushed it and stares at her until Luna gets awkward.

steffy and finn chuckle

They discuss how sweet it was of Ridge to let Eric think he won the challenge.

Finn suggests that he and RJ go for a swim.

The ladies have wine and cheese and talk about how close their families are.

steffy and luna talk rj

Finn and RJ go by with their abs out and Steffy teases them as they exit.

finn on his way out

Steffy tells Luna how easy they are on the eyes.

Luna admits that this dinner has made her anxious and not just because she’s RJ’s sister but because of how larger than life she is.

They are so blessed to have such a strong and loving family.

Steffy says they are always there to support each other.

steffy and luna talk family

Luna says RJ is a wonderful guy. How could she not fall for him?

Steffy likes their vibe.

steffy luna talk

The guys return, toweling off.

rj towel

The four of them sit around and talk about what a blast this was.

luna and rj on couch

Finn tells his cousin he always wants her to feel welcome and the beef between their moms shouldn’t get between them.

steffy and finn chat with luna

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