B&B Recap: Steffy and Thomas Sob, Hearing Eric’s Dying, Eric Deteriorates But Refuses to see Colby, Citing he Needs an Encore to His Grand Finale

Tuesday, Nov 14: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy meets RJ, Donna is concerned when Eric wants an encore, and Ridge hasn’t been able to get in contact with his siblings.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Li confessed the real reason for resenting Poppy, Finn confronted Deacon, and Liam reminded Steffy of their connection.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Brooke he hasn’t been able to get in touch with his siblings. He’s dreading having to tell them about Eric’s condition.

ridge can't get a hold of his siblings

She hasn’t told Rick or Bridget yet either. He’s sent for Steffy and Thomas so he can break the news to them.

brooke and ridge talk kids

He looks at a photo of himself and his father and wishes he could change things.

ridge and eric photo

Steffy and Thomas tumble in. They assume this is about the fashion challenge but notice how upset their father looks.

Eventually, Ridge explains Eric didn’t actually win the challenge. He just told him he did. The kids are baffled.

brooke ridge and kids talk eric

With difficulty, Ridge explains that Eric is going through some stuff and can hardly hold a pencil.

That’s why RJ was working with him.

ridge explains eric didn't win

Thomas asks if it’s arthritis.

His dad explains it’s not good. Eric is really sick and is dying.

Steffy starts tearing up.

steffy welling up

It all makes sense to Thomas. This is why his granddad was so eager to have his grand finale.

Ridge tells the kids Eric doesn’t want anyone to know. Even they aren’t supposed to know and they have to keep up the charade that they don’t.

thomas choking up about eric

Thomas chokes up thinking about how Eric has always been there for him and Steffy can’t imagine life without him.

Holding his children, Ridge tells them they will give Eric all the hope and love they can.

ridge family hug

Down the hall, Luna tells RJ that he and his granddad are uber-talented.

He complains about how unfair it is that Eric is dying when he still has so much he can create.

luna tells rj he's talented

She tells him about what a gift to the world Eric’s designs have been but she’s sure he would think his greatest gift was his family.

luna reassures rj

RJ is getting upset thinking this is the end.

Poppy pops up and gets an introduction.

poppy meets rj

RJ tells her what an amazing addition her daughter has been to FC.

rj introduces himself to poppy

Luna goes on about how being there is a dream come true. That brings Poppy such joy.

They talk about Eric and all he has taught his grandson. RJ repeats that Luna has been incredible and he’d hate to lose her.

rj tells poppy how great luna is

He admits to Poppy that he “exchanged some words” with Li.

That startles her and she says he was very sweet to stand up for her daughter.

Poppy tells Luna that Li is not backing down.

Her sister has strong opinions and expects to get her way.

rj tells poppy he had words with li

Luna says they can’t let Li ruin their lives and have to stand up to her.

Taking her hand, Poppy says she hates doing this to her and whispers she can see why she likes it there.

But her aunt will not back down and will ruin her life.

rj luna talk to poppy about li

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At home, Eric has to get off the phone when he starts coughing.

She thinks he should call his doctor but he doesn’t see the point.

donna concerned about eric coughing

Katie shows up with an update on the fashion challenge.

No one outside the company knows he beat Ridge.

katie has news

Eric feels vindicated after winning the challenge fair and square.

He couldn’t have done it without RJ’s help.

He hopes that RJ continues with the company and he hopes he finds someone like Donna.

Maybe that is Luna?

It feels so wonderful to have proven to everyone that he still has it and he’s eager to get back to the office because he’s full of ideas.

eric and donna get news from katie

This worries Donna and Katie, who thought he had his final line.

He thinks it’s time for an encore but Donna thinks he should be taking care of himself.

donna concerned eric not retiring

He’s feeling more alive and vibrant than he ever has.

Donna thinks he needs to call his doctor because his cough is getting worse.

Katie backs this up and suggests he talk to Bridget.

He won’t and wants to keep this quiet because he doesn’t want any pity.

eric won't see a specialist

He hasn’t lived surrounded by teary eyes and doesn’t want to die that way.

eric wants to remain secret

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