Bold & Beautiful Spoilers April 3 – 7: Liam Blows a Gasket on Hope Who Fantasizes About Thomas as Ridge Can’t Resist Brooke’s Charms

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7.

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Katie learns from Bill what he went through to get Sheila into prison. Again.

She slaps him and kisses him. (Courtesy of The Talk, CBS)

katie kisses bill

Finn makes a heroic move.

Li finally gets the upper hand.

Ridge’s news stuns his family.

Sheila suffers a heart attack and needs to be cared for. Finn has a huge decision to make. He can either save her life or let her die.

After Ridge finishes working with Bill to take down Sheila, it’s time for him to move on from Brooke and Taylor. 

ridge watches the proposal

Brooke and Taylor make it clear to Ridge that they do not want to revisit the past with him.

Steffy and Finn get surprising information.

Wyatt and Liam dine out at Il Giardino and discuss Dollar Bill and Sheila.

Thomas fits a dress on Hope as they work together at Forrester Creations.

Liam receives a shock when he visits Hope at Forrester unexpectedly.

Hope worries for her marriage as Liam explodes in anger.  

steffy finn worry about sheila


B&B spoiler promo!

Thomas tells Hope, “We’re working together. That’s all.” Hope asks if he’s sure. Wyatt tells Liam that it’s obvious his brother will be keeping an eye on Thomas and then Liam later walks in on Hope in Thomas’s arms on the sofa. He yells for Thomas to keep his hands off his wife and then hollers at Hope that he doesn’t deserve to see the designing duo with tier hands on each other. “How much more am I supposed to take?”

Monday, April 3

Stephen Logan (Patrick Duffy) and Lucy (Linda Purl) make a return.

Monday’s B&B recap: Katie and Bill reunite

Bill and Ridge tell the family that they were in on a sting with the FBI.

Katie slaps Ridge.

Taylor is happy to be exonerated.

Katie kisses Bill and professes her love.

Finn saves Sheila’s life.brooke hugs bill

Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Liam and Hope gross out when Bill tells them he had sex with Sheila

Bill details his experience with Sheila to Liam, Hope and Wyatt.

Brooke and Taylor talk about keeping up their friendship.

Ridge asks if Brooke and Taylor had sex.

liam weirded out

Wednesday, April 5

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Liam blows up when he catches Hope straddling Thomas

Thomas and Ridge come face-to-face for the first time since they have been estranged.

Ridge listens to his son tell him that he’s changed and hugs him.

Hope learns about bad boys from her mother and to stay away from them.

Hope and Thomas get to work on his new creation, a dress.

Hope tries the dress on and falls from the platform onto Thomas.

Liam blows up at seeing his wife in Thomas’ lap.

thomas likes the dress

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Thursday, April 6

Thursday’s B&B recap: Hope fantasizes about almost kissing Thomas

Liam shoves Thomas when he finds him with Hope.

Liam walks out on Hope.

Hope worries about her marriage.

Hope thinks of kissing Thomas.

Thomas talks about redemption.

Taylor hugs her son and Ridge tells him they support him.

thoms almost kiss hope fantasy

Friday, April 7

Friday’s Y&R recap: Brooke and Ridge almost kiss

Ridge and Brooke have a nice dinner and wine.

Ridge sees Brooke in her nightie and almost kisses her.

Brooke resists Ridge.

Taylor shuts down Thomas’ concern that Ridge will go back to Brooke.

thomas surprised his dad is with brooke

Sneak peek at B&B the week of April 10!

Hope finds herself fin a serious quandary.

Taylor doubles down with Ridge and Thomas about her pact with Brooke.

Brooke questions Hope’s feelings.

hope is optimistic

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