Victor Discovers Victoria Went Behind His Back, Chance Asks Sharon on a Date, and Abby Decides to Move in With Devon

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally worries about her baby again, Victoria shocks her parents, and Adam asks his father to override his sister’s decision to buy McCall. In the previous episode, Phyllis had second thoughts as Sally comforted Nick, Sharon told Chance about her rivalry with Phyllis, and Summer threw herself into planning the memorial for Phyllis.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 6, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 7. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Sally touches her belly and seems off.

Nate appears and she tells him she’s worried. She reveals she’s pregnant.

He did notice she looked “different” but didn’t want to say anything. He learned long ago not to talk about a woman’s changing body. She thinks that’s smart. 

When she eats, she gets nauseous and has a fluttering feeling in her belly. He can’t give her an official diagnosis but ask her to see her OBGYN.

He thinks the baby’s starting to move. She realizes it gives the baby energy. She laughs that she had no idea. Nate suggests Camomile tea.

sally worries baby trouble

Adam tries to order coffee at Crimson Lights when Adam appears. He’s confused.

She realizes he doesn’t know and tells him Phyllis died last night.

He’s quiet and after she fills him in on all details, he wonders why she married Stark.

adam learns phyllis died

Sharon knows about the guilt or things left unsaid after someone dies.

Adam’s sure Nick will reach out to her but says she can’t be everything to everyone. She vows to care for herself, too.

sharon adam talking phyllis dead

Lily brings coffee to Devon at the penthouse. She’s not doing well and tells him she comforted Daniel last night.

She knows Phyllis wasn’t everyone’s favorite person but she loved her kids and they loved her.

Devon knows how hard it is. They wish Daniel didn’t know the loss they share. It made them put things into perspective.

They need to right the wrongs now. They talk about making things right between them.

He wants to give their partnership at Chancellor-Winters another shot. They agree to total honesty.

She asks why he’s doing this. He wants his sister back. They drink to that and talk again about Phyllis’ death and embracing life. It’s what Devon will do in his own life.

He shares that he asked Abby to move in. “Wow,” his sis says. Is it too soon after Amanda? He says no.

He felt closure after talking to Amanda. He loves Abby, who has been his bestie for years and is his son’s mother. It makes sense to him.

lily happy brother back at chancellor winters

At Newman, Victoria worries about poor Summer.

Nikki says they saw her this morning and she’s on the verge of a breakdown.

nikki and victoria newman

Victoria wants to help with the memorial but Summer refuses everyone.

Vicky tells everyone she withdrew her offer from Tucker.

She’s not interested in McCall anymore.

Nikki’s mouth drops open in shock. Vicky says it’s not worth buying.

She told Tucker already.

victor stunned vicky doesn't want tucker company

Victor barks that she should have consulted with him. She reminds him she’s the CEO.

He asks if she forgets who put her there. He accuses her of doing this because of Adam.

She denies it and bellows that she has the company and family’s best interest at heart.

He asks why she’s so against Adam working for them.

She doesn’t like them handing him a company of his own but if he wants to buy the company, she suggests he do it without the company’s backing.

Again, Victor reminds her he handed her this company.

vicky has company best interests

Later, Victor texts his son to meet so Adam takes off.

adam to meet dad

Nearby, Sharon watches as Abby talks to Chance about Phyllis’ death and how it affects everyone. Sharon walks off.

Abby has something to say. She tells him Devon asked her and Dominic to move in with him.

She hasn’t said yes yet and doesn’t want visits to be uncomfortable. Chance shakes his head. “Just go for it.”

She wanted to consider his feelings but he’s fine with it. She invites him to move back into the Chancellor estate.

It’s his birthright. He says it’s just a house but she disagrees. They agree they’ll keep his room the same for when he visits his dad.

It’s awkward and she takes off.

chance learn devon asked abby move in

Adam meets Victor at  Society. Adam says it’s a shame and Victor agrees.

Adam doesn’t feel the loss as much as others though he thought they were similar creatures.

Victor tells his son that Victoria doesn’t want to buy McCall Unlimited.

Adam tells his father to override her, reminding him he owns Newman but Victor refuses. He respects her decisions. It’s why he put her in charge.

He hasn’t given up on acquiring the company but wants to reconsider their approach.

Adam says they should go their separate ways. He’ll figure out his future on his own. He takes off.

adam and victor talk phyllis death

Nate finds Vicky at work. He got her text and thought he’d stop by before work. She knows he did all he could to save Phyllis.

She asks what was wrong with her. He has no idea and Elena can’t get it out of her head.

He’s no longer a doctor so can move on. His mind is on his work at Newman. She tells him about not pursuing McCall.

Off the record, she says it was all about Adam for them all. Adam will be CEO if they buy it and she wonders why she’d hand him an empire.

Nate thinks she did the right thing and she calls him an asset. She says she’s adding him to her inner circle.

vicky talks to nate about Phyllis

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Sally runs into Adam at Crimson Lights. She’s there for Camomile tea. She’s uncomfortable, physically and he notices.

He questions her but she shrugs and invites him to join her.

They talk about Phyllis and he asks how his brother is since they had a  big history.

She says he was torn up, especially for Summer.

adam sally talk about phyllis

Adam doesn’t know how he could console Connor if something happened to Chelsea.

Adam asks if she’s jealous of Nick’s love for Phyllis. She’s not. She’s the mother of his child. It’s a bond they can’t break. 

They discuss Victor pulling the rug out from under him again by choosing his sister over him and not buying a company he wanted him to run.

sally gives adam advice

Sally’s sorry he hurt him again. She knows he’d be under Victoria’s thumb anyway and he doesn’t need his father to succeed. “All you need is you.”

Adam thinks she’ll be a good mother to their little boy. They joke about him always having boys.

She tells him about her nausea and that the tea is helping. 

sally adam drink tea

Outside, Chance and Sharon talk about his discussion with Abby. “Wow,” Sharon says. He shrugs and says he gave it the thumbs up. What else could he do?

“Wow,” she says again. It must have been hard? He says it wasn’t that hard.

She thinks that’s good. It marks the end of things.

chance talks moving in with abby

He knows it won’t be a clean break since they have Dom connecting them.

She urges him to let go of his anger. It’s only hurting him.

Chance says he can pay her for this therapy session or take her to dinner.

She parts her lips in surprise and agrees to dinner. He smiles.

sharon yes to dinner chance

Abby arrives at Devon’s and tells him she wants to move in with him. They kiss.

abby wants to move in

Nikki meets Victor at Society and he tells her about his discussion with Adam, who was upset by the news.

She thinks it’s a good thing. They can get past the pursuit of a company that Tucker wants to sell to Devon.

Victor says Devon doesn’t want it now. He wants to rejoin C-W. Nikki’s shocked.  

victor gives surprising news

Next week on Y&R!

Stark arrives at Phylli’s no-tell-motel room and calls her name. She’s gone.

starak can't find phyllis

Daniel’s daughter Lucy shows up at Phyllis’ memorial.  

daniel sees daughter lucy memorial for phyllis

Summer goes to Chance. “I need your help. You and I are going to expose my mother’s murderer.”

summer wants chance help finding mother murderer

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