Li’s Enraged as Finn Saves Sheila’s Life, Taylor Learns She’s Exonerated While Katie Kisses Bill and Professes her Love

In the Monday, April 3, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Li begs Finn not to save Sheila’s life and Forresters learn that Ridge and Bill worked with the FBI to get Sheila behind bars.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Sheila was rushed to the hospital after a heart attack, Bill and Ridge thanked Deacon for his help, and Stephen lectured Ridge on being gone for so long, not letting the Forrester explain himself.

At the hospital, Li urges Finn to let Sheila die as he grabs the paddles.

li wants her son to kill sheila

Steffy widens her eyes and the nurse waits for Finn while Li mouths for him not to save his bio mother.

The nurse charges the paddles and Finn says, “Clear.”

finn wants to save sheila

He uses the paddles on Sheila. It doesn’t help.

The nurse takes off to get “the epi” and Sheila lies there, dying.

The nurse returns and again, Finn uses the paddles.

Sheila’s back. Li asks, “Why?” Sheila flatlines again. Finn shocks her back to life and tells the nurse to notify the cardio team when she comes around.

Sheila says Finn’s name. “My son saved me. You love me.” Li purses her lips and Steffy watches.

They all leave the room and Steffy hugs Finn while his mother asks how he could do this. 

Li goes into Sheila’s room. A cop cuffs Sheila to the bed and leaves Li alone with her.

Li says her son may have escaped her but she’ll rot in prison then hell. Sheila wakes up.

sheila dying

At Eric’s place, Bill and Ridge tell the family they’ve been working together to get rid of Sheila and they did so because of Bill.

Stephen starts barking that Sheila should have been in jail.

Lucy yells and then Brooke and Taylor, then Donna says he bribed a judge.

ridge's family in shock

Ridge tells them it was a sting Bill came up with to put Sheila away.

They had to convince everyone it was real.

Ridge hates to say that “This man is a hero.” He puts his arm around his new bestie.

Bill doesn’t feel he’s a hero. 

katie cries bold and  beautiful

Katie looks skeptical and everyone else stands around looking confused. They’re told that Sheila killed Dr. Garven and Lance Day.

Taylor says this doesn’t make sense.

Sheila was already in prison and Steffy and Finn’s testimony would have put her together for good. “You interfered with that,” she yells.

Bill says she would have gotten ten years, maybe more or less. He doesn’t know but it was about protecting not just them but the kids.

Bill calls it hell making them all doubt and hate him. The kids are too important to him so it had to be done. He needed to protect their futures.

“We had to,” he says, glancing at Ridge. Taylor doesn’t know what to say. Bill’s sorry. Ridge again toots Bill’s horn, even though he can’t stand the guy.

bill says he's no hero

He mocks his clothes. “He looks like a pirate got lost in a mall somewhere.”

Everyone laughs. “The mall?” Bill asks.

Ridge tells them that Sheila confessed and is in police custody.

Everyone mills around happy.

family at forrester place



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Ridge approaches Papa Logan who isn’t sure he’ll be able to tell him how sorry he is for doubting him.

The men shake hands.

Ridge understands his ex-father-in-law. 

ridge shakes stephen's hand

Donna hugs Bill and RIdge goes to Taylor, who thought he was out soul searching.

She thanks him.

“My new best friend Bill has cut a deal to exonerate you for the shooting,” he says.

Taylor’s overcome.

ridge and taylor talk about her being exonerated

She looks over at Bill who nods and she tears up.

Ridge hugs her and Brooke goes to Bill, calling him a sneaky, deceitful, wonderful man.

She thanks him while Katie watches.

Eric starts a round of applause for the men. There are hugs all around. 

brooke and taylor didn't miss ridge

Ridge asks Taylor and Brooke if his saving the day turned them on. Brooke doesn’t know.

Taylor grins. She’s feeling something. Relief. Just relief. He asks if they missed him.

They don’t answer and Eric opens some champagne.

Katie goes to Bill. He lied to her. He’s sorry.

He loves her and their son. He couldn’t let anyone in on the plan.

He rips the sword necklace off and she slaps him across the face and then kisses him, calling him maddening and frustrating.

There’s nobody like him. This is why she left him. It’s also why she loves him.

She cries as they hold each other. 

katie kisses bill

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