Liam is Outraged When He Catches Hope Straddling Thomas’ Lap Right After Brooke Has Warned Her About Bad Boys

In the Wednesday, April 5, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt and Liam wonder if Ridge will fire Thomas, Brooke tells Hope she’s glad she didn’t pick the bad boy, and Thomas insists he’s changed.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Liam and Hope felt queasy as Wyatt asked Bill for romantic details about Sheila and Ridge assumed Taylor and Brooke got romantic.

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope hug, happy that Sheila can never terrorize them again.

They are amazed by the sacrifices Bill and Ridge made for them.

Hope asks how Taylor is taking all of this. Brooke says things are still great with her.

Her daughter wonders if that will change now that Ridge is back.

Brooke says that they have committed to choosing themselves.

Most of her life, she has chosen the wrong man, like Deacon. She’s choosing herself now.

Taking her daughter’s hand, she tells her how happy she is that she hasn’t been drawn to the bad boy. Hope forces a smile.

Brooke is amazed by how principled and moralistic her daughter is.

She admires her so so much. Sometimes she even wonders how she can be her daughter.

As Brooke starts rehashing her own sex life, her daughter stops her.

Brooke has always gone after the wrong man. “I’m glad you’re not like me that way,” she says.

brooke calls herself a slut

After examining Thomas’ latest design, Brooke asks her daughter how Liam is coping with his return.

Hope says he’s trying.

thomas' new creation

Brooke can see where he’s coming from. But if Thomas acts professionally…

He’s a bad boy and she knows Hope doesn’t like that. If he acts inappropriately, he has to go.

Her daughter says they have been working well together and she’s very excited by how the line is going.

Thomas visits his father in the main office.

He tells him that what he did to Sheila reminded him of how great it is to be his son.

ridge reminds his son of why he was fired

They immediately begin talking about Thomas’ return.

He insists that the aspect of him that got him thrown out is gone.

Thomas can understand why he would be skeptical given his cycle of screw-ups and apologies.

After rehashing his latest mistakes, he says he wasn’t thinking.

thomas talks to his dad about why he's fired

Focusing on the past is not something he wants to do. Instead, he wants to focus on the future and be the kind of son that he and his family can be proud of.

He knows the success of the line depends on Hope trusting him and he thinks they are getting back to that.

Thomas promises he’s changed and doesn’t have his old feelings for her.

thomas knows he's screwed up many times

Ridge is glad to hear that. But he reminds his son that he broke his heart by lying and disappointing him.

His son promises that he can be a better man.

Tearing up, he says he wants to be a son he can be proud of because he loves him so much. They embrace.

ridge hugs his son

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Liam and Wyatt are eating at Il Giardino, amazed that their father is sleeping in for once.

Wyatt starts speculating on Bill’s bedtime with Sheila until his brother stops him.

liam and wyatt talk about thomas never changing

Wyatt changes the topic to Thomas. Liam knows he’s necessary for Hope’s line to thrive.

Neither of them believes Thomas has changed but everyone else seems convinced.

Liam wonders how Ridge will handle his son’s return.

He could potentially reverse Steffy’s decision to bring him back.

liam gets a headache thinking of thomas

Liam claims that he has tried to take the high road but the idea of the other man spending hours and hours with Thomas doesn’t sit right. Wyatt feels for him.

His brother wonders if he’s being too controlling. Wyatt doesn’t.

He thinks he’s just being a concerned husband.

wyatt doesn't believe for a second that thomas has changed

Liam is determined to keep an eye on Thomas and jogs off.

Back at Forrester, Thomas interrupts Hope and Brooke. She leaves to see Ridge.

Hope tells Thomas she loves his latest design and slips behind the screen to try it on.

thomas goes to Hope in the design room

He turns his back and she looks out at him.

Once she changes, she comes out and says it feels elegant and sexy.

hope gazes at thomas

After he gets her to stand on the riser, he asks permission to make some adjustments.

Hope’s eyes bulge as he adjusts her waist.

She tells him how happy she is to have him and his vision back.

She wishes everyone could understand their working relationship.

hope wears new dress designed by thomas

Hope doesn’t want his feelings from the past to cause any problems.

He assures her that nothing will happen.

“You sure? There are no thoughts entering your head?” she asks.

He assures her there’s not.

hope loves the new dress of thomas'

When she says her mom had a thing for bad boys but she does not, she slips and falls into his arms.

They fall onto the couch just as Liam walks in.

“What the hell is going on here?” he demands.

Liam shocked finding hope in thomas' lap

Meanwhile, Brooke visits Ridge and tells him what a hero he is.

He thinks Bill is the real hero.

They chat about Thomas and Hope working together.

He’s happy and wants his son to succeed.

brooke and ridge talk thomas and hope dynamic team

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