Liam and Hope Feel Queasy as Wyatt Asks Bill For Romantic Details About Sheila and Ridge Assumes Taylor and Brooke Got Romantic

In the Tuesday, April 4, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, 

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Li begged Finn not to save Sheila’s life and Forresters learned that Ridge and Bill worked with the FBI to get Sheila behind bars as Katie got hot after hearing what Bill did and made out with him.  

At the cliffhouse, Steffy’s shocked that this whole time, her dad and Bill were working with the FBI.

Finn tries to wrap his brain around the fact that Bill was never in love with Sheila.

Ridge tells them that they needed to get Sheila back in prison on a Murder One charge.

Bill made a deal with the FBI to get Taylor exonerated. Steffy’s beside herself with happiness.

steffy finn shocked fbi story from ridge

Ridge tells her they’re safe. They can move on with their lives.

Finn tells Ridge about saving Sheila’s life while his mother asked him to let her die.

Ridge assumes he thought about it and Finn admits he did but she’s a patient.

No matter how horrible she is. Sheila says it’s the man she loves.

steffy and finn shocked

She loves Ridge too and thanks him for his sacrifice. They embrace.

At Bill’s house, Bill tells his sons about what really happened with him working with the FBI.

He never believed Sheila was mauled by a bear, which started it all.

Hope can’t believe he actually worked with Ridge. She’s not sure which is more unbelievable.

hope and liam shocked by bill working with fbi

That or him lying about Sheila.

Wyatt doesn’t get why they broke Sheila out in the first place.

wyatt learns bill doens't love sheila

Bill says she had to be in prison for Murder One so she could never be released. 

They talk about how he couldn’t let Sheila terrorize their families again.

Wyatt says for months, his father and Sheila were living together. Bill asks if he needs a pop-up version of this part of the story.

bill tells story about the set up on sheila

Wyatt is unfazed and goes on. It didn’t matter what his family thought. Bill says if Sheila didn’t believe it, she would have either stabbed him while he slept or escaped.

“So what are we talking, like romantic nights?” He asks if they spent time in front of the fireplace and if they bonded. “Shared secrets?”

wyatt hears sheila heart attack

Liam feels queasy. Bill says he had to go as far as he could imagine and further than that.

Liam and Hope cringe and Liam bends over, feeling sick. “I’m sorry. I retract my question. I need a drink.” He apologizes for asking.

Baker calls and Bill learns Sheila really did have a heart attack. They’re surprised and thank him for saving all of them.

Bill missed the look of admiration from his family. He hugs everyone.liam and hope gross out CBS

At Eric’s place, Taylor and Brooke reel over Bill and Ridge’s news.

Brooke’s shocked that Sheila really did have a heart attack and survived.

Brooke says there’s so much to unpack but they need to discuss Ridge’s return.

taylor shocked about bill story

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Neither knew Ridge was back in L.A. and found it odd he was out of touch.

Taylor assumed his soul searching took time.

They laugh over how unexpected it is that Bill and Ridge got along enough to take Sheila down.

Brooke again says they need to discuss what it means for them moving forward now that Ridge is back.

brooke shocked sheila had a heart attack

Taylor is shocked that Bill had to do all the dirty work. Brooke agrees, he had to sleep with her, all to save his family.

Taylor wonders how it’s affecting Bill mentally. “I’d love to get him on my couch,” she says. Brooke’s eyes widen.

“My shrink couch,” she clarifies. They laugh.

taylor wants brooke's friendship more than ridge

Taylor wants to do something for their superheroes. “Throw them a Batman and Robin-themed party.” Brooke likes the idea.

Taylor doesn’t care if Ridge has things to say to them about romance.

Brooke’s friendship is important to her and she doesn’t want to lose it. Brooke smiles.

Taylor says Braylor is the endgame, not Bridge or Tridge. Brooke says, “Girl power!” They need to protect their relationship.

She can’t imagine going forward in life without Taylor in it. Tay feels the same.

They pinky-swear friends forever as Ridge walks in. They giggle as he asks what’s going on.

They recap what happened and how impressed they are with him and Bill.

He admits he’s tired from being in the bunker with Chen 24/7.

brooke wants to talk about what happens with ridge

He’s ready for normalcy and is bunking with Eric for a while.

They’re glad. They say something happened while he was gone. “Oh. Really?” He asks, thinking of them getting romantic.

They swat at him and say no. They are choosing their friendship over their feelings for him though.

They’re besties now. Ridge watches them giggle that they’re friends first.

ridge cracks sexual jokes

Once Ridige is gone, back at the cliff house, Steffy and Finn snuggle and recap what happened.

He feels bad that he didn’t let Sheila die. Steffy thinks he did the right thing. It’s who he is. Compassionate. They kiss.

steffy finn canoodle

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