General Hospital Spoilers April 3 – 7: Linc is Arrested, and Jordan Learns Eileen Didn’t Drown

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Anna getting alarmed, Gladys being sneaky, and Spencer going into shock.

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Monday, April 3

Monday’s GH recap: Lucy downs champagne while watching the ball

The Nurses’ Ball kicks off.

Jordan has an awkward moment on the red carpet.

Portia doesn’t want to go to the ball since Curtis is there.

Curtis and Nina go to the ball together.r

Victor makes an ominous prediction.

Sonny hopes to steal time with Nina.

Brook Lynn nurses her regret.

Michael and Willow enjoy some distractions.

liz finn on carpet

Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday’s GH recap – Valentin is shot at

The Nurses’ Ball performances get underway.

Valentin makes a romantic gesture.

Valentin sings to Anna.

Anna is alarmed when a shot rings out at Valentin.

Trina and Spencer have an important conversation about dating.

Brook Lynn is irate when Blaze is treated like crap from Linc.

Linc wants to make Joss a star.

Molly and TJ tell Jordan they’re trying to get Molly pregnant.

curtis and nina at the nurses ball

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Wednesday, April 5

GH was pre-empted for a network event.

Thursday, April 6

Friday’s GH recap: Victor shoots Anna

A special music guest brings the house down.

Valentin is defiant.

BLQ and Blaze tell everyone that Linc’s a predator.

Gladys makes a sneaky move.

Victor makes a demand.

Spencer receives a warning.

Gladys plants the jewels she borrowed on Cody.

Liesl is kidnapped.

gladys plants the bracelet

Friday, April 7

Friday’s GH recap – Mac arrests Cody

Laura is suspicious.

Spencer is in for a shock.

An arrest is made.   

Magic Milo and the Magic Wands play.

Jordan gets terrible news.

Sonny and Sam offer assistance.

Lucy is frantic and runs for it.

Bobbie gets some acknowledgment at the ball.

Lucy crashes the ball.

Ace is kidnapped.

Esme’s hurt.

Anna is hospitalized and fighting for her life.

robert upset anna shot

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