As Taylor Assures Her Kids She Trusts Brooke, Brooke Can Hardly Resist Ridge, and Hope Fantasizes About Thomas

In the Friday, April 7, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke welcome Ridge back, Taylor assures her kids that Ridge won’t get between her and Brooke, and Hope tries spending some alone-time with Liam.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Liam went ballistic on Thomas, shoving him after finding Hope in his lap and then walked out on Hope after she tried to explain.

Hope is at Brooke’s thinking about her fantasy of telling Thomas what a great team they make and nearly kissing him.

Her mom interrupts the memories and Hope says she and Liam have to take a rain check. She needs to spend some alone-time with her husband.

When Brooke brings up Thomas, Hope snaps this has nothing to do with him and tells her mom to have a good night with Ridge.

After Hope leaves, Ridge arrives with some French sparkling water and Brooke explains why the kids aren’t there. She wanted a family dinner but is happy to have him all to herself.

They sit down to take-out from Il Giardino and she thanks him for what he did to Sheila. He asks what he missed while he was away.

ridge brooke drink wine her house

They discuss Thomas and are both cautiously optimistic.

They wish Thomas hadn’t come between them and Ridge takes some of the blame for why they are where they are.

ridge feels bad he messed up things with Brooke

The meal was her welcome home to him.

The not-cooking part of it.

They recall RJ making them breakfast in bed and then filling the house with suds when he used the dishwasher.

Brooke says that going down memory lane with him warms her heart.

She’s missed him.

brooke talks about ridge being the hero

He’s missed her too and touches her hand.

“No matter what happens in the future, we always have our memories,” she says.

He steps closer and then says it’s getting late.

ridge and brooke drinking talking of RJ

He offers to finish his wine while she goes to bed.

They hug and she lets out a little sigh.

ridge and brooke get close

After avoiding kissing him, she goes upstairs.

When she comes now in her negligee to make sure the candles are out, she’s surprised he’s still there.

He says the sheets are lucky to have her sleeping on them.

She reminds him he used to sleep in that bed.

She admits that she misses having him under the same roof.

ridge and brooke with her in a nightie

They nearly kiss, but she reminds him she made a pact with Taylor and she needs to honor it.

He agrees, but when he hugs her, her robe falls.

ridge almost kisses brooke

Hope goes to the cabin and pours some wine as Liam arrives and owls hoot.

He wonders why there are so many candles lit.


She wanted to do something romantic since their little disagreement.

She sent the kids to a sleepover so they could reconnect,

Hope tells him how grateful she is and is sure it’s hard for him to know she is working with Thomas.

He reminds her that she promised she wasn’t going to be working with Thomas.

His wife tells him she changed her mind. She’s allowed to do that.


She knows Liam has been nothing but supportive and respectful of her career.

All she wants to do is show him how much she appreciates him. They kiss.

Looking down at the picture of Thomas on her phone, she kisses Liam.

As they make out, she imagines he’s Thomas.

Liam notices something is off but she insists she’s fine.

thomas calls hope

They hit the couch.

hope kisses liam at home

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At the cliff house, Taylor asks her daughter how she really feels about Finn saving Sheila’s life.

Steffy says he’s a doctor.

steffy surprised brooke with ridge

Thomas chimes in that she is stable and behind bars.

They discuss Ridge’s return and Thomas wonders why his mom isn’t with him right now.

She explains he’s having dinner with Brooke.

Her kids wonder if that’s a date. She says Hope and the kids will be there too.

taylor tells her kids brooke is with ridge

Taylor reminds them that she and Brooke promised to be their friends over their feelings for Ridge.

She assures them they aren’t having a cozy dinner for two.

taylor worries brooke will break their pact

The kids remind her that Brooke’s feelings for Ridge are pretty intense.

Taylor says they will see. They made a promise and she thinks Brooke has integrity.

taylor talks about bestie brooke

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