Liam Goes Ballistic on Thomas, Shoving Him After Finding Hope in His Lap and Then Walks out on Hope After She Tries to Explain

In the Thursday, April6, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, 

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Wyatt and Liam wondered if Ridge would fire Thomas, Brooke told Hope she’s glad she didn’t pick the bad boy and falls into Thomas’ lap.

Liam strolls into the design office at Forrester Creations and catches Hope straddling Thomas on the sofa.

hope thomas lap

He demands to know what’s going on here. “What the hell?” Hope jumps off of Thomas and Thomas throws his hands up in the air.

hope jumps off of thomas

Liam snaps, “This is what I was afraid of.”

Thomas goes to Liam and swears it’s not what it looks like.

He tries to touch him but Liam shoves him back and screams at him not to touch him. He kicks Thomas out.

Thomas says his name is on the building. Liam doesn’t care. He bellows, “Get the hell out!”

liam yells at thomas

Thomas goes and Liam says he can’t do this anymore.

He doesn’t deserve to come in and see her on the couch with Thomas.

How much more is he expected to take? Hope stares, eyes wide.

liam screams at thomas

In the CEO office at Forrester Creations, Taylor and Steffy are proud of Ridge and forgive his absence because he nailed Sheila.

ridge sorry to taylor being out of touch

Taylor’s not a fan of the entire strategy. Ridge is sorry for the heartache they put her through. He holds her hands and Steffy grins.

Ridge says she’ll be in prison as long as she makes it out of the hospital.

They agree not to talk about her and instead, discuss Thomas.

taylor has thomas' back

Ridge says he didn’t completely clear the air with Thomas, which will take a bit.

He’s glad he’s working at the company but surprised Hope let him back on her line.


Thomas walks in and they notice he’s upset. He tells them about Hope on the riser and how she fell on him and Liam walked in on her in his lap.

“I broke her fall,” he says, but Liam was blinded by his hatred for him and kicked him out.

He can’t fault him for not letting him explain. Steffy asks him to promise this was innocent.

Thomas promises. Taylor assumes Liam thought he orchestrated it all.

liam goes at thomas

Thomas hopes it doesn’t cause issues in their marriage.

Steffy worries about what this will mean to him working with Hope.

Taylor thinks the whole thing is between Liam and Hope. They have their son’s back.

Ridge agrees. Thomas talks about how his past doesn’t define him. He and Taylor hug each other.

thomas hugs taylor

Ridge says the little boy is gone. They share a group hug and Thomas runs off to finish working.

group forrester hug

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Back in the design room, Hope tries to explain that she fell off the riser and Thomas tried to catch her.

That’s what Liam walked in on. She’s surprised he thinks she’d put herself in that situation.

hope tells liam nothing happened with thomas

Liam barks that she doesn’t see what it looks like.

Hope says it looks like he doesn’t trust her!

She doesn’t like being seen as the little woman and reminds him of his own past where she was unable to trust him.

liam doesn't trust thomas

Liam trusts her, just not Thomas. “The man is toxic and he has to go,” Liam yells.

“He knew Beth was alive. He watched us grieve and he said nothing!”

He calls the Forrester demented, but Hope denied that he’s that same man.

liam trusts hope but not thomas

He asks why Hope keeps inviting Thomas into her life.

She reminds Thomas her line was almost cancelled. He doesn’t think she needs him but Hope insists she does and their relationship is just business.

liam upset hope working with thomas

Liam asks to go home and she tells him it’s the middle of the day. She has work to do.

“With him?” He asks. She says yeah, with Thomas. Liam walks out on her, w which almost brings her to tears.

hope sad liam walks out on her

Thomas returns to the design room as Hope’s thinks about how her mother told her not to go out with the bad boys.

Thomas shows her the good reviews they received and tells her this is because she gave him another chance.

He’s overwhelmed with gratitude and enthusiasm. She agrees they make a great team.

thoms almost kiss hope fantasy

They stare at one another and she snaps out of her fantasy before they kiss, wondering what’s going on with her.

hope makes a great team with thomas he says

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