Bold and Beautiful Spoilers March 15-19, Finn & Steffy are Happily Ever After

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of March 15-19.

Last week refresher!

The big week where we finally learned who was the father of Steffy’s baby had a few twists and turns in it along the way. Steffy decided to leave Los Angeles, though Ridge didn’t like that she was running away. Thomas cornered Vinny in the lab and ordered him to tell him the truth. Did he switch the test results for Steffy and Liam and Finn? Finally, Vinny admitted he did when Finn walked into the room, fists flying. When Finn learned the kid is his, he rushed home and stopped Steffy from leaving the city. They basked in the glory that the child is theirs and that they can be together as a family.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of March 15-19

Monday, March 15

Hope receives good news from an unexpected source.
Steffy finds her happy ever after moment.

Tuesday, March 16

Steffy is swept up in how her life instantly changed for the better.
Hope shares life-changing news with Liam.

Wednesday, March 17

Ridge and Brook glean an in-depth understanding of Thomas’ heroic act.
Liam has to answer Hope’s difficult question about his feelings.

Thursday, March 18

Steffy makes a significant gesture in order to prove her love for Finn.
Liam responds to Hope’s question and asks for another chance. Hope remains unsure.

Friday, March 19

Bold and the Beautiful is pre-empted due to CBS Sports NCAA Basketball.

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