Bold & Beautiful Comings and Goings: Naomi Matsuda Reappears, Jill Remez Returns as Judge Gomez

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Now, without further ado, SoapsSpoilers has the scoop on who is coming to Bold and Beautiful in 2023?

Naomi Matsuda

Naomi Matsuda returns once again to the Bold and the Beautiful as Dr. Li Finnegan. she’ll be in scenes with Finn (Tanner Novlan) starting February 13.

Was “killed off” in the summer only to return as Li on July 21 in scenes with Bill (Don Diamont).  

li glad sheila in jail bold and beautiful recaps

Jill Remez

Jill Remez appears on Bold and Beautiful as Judge Gomez starting February 10. Remez has been seen in soaps previously, having played Mrs. Perez on Days of our Lives and Juanita on Passions

Camelia Somers

Camelia Somers returns as the Forrester intern, Charlotte. Incidentally, she is the daughter of Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company. She’ll be seen on January 30.

Rodney Van Johnson 

Rodney Van Johnson appears on B&B as Sheila’s lawyer. Watch for him January 9.

If he looks familiar, it’s because he used to play T.C. Russell on Passions

Recently, he portrayed Martin on Holiday Hideaway, he was Paul Abbott in The Magic in 2021, and Rev. Barrington McCullough on Lace

rodney van johnson bold and beautiful

Joe Lando

Joe Lando returns to Bold and Beautiful as Judge Craig McMullen January 9.

We last saw him in October 2018 when he mediated Bill and Katie’s divorce proceedings.

Since then, the actor was seen in Christmas in Solvang as Darren Larsen in 2020, as Sam Moses in Paloma’s Fight in 2022, and in A Christmas Spark as Hank Marshall in 2022.

Folks will remember him as Jake Harrison on One Life to Live, a brief time on Guiding Light, and Byron Sully on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

joe lando bold and beautiful judge SoapsSpoilers

Ken Hanes

Ken Hanes returns to Bold and Beautiful on Wednesday, January 4 as Mike Guthrie, the prison guard. If readers will recall, Mike first appeared in 1993 and was seen off and on as a security guard.

Hanes was also seen on June 9 and June 22 in scenes with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown).

The actor returned on Monday, June 27, 29 and 30 and July 11 in scenes once again with Sheila.

mike in prison bold and beautiful recaps


Ryan Stroud

Ryan Stroud returns to Bold and Beautiful on December 14 as the Forrester pilot. He was last seen on July 25 when he took Taylor (Krista Allen) and Ridge (Thorstyn Kaye) to see Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in Monaco.  

Dan Martin

Dan Martin is back to Bold and the Beautiful as Deputy Chief Baker starting December 13. He was last seen on July 11.  

baker has news BB

Hollis W. Chambers

Hollis W. Chambers returns to Bold and Beautiful as Paul the bartender at Il Giardino during the month of August, November and December 13, and will be in scenes with Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Bill (Don Diamont).

hot bartender bold beautiful


Big Brother crosses over to B&B

Taylor Hale, Monty Taylor, and Joseph Abdin will be making their way to Bold and Beautiful in guest roles. Hale teases in the video on the CBS set, “You will not believe where we are. We’re at BB!! Not Big Brother. The Bold and the Beautiful. And we’re so excited to be here filming a really awesome episode to show you all. We can’t tell you when it’s airing, but stay tuned. You’ll see pretty soon.”

Take a look at the clip where they tease this appearance, which should happen in November.

Tracey Bregman Crossover

Tracey Bregman will be making a return to Bold and the Beautiful as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, from Young and the Restless.

Lauren will cross over from Genoa City to Los Angeles during the anniversary for a few days in November.

Should we assume that she’ll run into Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), the woman who made her life miserable for most of the 1980s and some of the 1990s?

Kimberlin Brown is celebrating her 30th year portraying Sheila Carter.

lauren talks about sally with summer young and the restless

Patrick Duffy & Linda Purl

Patrick Duffy will make another return as Stephen Logan for two episodes to celebrate B&B’s 36th season.

patrick duffy returns bold beautiful

Duffy’s real-life wife Linda Purl will join him as Stephen’s girlfriend.

The duo will be seen on Wednesday, November 23, and Monday, November 28. They’ll wrap up their short visit right away.

For those who weren’t aware, Purl just finished a brief time on General Hospital as Peyton Honeycutt.

payton honeycutt linda purl GH

Alexis Gaube

The Price is Right model, Alexis Gaube, returned as Petra on B&B June 23. She was seen in scenes with Rena Sofer (Quinn), and will return once more on October 28.


petra model bold beautiful cbs

Denise Richards

Denise Richards will resume her role as Shawna on October 19.

shauna discussion brooke bold and beautiful

Aaron D. Spears

Aaron D. Spears returns once again as Justin Barber, the Forrester lawyer. He’ll first be seen October 19.

justin on bold beautiful

Alley Mills

Alley Mills is heading to General Hospital at the end of October. Details in the link.

pam honey bold beautiful


Django Ferri now out, Henry Joseph Samiri in

Django Ferri recently replaced Henry Joseph Samiri as Douglas Forrester on Bold and Beautiful since Samiri was unavailable to tape.

The actor is taping the new mystery series, The Watchful Eye, as Jasper Greybourne.

It appeared possible that Samiri could return after he’s finished taping the series, but SoapsSpoilers learned that Ferri has replaced Samiri permanently in the role.

This case of musical actors has changed once again and Soap Opera Digest has reported that Samiri is back in the role as Douglas on October 14, while Ferri takes a break from playing the role.

henry joseph samiri bold and beautiful

Othello Clark

Othello Clark returns to Bold and Beautiful as Othello the realtor starting on October 4 and October 12 in a very brief scene where he pops up and watches Brooke and Ridge talking about ending their marriage.

othello clark bold beautiful

Angela Bishop

Angela Bishop (Channel 10 entertainment reporter in Australia) returns as JJ in a scene with Bill (Don Diamont) on September 22.

Some will remember her as Ridge and Brooke’s wedding planner.

bill asks JJ a favor bold beautiful

Alexes Pelzer

Alexes Pelzer who will appear on Bold and the Beautiful at  Il Giardino this week as ‘Blonde’ is none other than Kimberlin Brown’s (Sheila) daughter.


Sophia Paras McKinlay in, Remington Blaire Evans out

Sophia Paras McKinlay returns taping at the CBS studios as Kelly Spencer and will return to B&B starting on August 24 as Remington Blaire Evans exits the role as a temporary recast.

kelly loves family bold and beautiful

Rena Sofer

SoapsSpoilers has reported the news that Rena Sofer has left Bold and Beautiful. Her explanation is shared within the link.

Rena sofer exits bold and beautiful quinn fuller forrester

Steven Christopher Parker

Steven Christopher Parker heads to Bold and the Beautiful as Jordan, Deacon’s parole officer, who contacts Sharpe on August 19. 

steven christopher parker jordan bold beautiful

Jeremy Ray Valdez

Detective Alex Sanchez will be making a return starting on August 11. Find out what he’s up to in the August 8-12 B&B spoilers.

jeremy ray valdez detective sanchez bold beautiful

James Ripple

James Ripple makes another appearance as the bartender at Il Giardino, starting on August 12.


River Davidson

River Davidson will appear August 11 as Beth Spencer, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope’s (Annika Noelle) daughter.


Ayda Field

Actress and model Ayda Field guest stars on Bold and Beautiful as a mystery woman named Cecile. All we know so far is her name and that she’s French. Field has played Angela Moroni on Days of our Lives from 2000-2001.

ayda field bold and beautifulu

Vincent Irizarry

Bold and Beautiful brings back Vincent Irizarry to the show as Dr. Jordan Armstrong, when Bill (Don Diamont) calls the doctor to come have a look at Li (Naomi Matsuda). We haven’t seen Irizarry on the show since August 2019 when he treated Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) for the cliff fall. Watch for the good doctor on Monday, July 25. Thanks tot @_chickymonkey for posting about this on Twitter.

vincent irizarry returns deimos kiriakis days of our lives



Alley Mills

Pam is back on the scene as Alley Mills brings her back into the fold. Watch for her return on July 12.

pam honey bold beautiful

Ted King

Jack’s back! We haven’t seen Jack for a long while but the wait is finally over. Ted King returns as Jack Finnegan on Tuesday, July 5.

ted king back bold beautiful as finnegan cbs

Remington Evans

There’s a new face coming to Bold and the Beautiful. Remington Evans will be debuting as the new Kelly. Evans, some have seen on Gigi Hawkins on The Resident.

The last actress who portrayed Kelly was Sofia Paras Mckinlay, who was last seen before Steffy took the family to Europe. Take a look at the video with Evans and Krista Allen (Dr. Taylor Hayes), where they chat about acting.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood returns to Bold and Beautiful as Steffy Forrester in scenes in Monaco on Monday, July 4.

The actress is back from her maternity leave. Read the B&B summer previews for Steffy and Finn, which should make SINN fans rejoice!

Jacqueline MacInnes jacqueline mcinnes wood pregnant boldandbeautiful
Howard Wise/JPI


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George Gray 

George Gray (Price is Right announcer) appears as a waiter on Monday, June 27 in scenes with Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Bridget (Ashley Jones).

This is Gray’s debut on Bold and the Beautiful.

George Gray price is right to bold and beautful soapsspoilers
Lisette M. Azar/CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Hollis W. Chambers

Paul the bartender returns June 24, once again played by Hollis W. Chambers.

hollis w chambers paul bartender bold and beautiful

Dick Christie

Dick Christie is back as Charlie Webber on June 23. 

charlie shocked steffy request bold beautiful recap



Cassandra Creech

Grace will be seen a little more often during the end of June as Cassandra Creech has taped episodes of B&B to air on June 27, 28 and 29.

She’ll be seen for Paris’ (Diamond White) wedding to Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor).

grace pissed off bold beautiful recaps