B&B Spoilers Dec 25 – 29: Xander Avant Returns and Levels an Accusation

Monday, Dec 25 to Friday, Dec 29.

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Coming up on B&B the week of December 25!

Eric is awake and still, his family is a little concerned about him. Meanwhile, Finn thinks his progress is good, and things get back to normal as Steffy makes a demand of Hope, which causes Finn to get his back up! The show will have two days of pre-empts because of the holidays but viewers will not miss a thing!

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, December 25:

B&B is not on today due to Christmas. It will resume tomorrow.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, December 26:

In Tuesday’s early Bold and Beautiful recap, Steffy asks if Hope loves Thomas.

Brooke and Ridge worry about Eric’s future.

Steffy demands Hope tell her if she truly loves Thomas.

Steffy thanks Finn for saving her grandpa.

Ridge continues to doubt his decision.

steffy kisses finn in thanks

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers  Wednesday, December 27:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Hope and Steffy are both worried about Thomas.

Steffy warns Hope not to toy with Thomas, reminding her of the consequences. 

Hope doesn’t say she is in love with Thomas.

Finn snaps at Thomas.

Finn assures a worried Ridge that he is happy with Eric’s progress.

hope thomas confronted by steffy


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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, December 28:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Hope and Steffy are both worried about Thomas.

Finn stands up for Steffy to a defiant Thomas.

Xander (Adain Bradley) is shocked to learn that his new doctor has a connection to the Forrester family.

Xander recalls being fired by Ridge and levels an accusation.

Steffy isn’t happy when Ridge says Hope complained about her. 

Steffy maintains this relationship could end badly.

thomas listening to brooke go on

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, December 29:

Today, B&B is not airing. Instead, there will be a repeat of the June 23, 2023 episode.

For those needing a refresher, this is the episode that took place in Italy, when Liam watched Hope and Thomas kissing and kissed Steffy.

Back in L.A., Finn and Taylor discussed the trip to Rome for the fashion show and Thomas and Hope toasted to their success before they took in some sight seeing.

liam kisses steffy

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