Y&R Spoilers Sept 18 – 22: Phyllis Has a Pity Party and Diane Blames Audra for Kyle’s Firing

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of September 18?

Adam’s drinking at GCAC when Sally appears on her way to her room. He invites her for a drink and then she suggests they eat. “Are you suggesting that we have dinner together?” Adam asks Sally. “Apparently I am,” she confirms.

Adam finds her giving him mixed signals and he thinks she’s struggling with her feelings for him.

They dine, it’s fun and he walks Sally to her door and kisses her. He apologizes for getting caught up in the moment and when she doesn’t slap him, he takes it as a sign. 

adam asks sally to dinner

“This is too serious a game. I need to know the name of the company,” Phyllis tells Tucker.

phyllis makes a deal with tucker

Lily informs Devon that Victor has pulled out of Chancellor-Winters and already sold his share to a third-party investor.

Devon asks who and Lily has no idea.

devon asks who bought chancellor stock


Victor loses patience with Victoria.

Phyllis makes a dangerous deal, forming an alliance with Tucker that leads to more harm than good. Someone from her past resurfaces when she needs a friend the most – Danny Romalotti.

Lily learns disturbing news.

Nikki gives Audra a difficult assignment.

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Monday, September 18

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Adam kisses Sally

Nikki does damage control.

Victoria tells her mother she’s worried about her dad’s mental health and stress.

Victor takes over his old office and posts his portrait.

Sally and Adam dine together and drink.

Adam kisses Sally, surprising her.

Nikki asks Victor to go on holiday.

Nate and Victor share a drink.

Victoria’s upset to see her dad’s portrait up.

nate watches victor drink

Tuesday, September 19

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Phyllis gets a big offer from Tucker

Jack gives Tucker some unsolicited advice.

Tessa returns home.

Mariah and Tessa have sex.

Phyllis is backed into a corner.

Phyllis demands Tucker tell her what company he wants her to hack.

phyllis thinks lily and daniel won't last

Wednesday, September 20

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Victor keeps his secret

Victor delivers unsettling news to Lily.

Billy goes rogue.

Summer hears it’s over between Kyle and Audra, though it isn’t.

Phyllis learns Tucker wants her to hack Billy.

Kyle and Summer call a truce.

Summer blames herself for Kyle turning to Summer.

Diane and Jack differ in their opinion.

diane wants to help kyle

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Thursday, September 21

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Nikki makes Audra fire Kyle

Nikki knows Audra and Kyle are still hot for each other.

Audra doesn’t deny her feelings.

Nikki forces Audra to make a tough decision.

Nikki asks Audra to fire Kyle.

Victor tells Lily the bare minimum of who bought a part of her company.

Lily presents Devon with a mystery.

Audra dumps Kyle.

Victoria and Victor get into a screaming match and when Nikki tries to intervene, she’s yelled at too. kyle says he can keep it quiet

Friday, September 22

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Phyllis has a pity party

Jack tells Phyllis off.

Phyllis feels bad.

Daniel tells Phyllis to buck up.

Billy sees through Adam.

Diane blames Audra for Kyle getting fired.

Daniel offers Phyllis a job.

Jack stands his ground.

Tucker reveals a dangerous plan to Phyllis.

Audra gives Kyle a reality check.

daniel tells his mom she deserve dit

Coming up on Y&R the week of September 25!

Veronica Redd returns as Mamie Johnson Sept 26.

Jack discovers deception at Jabot.

Victor shocks the business world.

Phyllis receives a surprise visitor. Michael Damian returns as Danny Romalotti Sept 29.

Billy threatens Tucker.

mamie reflects on her time living at the Abbott mansion

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