Tucker Offers Phyllis 2 Million to Hack Into a Company, Tessa Returns and Billy Has a Warning For Phyllis

Mon Sept 18, Y&R day ahead recap: Billy warns Phyllis to stay away from Tucker, Sharon tells Mariah about her feelings for Chance, and Summer tells Daniel about her feelings for the cop.

Friday’s Y&R day ahead:Adam kissed Sally, Victoria worried about Victor’s mental health, as Victor got his portrait out of storage and reclaimed his office.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 18, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 19. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Sharon’s, Mariah tells her she’s glad her trip got postponed because the weather is terrible. Sharon is a bit disappointed she couldn’t meet with the division heads in person.

sharon excited about the future

They chat about Aria’s upcoming appointment with the audiologist. The tests should confirm a diagnosis and possible treatment. She wishes Tessa could be there but the weather is keeping her away.

Sharon reminds her the night isn’t over and things could turn around.

They chat about how amazing the new company will be and Mariah is very glad Adam is no longer involved. Sharon admits it’s a relief.

mariah and sharon talk business

Nick’s trip has been going well and Sharon is full of ideas for streamlining.

That all sounds amazing to her daughter. As soon as Nick gets back, all will be finalized.

Mariah asks about Chance, which makes her mom smile and giggle.

She admits she may have some competition for his affections: Summer.

sharon excited about chase

That isn’t something Mariah saw coming but her mom thinks it’s nothing to worry about.

Sharon says it’s been fun and exciting with the cop but she has no idea if it’s going anywhere.

She’s not sure how serious things can get.

Mariah would hate to see Summer ruin this for her but it’s what she does.

Her mom just wants to focus on business.

mariah and sharon talk business

Tessa suddenly arrives and runs into her wife’s arms.

She tells her there was no way she would miss Aria’s appointment tomorrow.

mariah and tessa hug

They kiss and then Tessa notices Sharon is there.

She encourages them to head home to see their daughter.

sharon urges mariah and tessa head home

Summer runs into Daniel at Society and joins him for a drink since they are both having a restless night.

daniel asks summers to have a drink

He tells her that Heather and Lucy are flying back to Lisbon tomorrow.

He doesn’t know when he will see his daughter again.

She couldn’t handle it if Kyle ran off with Harrison.

They chat about the divorce.

It’s awful but she’s surprisingly okay and ready to move on.

summer talks about her divroce

Her brother asks if her next adventure will be a romantic one.

She says he emotions have been all over the place and she’s not about to leap into a relationship.

What happened with Kyle just wasn’t meant to be.

There’s no coming back for them.

He’s sorry but it is what it is.

She admits she’s not ready to move on, but everything seems better when she’s talking to Chance.

daniel and summer talk about their mom

That makes her brother chuckle.

She says the cop was really nice to her when she was bending the line.

Daniel points out the detective is seeing Sharon.

She doesn’t know how serious he is with Sharon and doesn’t want to be the other woman.

daniel laughs about his sister and chance

Summer doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Her brother suggests her feelings for Chance are more complicated than she wants to admit.

She hates that she feels this way and that the cop isn’t available.

At the Abbott estate, Jack and Billy discuss the Tucker and Ashley situation.

They need to find a way to minimize the threat from McCall.

jack happy tucker out

The only upside of all this is that their sister is free.

She’ll be working remotely for a while.

Billy wonders if he can forgive her for the cruel things she said.

Jack puts that all down to Tucker.

They had a genuine rapprochement.

His brother tells him he’s always admired his ability to forgive and forget.

He enjoys holding onto things.

billy and jack talk ashley and tucker

Billy suggests that they drive McCall out of town for good.

His brother points out he has no weakness now that Ashley is gone.

Taking a drink, Billy reminds him there’s Devon.

If they can turn him against his father, they are halfway there.

billy tells jack they should attack first

Jack isn’t comfortable with that but Billy insists they would be doing Devon a favor.

Having to think about this some more, Jack suggests they go out for a drink.

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Tucker wanders into the jazz lounge and finds Phyllis.

She assumes there are no good tidings for he and Ashley.

She’d feel bad but he threatened her so no.

tucker and phyllis taunt each other

He points out things all worked out for her.

She wonders what he did to make Ashley dump him.

phyllis caregy about insurance

He doesn’t want to talk about that and brings up the two million dollars that were claimed on her death.

He assumes she’s in a pickle with the insurance company.

Tucker guesses she’s nowhere close to knowing where all her money has gone.

Maybe they can make a deal?

tucker offer phyllis a deal

He offers to pay her debts but she assumes there are strings so turns him down.

Tucker doesn’t need her to die again or anything, he just needs her IT skills.

When she claims she’s working for SNA, he points out that the company no longer exists and Nick and Sharon likely won’t be excited to have her on board.

Phyllis insists she can hustle her way out of this and his help doesn’t help.

She refuses to negotiate but he keeps pushing, sure that she’s curious about what he wants her to do.

phyllis claims she has a job

She spots Jack walking in and sees them together.

Promptly, Phyllis walks over to Jack and tells him it’s not what it looks like.

jack spots tucker and phyllis

“I don’t care,” he bluntly says.

She walks out and he heads to the bar.

He makes it clear to Tucker that he’s glad his hold over Ashley is over.

jack refuses to listen to tucker

McCall insists his love for her is real. “You blew it and that’s real,” says Jack, demanding to know what he’s up to.

Tucker claims he’s only back for his family. Jack hopes so and then trashes him for reverting to form and refuses to hear his side of the story.

tucker claims he still loves ashley

The Abbott tells him to go away and reinvent himself somewhere else, making it clear he will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Phyllis runs into Billy by the exit.

He makes it clear he has no beef with her and tells her not to let the haters drag her down.

billy warns phyllis about tucker

She asks what the deal with Tucker and Ashley are.

Billy wishes that McCall would just leave town and urges her to avoid him at all costs.

phyllis and billy talk tucker

As he heads into the lounge, Tucker bumps into him and says he may be the only Abbott with a level head after all.

tucker tells billy he's level-headed

Billy joins his brother at the bar.

Jack says that he was right about McCall and they need to act immediately.

Phyllis bursts into Sharon’s after sneaking past security and asks where she stands with the company after all the recent rumblings at SNA.

phyllis asks sharon if she's out of a job

Sharon confirms that Adam is out.

Phyllis hopes that their history does not mean she’s now out of a job.

Phyllis heads to the GCAC and corners Tucker.

She asks him what he wants in exchange for his offer.

tucker tells phyllis his offer

They sit in the corner and he explains he needs her to hack into a business and gather some information.

It will be minimal risk to her.

He won’t give her any details until he knows that she’s in.

phyllis and tucker conspire

Mariah and Tessa go back to the tack house and have sex.

mariah and tessa kissing

They lounge in bed and Tessa talks about how hard it was to focus when she was away.

Mariah found it hard to entertain their daughter, who was not impressed by her silly dancing.

They’re both nervous about the appointment tomorrow.

Mariah can’t stop worrying it could be worse than they imagine.

Tessa says they need to do it one step at a time and they’ll be unstoppable together. They kiss.

mariah and tessa worry in bed

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