Adam Kisses Sally, Victoria Worries About Victor’s Mental Health, as Victor Gets His Portrait Out of Storage and Reclaims His Office

Friday Sept 15, Y&R day ahead recap: Victor moves his portrait back into his office at Newman and asks Nate if Victoria will retaliate, Victoria shares concerns about Victor’s well-being to Nikki and Adam and Sally have dinner together.

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: As Ashley Cries to Jack, Abby Discusses Tucker’s Rage With Devon and a Furious Tucker Accuses Ashley of Toying With His Emotions

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 15, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 18. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Victor has the maintenance man bring in his old portrait into his office at Newman Enterprises.

out with victoria's portrat

Victor watches quietly as the man hangs his in its place. 

victor's portrait back at newman

At Society, Victoria tells Nate she’s anxious about her dinner with her mom.

He notes she’s been preoccupied. She’s sorry.

nate questions victoria for lying

This won’t be easy because she’s concerned about her father and thinks Nikki should be too.

Nate wonders if she’s just angry that she’s demoted and wants to get back at him.

She smirks and folds her arms over her chest.

victoria's worried about victor

She denies that. She loves her dad but is troubled he changed the direction he’s taking Newman Enterprises.

It’s not like him to be this erratic. Nate doesn’t find it erratic but she knows him best.

Nikki turns up and Nate swans out for an overseas conference call back at the office.

nikki ready for a dinner meeting with victoria

Victoria relays how worried and mad she is at her dad. She’s surprised her mom isn’t worried about him and his irrational decisions.

Nikki doesn’t see things that way but Victoria thinks he’s incapable of running his own empire.

Nikki rears back in offense. Victoria reminds him of all of the offers he gave to everyone — Nick, Sharon, Adam and Sally, and ripped the rug out from them all.

victoria tells her mom that victor's being erratic

Nikki scoffs that it’s his company but Victoria thinks he’s flexing his corporate muscle to show he can. To be vindictive.

The waiter takes their salads away uneaten and Nikki tells her kid she thinks she’s taking her dad’s decisions out of context.

Vicky knows her mama knows him best. She must be worried about what the stress will do to him.

Nikki is. If any of this costs her her father, it’s not worth it. Nikki promises she won’t let that happen.

victoria worries she will lose her dad

She knows Victor’s going to rely on Victoria and that he misses going to the office and being productive.

They have to wait to see if this affects his health.

If it starts to, Nikki will come “down on him like the wrath of God.”

victoria worries abbot her dad

At GCAC bar, Adam flashes back to his conversation with his father and begins to laugh.

Sally appears and he tells her he remembered a string of arguments he had with his dad over a few months.

adam flashes back to victor yelling at him

She jokes that for a good time, “they always say argue with Victor Newman.”

She knows his heart is broken. He says you’d think so but he’s glad it happened.

He finally got the wake up call he’d been wanting for years. She touches his head.

“No. You don’t have a fever and your complexion looks good.”

sally and adam have a drink

He thinks she’ll be glad he’s going to start being an adult. “Finally,” she says.

He invites her to sit, promising not to read anything into it if she does.

She sits and decides this is a new era for them.

Adam talks about this being a high-stakes chess game.

She calls him out for acting like the old Adam and can tell he’s been drinking for a while.

He admits it. She knows how morose he can get while drinking and asks if he’s eaten.

She’s starved and suggests they grab dinner.

sally tests adam for fever



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Adam and Sally head to a table and order food and champagne.

She’s surprised he’s getting more alcohol.

sally and adam have dinner

They’re pulling for each other’s future. He knows she’ll be brilliant at her design.

He tells her he’s got everything plotted out which makes her worry. He thinks she’s being dramatic.

They boost each other up and Adam says it’s good to hear her laugh again.

She notes they’ve come a long way from losing Ava.

adam and sally feel reborn

He almost feels reborn. She agrees.

They clink glasses and drink while looking into each other’s eyes.

They finish off the champers and Sally is tired so he walks her to her door.

It means a lot that they can talk like this. “I miss my friend.” She misses her friend too. 

sally and adam miss each other as friends

Back at Newman, Victor nods and fists his hands as though glad to be back in power and lifts a glass to his portrait while Nate watches puzzled, from the door.

They talk about his and Victoria’s surprise demotion and Victor says he didn’t make the decision to take the company over because of anything she did. “She did a great job.”

nate watches victor drink

He just “felt like taking over again.” Nate gets it.

It’s his company and he has every right to run it as he sees fit.

Victor fists the air and hopes Nate can help him smooth things over with his daughter.

nate will do anything to make the transition easier

He needs her there. Nate’s sure that Victoria will see things his way soon and he’ll do anything to help make the transition easy.

Victor’s glad to hear it and offers him a drink.

They drink and Victor tells Nate about how stubborn his daughter is, that she started in the mail room.

Nate didn’t know.

He didn’t want people to cry that he spoonfed her.

nate will do anything to help victor

She never accepted a promotion until she thought she deserved it.

Nate grins that she’s her father’s daughter.

Victor asks if Nate thinks she deserves to be in power but Nate only wants her to get past her anger.

He doesn’t want to get in the middle. The Newman asks if she’ll retaliate.

Nate isn’t comfortable discussing that.

nate isn't comfortable outing victoria

Back at the ranch, Victor hugs his baby, Nikki.

They cuddle and she tells him that Victoria had dinner with her and she feels insulted for being demoted. Victor says there’s no reason to be.

nikki hugs victor at home

Nikki knows but she needs time to process it.

Victor hates the rift between them and suggests he delay returning to the office for a month.

It’ll give Victoria the time she needs and they can take a long relaxing trip before their schedules rip them apart.

victor listens to a proposal from nikki

Victoria goes to her office at Newman and finds Victor’s old portrait.

victor newman portrait

Upset, she texts Nate to meet her there before remembering her dad telling her he’s retaking the reins of the company since things seem disjointed around the office.

Nate appears soon after and tells her he was there talking to her dad earlier at his invitation.

She barks, “And of course you accepted.” He’s just trying to keep peace. She wishes him luck and he let her know her dad expects her to retaliate.

She thinks he warned him but Nate didn’t. Even though he doesn’t agree with how she’s handling this.

That disturbs her since she wanted him to come around.

victoria sees victor's portrait

Sally and Adam get to her door at GCAC and he leans in and kisses her.

sally and adam kissing

After a few moments, they part and he apologizes.

It was a mistake. She agrees.

sally and adam after a kiss

He calls it his champagne brain and they pretend it never happened.

He goes to say something and thinks twice before he leaves.

Once Sally’s in her room, she leans against the door.

sally after kissing adam

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