Victor Keeps Secret Who Bought His Piece of Chancellor-Winters, and Tucker Asks Phyllis to Hack Into Billy’s Accounts

Tues Sept 19, Y&R day ahead recap: Billy warns Devon about Tucker, Jack tells Diane they need to let Summer and Kyle sort things for themselves, and Summer and Kyle talk custody.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker offered Phyllis 2 million to hack into a company, Tessa returned, and Billy had a warning for Phyllis.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 19, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 20. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


Billy and Jack arrive at Jabot talking about Ashley.

Tucker has gone radio silence with her. That makes them worried.

billy and jack worry about tucker

One of them needs to talk to Devon ASAP.

Jack is still on the fence about that but his brother reminds him they don’t need to lie or manipulate.

They only need to tell the truth about Tucker.

jack and billy consider going to devon

This is still a bad idea according to Jack. Meddling between a father and son is just not right.

Billy continues unpacking all the damage that Tucker could cause if he stays in town.

His brother asks him to drop this. They will find a different way to drive Tucker out.

billy tries to talk jack around

As soon as Jack exits, Billy sends Devon a text, asking to meet.

billy sends devon text

Devon shows up at Lily’s and she informs him that Victor suddenly wants out of Chancellor-Winters and has already sold off his share in the company to a third party investor.

devon shows up at lily's

This doesn’t make any sense to him. Jill is clueless.

Lily would like to meet with Victor to see if he’ll tell them anything.

She wonders if this has something to do with him taking over Newman again.

lily wonders what's happening with victor

He gets the text from Billy. Devon assumes he wants to discuss Tucker.

Devon admits to his sister that his dad likely isn’t the victim in whatever is going on with Ashley.

He just thought he might want to change for once.

devon doubts tucker

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Veronica Redd is back to Y&R as Mamie



Phyllis bumps into Diane in the dining room at the GCAC.

Diane tries some polite conversation and Phyllis thinks she’s just trying to get on her nerves.

phyllis says she can't handle this today

Diane claims she’s just trying to be civil for the sake of their children.

She blames Phyllis for ruining their marriage and Phyllis rakes up Kyle jumping into bed with Audra.

diane needles phyllis

The redhead can’t handle this right now and promises her daughter she wouldn’t get involved.

Diane is worried her son is hiding from his feelings.

Phyllis agrees it’s all a nightmare.

phyllis and diane argue about kids

DiDi tells her they don’t need to meddle but they could turn on a peaceful front. They start bickering until Tucker wanders in.

“You two are perfect for each other,” Diane snipes, walking off. McCall guesses that wasn’t a compliment.

They get a table and he assumes she wants to discuss his offer. Whispering, she admits she’s interested because she has to pay off the insurance company.

tucker and phyllis talk deal

She wants to know the name of the company he wants her to hack into but assumes it is Jabot.

“Close, but not quite,” he says.

Gradually, he asks her to get him access to Billy’s personal finances but refuses to explain why.

tucker wants access to billy's finances

Squinting, she wonders what this is about. He suggests she retain plausible deniability.

She still needs to know what’s going on but he’s reluctant to tell her anything and reminds her she’s in financial trouble.

phyllis asks tucker for more details

He decides he may have to look for another tech genius.

Before he can walk off, she agrees, but demands half the money immediately. He agrees.

Devon meets with Billy at Society.

The Abbott tells him he hates to do this but he has to warn him that his father is out of control again.

devon meets with billy

Devon wonders what that means so they discuss the breakup with Ashley.

They compare stories and discuss Ashley decision not to break with Jabot.

Ashley was scared by how violently Tucker reacted.

Billy suspects this has all been part of a plot to go after Jabot.

billy tells devon his worries

That all sounds a bit extreme to Devon, who thinks it just sounds like a marital fight.

Lily goes to the Newman offices.

When she spots Victor in his office, she flashes back to hearing about him taking a chunk on Chancellor-Winters.

lily visits victor

She interrupts him and he’s happy to see her.

He’s sure she’s curious about why he sold his stake.

Vaguely, he tells her he had his reasons for it.

She asks why he’s backing out.

victor had his reasons

He reminds her that he stepped in to help repair things between her and her brother.

Now he has problems at his own company he needs to rectify.

She thanks him when he says her father would be very proud of what she’s done with the company.

lily thanks victor

Lily asks who the mystery investor taking his place is.

He explains that he’s not at liberty to divulge that.

The investor wants to stay anonymous for now.

Once all the fine points have been ironed out, they will come out and introduce themselves.

victor tells lily neil would be proud

In his office, Jack flashes back to his recent arguments with Billy and Tucker.

Diane shows up and begins venting about Phyllis.

diane complains about phyllis

He admits he agrees with Phyllis and they shouldn’t get involved with their kids breaking up.

They need to work it out.

All they can do is stand back and support them.

jack tells diane phyllis is right

He reminds her that people meddled in their relationship and it didn’t help.

If the kids belong together, they will work it out.

She gets that and just wishes her son would figure out he’s been insane and come home.

diane wants to help kyle

They both hate the distance that Kyle has taken from them and she worries her son is spiraling and needs help finding his way back.

He repeats they can’t force that and suggests they just have a nice, quiet meal.

jack doesn't want to discuss this anymore

Every time he refers to her as his wife, she falls in love with him again.

When they get to Society, Jack spots Billy with Devon and assumes his brother has gone behind his back again.

jack spots billy with devon

Summer walks into Crimson Lights and spots Kyle with his giant croissant.

She flashes back to him suggesting they move ahead with the divorce.

summer and kyle at crimson lights

Snapping out of it, she walks over. He asks if she got the letter about the meeting regarding Harrison’s custody.

When she sits, he says that Harrison comes first and deserves fully invested parents.

She doesn’t want this to be harder on him than it already is.

Summer wonders if this is them calling a truce.

summer glad the fight is over

They joke about that. Neither of them want to fight.

“Time heals and all that,” he says. She adds being Tucker’s mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

kyle wants peace

She’s relieved that they aren’t doubling down on their resentments and have put all that behind them. He has.

They chat about all the upheaval at Newman and he admits her grandma forced Audra to end things with him.

summer and kyle talk audra

She’s glad that’s over because she’s sure no good would come of it.

If he doesn’t believe her, he can ask Noah.

Summer doubts he ever would have gotten involved with her if she hadn’t hurt him so badly and she’s sorry for that.

She wonders if he can use this as a wake-up call and return to his family’s company where he belongs.

After getting a text about a meeting, she takes off.

summer wonders if kyle will wake-up

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