Y&R Spoilers July 24 – 28: Adam and Victor Argue, Billy and Jack Stage a Fight, and Kyle and Audra Out Themselves

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of July 24?

Y&R Opinion! Our friends over at Y&R Recaps are asking, ‘Should Kyle reunite with Summer or continue his fling with Audra?’

 Victor strikes a deal with Jill.

Victor makes Sally a job opportunity, to run Newman’s new  design division with Chloe.

Sally receives an unexpected opportunity.

Lauren loses her cool.

Audra sees a new side to Kyle.

victor refuses to fold the companies

This week on Y&R!

Jack fumes about Ashley’s plans to undermine Jabot. “I have a plan,” Diane tells him.

diane tells jack she has a plan

“You have our blessing…as long as you stop looking for wedding venues and let Devon and me throw your wedding at the house,” Abby tells Tucker and Ashley.

abby and devon want to host wedding



Monday, July 24

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Diane resigns and Carson is missing

Jack encourages Diane to play dirty.

Diane can’t take it anymore and resigns.

Billy finds Phyllis and chats with her.

Devon and Abby toast the happy couple.

Ashley and Tucker decide to marry at the mansion. 

Heather learns about Carson from Phyllis.

Phyllis hits a roadblock.

Carson goes missing.

diane tells jack she has a plan

Tuesday, July 25

Leanna Love (Barbara Crampton) makes a return

Y&R day ahead recap: Victor threatens to make Phyllis pay

Chance is suspicious of Adam.

Jack encounters someone from his past.

Nick and Sally discuss the future and his family.

Chance and Sharon go out to dinner.

Victor has words with Phyllis about faking her death.

Adam notices Sharon and Chance have a new dynamic with one another. 

Ashley and Tucker have drinks.

Ashley likes that she’s stirred the pot with Jack and Diane.

Tucker doesn’t see Jack having an epiphany with Diane anytime soon.

Phyllis asks where Carson is and Tucker fills her in.

chance interrupts sharon and adam

Wednesday, July 26

Wednesday’s day ahead Y&R: Victor puts Nate on notice

Sally will accept Victor’s offer.

Audra tells Nate to lock Victoria down.

Nick walks in on Nate sitting in Victoria’s chair.

Jill seeks counsel from Victor.

Billy and  Nate share a difference of opinion.

Audra works to impress Nick.

Sally opens up to Adam about their loss.

nate put on notice

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Thursday, July 27

Phyllis reunites with Jack.

Billy takes on a new role.

Lauren loses her cool.

lauren yells at michael

Friday, July 28

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Victor and Adam have a yelling fight

Victor teaches Adam a painful lesson.

Adam tells his dad he hired Phyllis.

Diane celebrates a win.

Diane and Jack marry.

 Diane and Jack consummate their marriage.

Billy and Jack stage a fight.

Ashley’s forced to defend herself.

Abby gives her mom advice.

Kyle and Audra are seen together.

Next week on Y&R!

Sharon asks Mariah if she’d ever consider leaving Jabot to come work with her mother.

sharon wants mariah to work with her

Lily takes off her robe and says, “Since my bowl of fruit wasn’t inspiring for you, you can draw me, instead.” Daniel eats an apple.

lily wants daniel to draw her nude

Billy tells Jack and Diane, “Our sister asked me to join her version of our plan. She wants to be a trojan horse here in Jabot.”

billy tells j ack their plan worked

Adam says, “So what is the real reason you’re here?”

Phyllis says she needs Adam to find something to take Tucker McCall down.

phyllis wants adam's help


Coming up on Y&R the week of July 31!

Nick takes control.

Phyllis takes on a new challenge.

Billy faces a moral dilemma.

Lily surprises Daniel.

lily hears about phyllis in jail

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