Jack and Diane Get Married, Victor Teaches Adam a Painful Lesson as Ashley Spies Audra With Kyle in Public

Thursday, July 27, Y&R day ahead recap: Ashley doesn’t want to hear Abby’s psychoanalysis, Jack and Diane get married and consummate their marriage as Victor and Adam have a difference of opinion. 

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Phyllis Wants Leverage on Tucker while Billy, Diane and Jack Kick Their Plot Against Ashley Into Motion

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for July 27, 2023 episode airs in the USA on July 28. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley starts clapping and calls what Diane’s going through a charade.

Billy tries to give his opinion and Jack says he doesn’t want it. Billy thinks his eyes are closed. Jack yells at Ashley for doing business with ‘this creep’.

jack and diane talk wedding day

He motions to Tucker. “I’m just standing right here.” Traci overhears and races into the room, demanding to know why her siblings can’t have one conversation without tearing each other apart. Ashley thanks her and goes.

Tucker follows and congratulates Jack and Diane on the way out. Once they’re gone, Billy and Jack share a sly nod.

tucker's just standing there

In bed in her suite at GCAC, Audra and Kyle make out. She knows eventually they’ll have to limit these escapades and do some work. He kisses her.

They’ve all afternoon to work. She says they need to bring their A-game for the next few months.

Adam’s trying to make the company redundant.

audra and kyle make out in bed

Kyle’s confident that since he beat Adam once, he can do it again.

Later, they’re dressed and Kyle says he played the long game and forced Adam out of Jabot, calling the man one with daddy issues who self-destructs.

Audra didn’t know he had a ruthless streak. She likes it. They make out.

kaudra close in her room

At the ranch, Adam can’t believe his dad wasted no time in telling Victoria about his new company. “Of course I did,” Victor says, removing his glasses. She’s the CEO. Adam says Nate’s backing Audra.

Victor doesn’t think that matters but Adam claims he told him in confidence.

He took away his power and gave it to the enemy.

victor tells adam off

Victor looks at his son like he has two heads. “What’s the matter with you?” He tells him he can’t collaborate if he keeps bulldozing over everyone he assumes is the enemy.

It’s not productive and if he keeps it up, he’ll need to change his son’s perspective.

He needs to be put in his place, and taught humility because he can’t find it on his own.

victor yells at adam

Victor yells that he’ll put the breaks on this entire endeavor. “That’s it!” He yells. Adam looks perturbed.

Is he going to throw him out of the family and pull the plug on Adustus?

Victor claims he’s never thrown anyone out of the family, nor would he. Adam snorts that from his side, that’s not how it looks.

adam yells at victor

Victor argues that he’s broken his heart when he’s left of his own accord.

Adam’s tired of crawling back to Victor after their fights. Victor yells that he’s tired.

He’s tried to create harmony in this family and all Adam does is rebel. He’s tired of this! He won’t pull the plug but he’ll change Adam’s involvement. He’s stepping in to protect Adam from himself.

Adam says the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and hoping for a different income.

victor rails on adam

Victor asks him to meet him halfway but Adam says it’s his dad’s way or no way at all. Victor has always wanted his son to stop fighting him. “I run this company! I run this family!” Victor bellows. He wants his son to get rid of his anger and resentment toward him for growing up without a father. He blames Hope.

adam asks his father if he let go of newman would things change

Not himself. Adam says what if he says he’s right and he’ll let go of Newman Media.

Will the deal go through with him still attached as planned? Victor thinks he’s paying lip service to what he wants to appear and when reality sets in, he’ll come up with another scheme.

Adam asks if this is a farewell drink then. Victor says no. It’s a warning with a caveat. He’ll put the companies together, and Adam Nick and Sharon work under his tutelage.

He’ll dictate terms. He wants to ensure they can create unity. “Wow. How lucky could a black sheep get,” Adam quips. But he takes his father’s terms. He also tells Victor he offered Phyllis Summers a job as head of IT. 

victor yells that he's head of the family

Once Adam’s gone, Victor gets dressed in sportswear and goes to his punching bag where he works out, working off some steam.

victor uses punching bag

At the lounge at GCAC, Abby wants to talk about wedding plans but Ashley says she had an unpleasant afternoon with Jack, who is about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

It’s infuriating. Abby says it’s not sudden and is more like what she and Tucker are doing. Ashley doesn’t like the comparison. 

ashley had a bad day

Her brother’s about to throw away his life. Abby makes light of it but it’s about the company. “Our family’s company.”

Abby asks why that’s a concern. She’s starting her own business. She thinks her mom is holding on to the anger like a blanket and psychoalayzes that she’s angry with herself.

Ash scoffs and doesn’t want to hear it. She and Tucker love one another. “Fine,” Abby says.

She’s not sure what to believe. Maybe her instincts are not to trust Tucker and to put this thing on pause.

abby thinks her mom doesn't trust tucker

Nearby, Tucker stops Billy, surprised he’s not at Jack and Diane’s wedding.

Billy claims it pisses him off “because my brother is losing his mind.” Tucker agrees. He goes to Ashley and tells her he and Billy were commiserating.

Billy denies it. Everything he does is about the people he loves. Tucker nods. He’s sorry he’s not seen as part of Billy’s family. Billy says he doesn’t see Diane as part of the family either.

Abby gets up. She has to go. She hugs her mama and asks her to consider her words before she leaves.

tucker surprised billy not at wedding


Back at the manse, the padre is there and about to marry Jack and Diane.

Traci’s the only one in attendance. Diane and Jack flash back to first meeting again after she was found to be alive.

They flash through their whole relationship and Diane says she wanted to be his wife for so long and finally, they’re in the moment they’re supposed to be in.

diane and jack get married

“You and me, together at last.” She laughs, shocked it was possible.

She vows to make their home a sanctuary and never imagined she could be this happy.

She tears up and professes her love.

Traci grins madly. Jack admits he thought that sharing his life with a partner was over.

jack gets married

What they have isn’t traditional but that’s how he likes it. He calls her his life and his heart.

He loves her. She hands over a small bouquet of white flowers and when asked if Jack takes Diane to be his wife, he says, “I do.”

Tearfully, Diane also says her I dos.

They’re pronounced husband and wife and share a kiss.

diane kisses jack married now

Back at home, Jack and Diane kiss and discuss dinner and dancing, but first, Jack wants sex with her. They make out.

jack and diane home after wedding

Jack and Diane roll around in their bed upstairs, kissing and having sex.

Afterward, Jack decides he wants to stay in bed with his wife and not have dinner or go dancing. She thinks it sounds amazing but wants to go out.

jack and diane sex after marriage

She thought he’d want to rub it in his sister’s face. He thinks she’s right. They need to escalate things.

It’ll make things more important. Billy needs to get on the inside with Ashley and Tucker to figure out their plan for Jabott. Diane asks if he’s okay with this. He is. She knows they need to stop Ashley or they’ll never be free.

jack and diane bed

Jack’s dressed when he heads downstairs later. He runs into Traci and thanks her for coming to the wedding. She’s grateful he asked her to be there.

She finds their love genuine and is glad to see him happy. He wishes the rest of the family saw this. Traci’s sorry.

traci sorry to jack

She hates that the family is at odds. Jack is too and thinks things might get worse.

Traci needs to prepare herself. Diane appears on the stairs in a grey sparkly dress. “Wow,” Jack says, taking in her beauty. 

diane beautiful grey

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Back at GCAC, Abby walks by Kyle and Audra who decide they don’t care who sees them. They’ve nothing to hide. Tucker and Ashley watch and he shrugs off what she’s seeing. He says it’s two co-workers having a drink.

ashley and tucker spot kyle with audra

Ashley doubts that. When Billy finds them at the bar, he’s shocked Kyle wasn’t there to support his parents on their wedding day. Kyle couldn’t get away. Billy gets snide. “Wow. Must be a busy man, Kyle.”audra and kyle go public

Jack and Diane arrive, not expecting to see Kyle. She didn’t want him around for this but they refuse to call it off.

Tucker watches. “This is when the fun begins,” he tells his fiancee. Ashley strains her neck to watch her brother and his new wife waltz in.

ashley snoops

Jack and Diane talk to Billy and Kyle about being no-shows at the wedding. Kyle had meetings and says some were cancelled so he and Audra decided to have dinner.

Billy tells the room that his marriage was a mistake. A joke, really. Diane’s not a changed, woman. “Your own son didn’t even show.”

jack and billy fake argue

Kyle asks him not to drag him into this. He supports his parents. Kyle thinks his uncle is out of line.

Jack tells Billy to leave. Ashley doesn’t like this and wants to leave but she and Tucker can’t tear their eyes away from the display.

The siblings argue and Billy thinks he’s going to tear this family apart. The men fake argue more and Kyle gets between them. Billy takes off and Kyle’s sorry that happened. So is Jack. Tucker says, “Hey Jack, looks like the rants are jumping ship!”

Ashley says the walls are crumbling around them and they plan on being the final wrecking ball. Tucker and Ashley leave and Jack takes Diane away, not happy about how they spent their wedding night.

billy vs kyle and jackCBS

Ashley finds Billy at Crimson Lights and asks what they’re going to do about Jack.

ashley at crimson lights

Next week on Y&R!

Sharon asks Mariah if she’d ever consider leaving Jabot to come work with her mother.

sharon wants mariah to work with her

Lily takes off her robe and says, “Since my bowl of fruit wasn’t inspiring for you, you can draw me, instead.” Daniel eats an apple.

lily wants daniel to draw her nude

Billy tells Jack and Diane, “Our sister asked me to join her version of our plan. She wants to be a trojan horse here in Jabot.”

billy tells j ack their plan worked

Adam says, “So what is the real reason you’re here?”

Phyllis says she needs Adam to find something to take Tucker McCall down.

phyllis wants adam's help

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