Y&R Spoilers Sept 11 – 15: Jack Takes Ashley’s Distress Call, and Tucker Confides in Devon

Full list of spoilers for Monday, September 11 to Friday, September 15.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of September 11?

Victor decides he’s taking over as CEO of Newman Enterprises and demotes Victoria. She will be co-CEO now and refuses to accept the humiliation of being demoted.

Tucker returns home from his honeymoon without Ashley and Abby asks what’s going on. 

Tucker fumes that Ashley’s considering launching their new company and refuses to discuss it. 

“Why did you come back from Paris alone? What the hell did you do with her?” Abby demands from Tucker. Tucker dismisses her, which makes Abby even more want to know what happened.

Tucker loses his temper and becomes very angry with Abby. 

tucker with abby in his room

Nikki gives Adam 24 hours to end whatever he is plotting against his father.

If he doesn’t, she swears he will regret it.

nikki tells adam to stop his shenanigans

Victoria tells her father that they have an important empty chair to fill at Newman.

“I have decided who to put in that chair and it ain’t going to be Nate Hastings,” Victor says.



Monday, September 11

Y&R day ahead recap: Nick makes an announcement

Adam receives a wake-up call from Victor.

Nick offends Sally.

Nick won’t return to Newman.

Adam tells Victor he wants to work his way up Newman.

Sharon wants Nick to work with her.

Mariah gets a pep talk from Sharon again.

Nikki keeps Nate on his toes.

Nick and Sharon’s bonding over work bothers Sally.

nicks weighs his options again

Tuesday, September 12

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker tells Heather he may need a lawyer.

Jack and Diane set a date.

October is when Jack thinks they should have a wedding party. 

Phyllis wants to set Heather up with Daniel and Summer back with Kyle and neither wants that.

Phyllis interferes in Summer and Daniel’s personal lives.

Billy apologizes to Diane.

Diane wears purple.

Tucker’s home and Audra pesters him until the tells her why.

Tucker flashes back to the honeymoon.

Tucker thinks he’ll need a lawyer if Heather is sticking around Genoa City.

Audra won’t get involved. 

ashley and tucker honeymoon

Wednesday, September 13

Tuesday’s day ahead Y&R: Tucker and Audra hook up

Nikki threatens Adam.

Adam tells Esther he deserves Nikki’s wrath.

Victor demotes Victoria.

Victoria fights with her dad.

Nikki’s worried when she comes upon her husband and daughter in a fight.

Sharon notices a connection between Summer and Chance.

nikki tells adam to stop his shenanigans

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Thursday, September 14

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker and Audra reveal a new plot

Jack calls a family meeting.

Billy plans to outsmart Tucker.

Daniel worries his mom is back to meddling. P 

Lily confronts Daniel about Heather.

Tucker makes a deal with Audra.

tucker is cagey with phyllis


Friday, September 15

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker rages and Ashley cries

Ashley makes a distress call.

Jack’s upset by Ashley’s call.

Tucker confides in Devon.

Tucker tells Abby it’s over. All of it is over.

Abby says to Devon that Tucker went into a rage when she told him she changed her mind.

Abby says it’s better Tucker showed his true colors sooner rather than later.

Audra changes the rules of the game with Kyle.

Kyle’s confused by Audra.

Kyle lies to Billy.

audra explains kyle situation to nate

Coming up the week of September 18!

Victor loses patience with Victoria.

Phyllis makes a dangerous deal, forming an alliance that leads to more harm than good. Someone from her past resurfaces when she needs a friend the most – Danny Romalotti.

Lily learns disturbing news.

Nikki gives Audra a difficult assignment.

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victor assures audra she'll have a position

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