Tucker Tells Audra Why He Returned From His Honeymoon Alone, Billy Does a 180 and Phyllis Meddles

Monday, September 11, Y&R day ahead recap: Ashley and Tucker’s honeymoon takes an interesting turn; Phyllis interferes with Summer and Daniel’s personal lives.

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(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 11, 2023 episode airs in the USA on September 6. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis meets Summer at Society.

She gushes over how great her kid looks and asks how her trip was.

Summer calls it amazing.

phyllis lunch with summer

She was in Milan buying fabric and it was inspiring.

She saw a new collection taking shape. Phyllis is glad to hear it.

Summer’s finally moving on from Kyle.

Being in Italy helped release her sadness while she was there.

She’s moving on but Phyllis doesn’t listen and tells her it doesn’t have to be over.

summer and phyllis talk about daniel

Does she really want to let him go? Summer reminds her of how her last obsession ruined her life.

Phyllis just doesn’t want her mistakes to be the cause of her divorce.

She claims this is about her daughter’s happiness but Summer doesn’t believe her.

She’s trying to alleviate her own guilt.

phyllis will try to be good she says

When Phyllis brings up the possible Daniel Lily and Heather triangle, Summer asks her not to get involved.

Phyllis won’t and talk turns back to Kyle.

She again thinks Summer and Kyle belong together but Summer is free and moving on.

She wants her mom to focus on her life and moving on.

Phyllis vows she will. She asks if she can give her a ride home but Phyllis is meeting her lawyer.

“Mom. Really?”

summer asks her mom why she's meeting heather

Daniel sees Heather at Crimson Lights. She just missed Lucy.

She’s glad to hear that he’s in a good place.

He hopes his mother didn’t put her on the spot too much about moving back to the States.

heather and daniel at crimson lights

She tries to be diplomatic. Daniel knows that they have a life in Portugal.

Heather says Christopher started making demands of her workload and pushing for children.

She wasn’t sure if she was ready and would ever be with him.

daniel says they are always famly

Lucy liked him but saw him as temporary.

She’s hopeful that they’ll be a family again.

Daniel says they’ll always be family. Heather thinks Lucy needs to hear that.

heather talks about wanting to stay in genoa city

She admits she’s not sure she wants to go back to Lisbon. Phyllis has got her thinking.

She may look for a new practice in Savannah or here in Genoa City.

This surprises her ex. When she tells him she’s meeting his mother, Daniel worries it’s to play matchmaker with them. 

heather meeting with phyllis and daniel has an issue with it

Audra finds Tucker already back from his honeymoon at GCAC lounge and asks why he’s back so soon and where Ashley is.

tucker alone after honeymoon

Tucker’s not in the mood and doesn’t want to discuss it.

She calls herself his only friend and urges him to talk to her.

He didn’t realize the hold Jack had on Ashley was so strong.

He and Ashley had an argument.

audra finds tucker alone upset after honeymoon

“Maybe it was a little more than an argument,” he reveals when she pushes.

She asks what it was about and he yells at her and then apologizes for taking it out on her.

He has a lot in his head.

Diane wanders into Jack’s office at Jabot in purple.

He hands her the save-the-date card for their wedding party.

diane in purple with jack

They make out. He’s excited and asks about early October.

It’s soon she admits but he says it’ll be dazzling and will reflect on them.

jack's tied the knot date

Billy sits at Chancellor Park alone and rehashes how he wants Diane out at Jabot.

He leaves.

billy alone on park bench

Billy winds up at Jabot and apologizes to Diane and Jack and being unsupportive.

She appreciates him saying so.

He wanted to protect Jabot.

billy apologizes to diane

He started to buy into what Ashley was saying and couldn’t sleep last night.

He felt he was falling into his own mindset and swore to Jack when he took this position that he wouldn’t let it happen.

Diane and Jack take partial blame.

They decide to celebrate at the club.

billy sorry to diane as a threat




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As Tucker apologizes to Audra at the club, Billy, Diane and Jack arrive and Tucker shoots them a look.

When they approach, Jack asks where his sister is.

tucker yells at audra

Tucker jumps up and bites, “Ask her yourself.” He takes off and Billy asks Audra what’s going on.

Audra doesn’t want to get involved and leaves.

Jack calls and leaves a message for Ashley.

audra keeps tucker's secret

The trio speculates what’s going on and Jack says they know how dangerous he can be.

Diane suggests they keep their eye on the man.

She goes and Jack wants to talk about his brother’s about turn.

He’s glad to have him back.

They shake on it and Billy takes off with Jack looking concerned. 

jack and billy and diane shocked ashley is not home


Summer runs into Daniel and Heather at Crimson Lights.

She’s glad to see her before she goes back to Portugal.

Heather takes off and Daniel tells his sister that she’s headed to see their mom.

summer sees daniel and heather

She knows and talks about their mother’s mission to save her marriage.

Daniel thinks it’s the least she can do. Summer says it’s over and not something she can fix.

Daniel didn’t know she was capable of that much awareness.

Summer lets him know that she is playing matchmaker with him and Heather.

Daniel’s worked hard to be with Lily and wants to be friends and co-parent Lucy.

Summer says they have a big problem because their mom is trying to fix their lives. They agree to stop her.

summer and daniel don't want their mom's help

Abby sees Diane in the park and thanks her for saving her mom’s life.

Diane downplays it. She’d have done it for anyone. They discuss the fight between Jack and Ashley and how it’s better.

Abby thinks her mom being in Paris with Tucker means she’s letting go of the resentment.

Diane’s face falls. She admits Tucker is back and her mom is still in Paris.

Abby’s not happy to hear that and when Diane leaves, she calls her mom and leaves a voicemail to see what’s going on.

abby talks to diane in park

In his suite at GCAC, Tucker thinks back to Ashley telling him she loves him in their suite after the wedding.

He drinks and then flashes to their honeymoon where Ashley was thinking of Jack. 

tucker alone thinks of ashley

She tells him about their huge blowout fight years ago and how Jack came to Paris to talk to her.

She’d taken her patents with her. Tucker recalls reading about it.

He asks if now that she’s talked about Jack they can leave it alone.

She gave him a look that he didn’t like. 

ashley and tucker honeymoon

Tucker strolls into Society. Phyllis thought he was on his honeymoon.

“Good for you,” he says, strolling to get his food from the bar. Heather arrives and he asks if she’s staying in Genoa City.

She’s considering her options. He says if she is, he’ll need a good lawyer.

heather is told by tucker he'll need a good lawyer


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