Luna’s Nervous When RJ Tries Looking Her up Online, Hope Seduces Thomas & Ridge and Eric Agree To Let the Buyers Decide Which Collection Is Best

Thurs Sept 14 recap of B&B: Ridge loves Eric’s new dress design, Thomas and Hope make out, and Luna’s secretive when it comes to RJ.

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Ridge Reacts to Eric’s Warning While RJ Meets the Intern Who Takes a Cryptic Call

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge continue to talk about Eric and RJ’s new line.

Ridge wonders how his dad got RJ to design.

He sure never got the kid to do it.

ridge at forrester creations being mocked by brooke

Brooke says he was quite pushy and lowers her voice to sound like Ridge as she mocks the many times he pushed RJ into designing.  

Ridge calls his dad the master and thinks his dad should start a mentorship.

Not a new line. There’s no room for one and he needs to find a way to put an end to this grand finale.

Brooke asks how but he’s not sure yet. With love and kindness?

The couple cannot get over RJ designing. It could be a new beginning for a new chapter in his life. 

ridge mocked by brooke logan

At Eric’s, RJ thanks Eric for letting him help him bring his vision to life.

Eric thinks his grandson’s a natural and is grateful he’s following in his footsteps and giving him the energy to create this final line.

ridge and eric being watched by luna

Nearby, Luna stares at the duo happily.

Eric welcomes Luna to Forrester and leaves with Donna.

luna gazes at rj and eric lovingly

Luna knows she’s just an intern but calls his design fire.

RJ appreciates it. She calls it sweet seeing him work with his granddad. RJ confesses he was nervous when she watched him sketch. It was a first for him.

She giggles and says she likes being behind the scenes. He works well with his grandfather.

He figures he lucked out on this and talks of his memories of watching his father and grandfather designing for hours.

luna loves rj's sketches

“Yet, you’re so normal,” Luna says with a smile. They share a laugh.

He starts to look her up online to see which account of his she’s following and she tries to stop him, becoming obviously nervous.

He notes she’s got a private account. He likes how mysterious it is.

rj  gets personal with the new intern about how she's private on social media

In the design office, Thomas sketches and then stares at Hope and Brooke’s photo before flashing back to making out with Hope.

thomas thinks of hope

She wanders in with a garment bag and tells him she wants to try the gown on and get his thoughts.

hope with a garment bag at forrester creations

He asks if it’s the number 5 with added straps and she locks the door and starts removing her dress.

hope getting naked for thomas

Underneath she has a sexy little number.

Thomas’ eyes follow her moves.

hope removes a dress for thomas

Once the gown is on, Thomas touches the fabric to see the fit and Hope touches his face before they start making out, frantically.

thomas and hope making out

Once they break apart, he says he’s always enjoyed fittings.

She calls it a long wait.

She could feel her heart racing while he fitted her.

hope and thomas making out in the design room

They kiss some more.

She takes Thomas’ shirt off and asks him if he can handle this.

He nods before they kiss some more.

hope seducing thomas forrester


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RJ arrives at the Forrester CEO room and greets Brooke before he talks to Ginge, (Oliver Bell) about increasing Dawn and Theodore’s hours for the next few weeks and letting alterations know they’re exclusive to Eric.

ginge the intern with RJ at forrester

Ginge agrees to it and asks if he’s going to drop new content soon.

It’s been a week.

RJ’s been busy.

rj and ginge the intern

Ginge goes and Brooke says she likes seeing him around there.

She admits Ridge knows he’s working with Eric.

RJ knows he should talk to his dad but Brooke says he’s off to see Eric.

brooke admits she told ridge rj is designing with eric

Back at Eric’s place, he views his newest sketch. Ridge turns up and understands he’s coming after him.

Eric says he must have spoken to Brooke.

eric's new design

Ridge uses sarcasm to remind his father that they have a company where they can sketch.

When he looks at the new design, he’s blown away by how beautiful it is.

He succeeded at getting RJ to pick up a pencil. Eric loves it too.

eric doesn't want his dress in ridge's line

Ridge calls that an Eric Forrester signature and thanks his dad for mentoring his son.

He asks if Eric will let him put them in his collection but Eric’s not interested.

“This is my line, Ridge. Not yours. This is my grand finale.”

Ridge takes another look at the gown and Eric hopes he’s not going to give him tips.

ridge not happy his father won't put his design in his new collection

That’s not what Ridge was going to do but Eric gets ruffled and tells him he won’t talk him out of doing this new line.

Ridge wishes Stephanie was here. “Why, so she could gang  up on me too?”

Ridge holds his father’s face and says, “Nobody’s ganging up on you, you crazy old loon.”

So she could see his passion and desire, however misguided it is.

ridge says they will settle their issues on the runway

He says fine — he can do his collection and they’ll settle it on the runway.

Let the buyers decide whose they want.

They shake on it.

ridge and eric look at eric's sketches

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