Victoria’s Furious When Victor Takes Back Control of Newman and Vows to take Him Down While Tucker and Audra Hook Up

Tues Sept 12, Y&R day ahead recap: Abby confronts Tucker about her mom, Summer thinks about Chance, and Audra tells Nate to get a backup plan.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker Tells Audra Why He Returned From His Honeymoon Alone, Billy Does a 180 and Phyllis Meddles

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 12, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 13. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Adam and Esther argue about what he did to Chloe.

She believes people can change but lectures him for wasting all of his second chances.

No wonder no one ever thinks he will change.

esther lectures adam about chloe

“I’ll second that,” interrupts Nikki, asking for a word with him in private.

esther lays into adam as nikki arrives

They get a table and she tells him she’s heard all about his mea culpa performance.

Victor may be desperate to believe he’s sincere, but she thinks this is just another hollow attempt for him to change.

adam tells nikki he's changed

She’s sure he’s out to screw his father over again.

Nikki warns that she will make it her mission to destroy his life if he tries to pull that.

He better back the hell off.

nikki warns adam she will destroy him

Adam asks for a chance to prove her wrong about him but she’s done with chances.

He has 24 hours to drop his scheme or he will regret it for the rest of his miserable life.

nikki grills adam

She storms out.

As he heads out, he runs into Esther, who comments on Nikki tearing him apart.

He claims that only made him more determined to continue down his path.

esther snarks at adam

Esther says if the new path leads him out of town they will throw him a parade.

He gets a text and runs off.

Sharon and Chance are in the park discussing how well everything is going with the company.

She suggests he take some time off to go with her on a trip.

sharon asks chance to take time off

He offers to look into it.

As they sit, Summer spots them.

summer spots chance and sharon

She interrupts and the cop welcomes her back, saying she seems a lot better.

She says that Milan was a great success and thanks him for being such a good friend to her.

summer tells chance how much he helped her

She tells him about her cathartic rollercoaster ride.

The cop is glad he could be of service.

summer interrupts chance and sharon

As the ladies chat about Kirsten, Chance gets a text about his possible job promotion and has to go.

He tells Sharon he will have to take a raincheck on her invitation.

That makes Summer smile.

Chance takes Sharon off to Crimson Lights to get her bag while Summer flashes back to meetings with Chance and sighs.

Abby bursts into Tucker’s suite at the GCAC and demands to know what’s happened with her mom.

abby demands to know where mom is

He claims that her mom is fine and stayed in Paris to think some things through.

He insists he did nothing to hurt her.

She refuses to accept that’s it.

He admits Ashley is reconsidering a business venture with him.

She assumes he did something to inspire that.

Tucker insists that he did nothing diabolical, but neither she nor her mother seem to think he can change.

tucker tells abby her mom stayed in paris

McCall says he has limits and they are pushing them.

She follows him down the stairs, demanding information.

abby demands answers from tucker

He admits he thought her mother could extract herself from the Abbott clan.

It turns out he was wrong and now he’s alone and heartbroken.

Tucker points out that he doesn’t handle that well and warns her and her family to stay away from him.

tucker warns abby to stay away

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Veronica Redd is back to Y&R as Mamie


Victor stops by his daughter’s office at Newman.

She assumes he’s there to discuss Nick decision not to return.

She can’t believe her brother didn’t trust Nate but he still trusted Adam.

victor isn't doubting adam

She hopes that Adam hasn’t told her father his old sob story about being neglected etc.

Victor thinks his son has actually changed this time.

She suggests they not wait around to see what his sons will do and promote Nate to Co-CEO.

victoria thinks all the nate doubts is wrong

He points out that Nate already has great power. Victoria has every faith that Nate can fill the vacant position.

Her father corrects her and says, “It ain’t gonna be Nate Hastings.”

Victoria threatens to walk out if he’s planning to make Adam her co-CEO.

That’s not his plan. He wants his son to work his way up from the bottom.

She’s not convinced but asks who the co-CEO will be.

“You,” he explains, adding that he will take over the reins.

victor tells daughter who will be co-ceo

Victoria takes this as a demotion and insists that her work has been exemplary.

Her father concedes that and starts playing with his phone as she asks questions.


She wonders how she didn’t see this coming and complains about his random power moves.


Raising his voice, he tells her that things have become too disjointed so he’s taking back the company that he built.

When she protests, he declares that he doesn’t give a damn what she thinks.

victor tells victoria he will take over

She storms out.

Nikki arrives and worries about what just happened.

nikki walks in on victor

She’s shocked when he tells her about his decision to take over.

She wishes he’d told her and worries about what the stress could do to his health.

victor didn't tell nikki his plan

He thinks not working there stresses him out more.

Adam arrives and asks if he can clear up a misunderstanding of Nikki’s.

adam determined to prove himself

He knows she has every reason to doubt him but he’s determined to prove he can fall in line and serve his father.

Nikki doesn’t look convinced.

Nate joins Audra at the bar in the jazz lounge.

She complains about working for a woman who wouldn’t let her guard her purse.

audra and nate at the bar

He knows they both have a lot of work to do to win her over.

She wonders why he’s in a good mood and assumes that he is going to be offered the second-in-command position at Newman,.

He says that will be the logical move. She wonders if he really thinks it will be that easy.

audra is giving negative vibes

Nate’s confident that he has made great strides convincing Nikki of his sincerity.

She suggests he face the fact that Victoria will not side with him over her parents.

He’s not sure where all this negativity is coming from. Audra suggests he find a backup plan.

He will never be a Newman and make it into the inner circle.

audra and nate discuss his position

Tucker shows up and comments on how creepy it is to see them always together.

Audra tells him it’s called friendship.

McCall says friendship is built on trust and you can’t trust anyone.

tucker mopes to audra

Nate notes that the last time he saw him, he looked like he was on top of the world and now he seems ready to blow it up.

Audra suggests he go off and meditate so he can calm down and realize the universe has other plans for him.

Nate gets a text from Victoria and has to run.

audra advises tucker be careful

Tucker warns Audra that she is in over her head with Nate.

She senses things went south with Ashley and tells him whatever he’s planning is a bad idea, especially if it’s about Jabot.

Audra cares about him and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

He thanks her and gives her a peck on the cheek.

Tucker returns to his suite and has a drink.

He almost sends Ashley a text but stops himself.

audra almost sends text

Audra arrives. He strokes her face and kisses her forehead.

They kiss.

audra and tucker kiss

Nate joins Victoria at the bar and she informs him that she’s been demoted.

He asks what she will do.

victoria vents to nate

She has no idea. At the moment, she’s too angry to decide anything.

victoria tells nate she's been demoted

They head to a suite, ripping off each other’s clothes.

nate and victoria make out

After sex, they relax and she says she will fight her father.

She’s determined to find a way to prove he’s not up to running the company.

victoria and nate in bed

At the Chancellor estate, Mariah thanks Devon for letting her stay but wonders if it was a mistake to take Aria away from her home. She worries that she’s disrupted her life too much.

He assures her that her daughter loves her and knows that.

He’s sure Mariah is just feeling overwhelmed and scared but wherever she is will be home for Aria.

mariah worries about aria to devon

Abby blows in with heavy sighs.

The baby starts crying so Mariah rushes off.

mariah and devon see abby

Devon asks Abby what’s going on.

She knows something happened between their parents but doesn’t know what it is.

She’s sure it is all Tucker’s fault.

abby is unamused

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