Tucker and Audra Plot Against Jabot, Billy Plans to Outsmart Tucker & Daniel Worries Phyllis is Meddling with His Life

Wed Sept 13, Y&R day ahead recap: The Abbotts panic about Tucker, Tucker and Audra entertain their possible collaboration, and Lucy asks Daniel if there’s a chance he could reunite with her mom.

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Victoria was furious when Victor took back control of Newman and vowed to take him down while Tucker and Audra hooked up.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 13, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 14. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Abby rushes over to the Abbott estate to worry to Jack and Diane about her mom.

She fills them in on what Tucker told her.

abby worries to jack and diane

Jack has tried calling his sister but she hasn’t responded. She’s not responding to Abby either, who is sure this can’t be good.

Diane thinks it’s all strange and Jack is sure McCall must have done something awful. He suspects something is in the works.

diane suggests ashley could have dumped tucker

Abby explains Tucker claims that Ashley hurt him.

Diane wonders if she realized that marrying McCall was a mistake.

All of this makes Jack wonder if Tucker is angry and preparing to retaliate against them.

jack thinks tucker could be out for revenge

Traci and Billy arrive, surprised to hear that Tucker and Ashley have already split up.

traci and billy hear ashley tucker split

The details are scarce but Jack thinks they should all be on alert.

They speculate on what McCall could be plotting.

traci has some doubts

Billy announces he has an idea that could solve everything.

Tucker already thinks that they are at odds. They need to exploit that.

billy announces he has a plan

Jack can see the logic but worries this might not be the way.

His brother says he can sidestep Tucker.

Abby points out Tucker burns everyone he plays with.

Her uncle repeats he can handle this.

jack and abbotts worrying about tucker

Traci and Abby file out to try and contact Ashley.

Diane agrees with Billy that they should let him try to get something out of Tucker.

traci billy jack ponder plot

Jack asks his brother to be careful and looks worried.

In bed, Tucker and Audra relax in bed after sex.

He teases her about spending her nights with Kyle. No wonder she came to him.

tucker teases audra about kyle

She insists this id just a one-time thing. He assumes she plotted this and wants some pillow talk about his marriage.

She’s guessing that whatever happened with Ashley must have been pretty extreme for them to have ended up in bed.

She’s even wondering if he’s feeling vindictive enough to go after Jabot.

audra and tucker pillow talk

Tucker asks what her angle in all this is. She’s just wondering what’s made him revert to form.

He’s sure she’s actually doing recon work and asks if there are problems at Newman, admitting that he has some “plans.”

Would she consider working with him again?

They could give each other what they want. Stroking her hair, he says they always pull back together.

audra and tucker talk in bed

She claims she would need to trust him more. Things have changed.

He regrets hurting her but they are always painfully honest with each other.

“I want to know your agenda,” she says.

Once he gets his robe on, he explains that he and Ashley have irreconcilable differences.

He’s determined to go back to the plan he had when he first came back to town. He’s going after Jabot.

tucker in robe

She fills him in on having to make her relationship with Kyle a secret.

Audra explains that if she agrees to work with him, she needs something.

audra asks tucker for something

She fills him in on what a mess things are at Newman and how Nikki is her new boss.

She’s already been demoted and it’s precarious.

Audra needs a back-up plan in case it all falls apart. She needs to work with someone who she doesn’t always have to prove herself to.

He thinks that could be him at Jabot. If he does after the company, she’s willing to be all his.

robed audra back-up plan

After he gets dressed, he says it will be fun to work together again and her relationship with Kyle could be useful.

audra tucker reunion

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Phyllis and Heather are winding down their lunch at Society.

Heather is impressed she hasn’t mentioned Daniel.

heather and phyllis talk daniel

Phyllis claims she’s learned her lesson about meddling and doesn’t want to break up her son and Lily.

The lawyer asks how serious she thinks that relationship is.

phyllis claims no meddling

The redhead admits she has mixed feelings about it but Daniel says he’s happy.

He and Lily have a pretty bad track record though.

Heather points out things with her and Daniel didn’t end well either.

His mom thinks that was all his fault but he’s been working on himself.

The lawyer is happy he’s in a better place. Phyllis asks if she’d want to be back in his life if he was open to it.

phyllis thinks lily and daniel won't last

Although Heather appreciates her concern, she tells her that she needs to accept whatever her son chooses.

Phyllis doesn’t want them to make a choice out of fear. She wants to help.

“I urge you to stay out of Daniel’s private life… and also stay out of mine,” Heather says, getting up and going.

heather and phyllis discuss lily

Daniel and Lucy are in the park. She doesn’t want to talk about school while she is still in Summer Zen mode.

lucy tells dad would move back

Her father asks if her mom mentioned she was considering not going back to Portugal.

Lucy explains they wanted that to work and it was great at first until it wasn’t.

Things went south with Heather’s new boyfriend.

She’d be more than okay with coming back to the States but asks how her father would feel about it. He’d be thrilled and hopes her mom finds happiness wherever she can find it.

She’s sure her mom feels at home there. Her father makes it clear that if she does, that doesn’t mean they will get back together.

Realizing her mom has told him she wants this, she gets embarrassed. Daniel tells her it’s okay.

daniel tells lucy he's not getting back with her mom

Sometimes things don’t work out and you can’t go back. She assumes that means he’s happy with Lily.

He is and assumes Lily is too.

This time around it feels new and special.

His daughter wonders if there would be a chance between him and his mom if he wasn’t with Lily.

daniel and lucy talk heather

Daniel is just happy that her mom is civil to him. Lucy is sure her mom knows he’s doing better.

He doubts that’s enough. Her mom saw the worst side of him and will always wonder if that will come back.

Lucy keeps pitching a possible reunion and he reluctantly admits there could be a little chance if Lily wasn’t around.

lucy pushes reunion

When she smiles about that, he starts to worry. She assures him she won’t go all parent Trap on him.

Heather pops up to say that she needs to get back to the office is Lisbon immediately.

She also needs to talk to them about possibly moving back to the States.

heather tells lucy they have to return

When Lucy steps away, Daniel asks Heather if his mom did something.

Heather says his mom loves him and didn’t step out of line.

That makes him worry.

daniel asks heather about his mom

The parents tell their daughter there is a lot to sort out and organize.

He hugs his daughter.

Lily shows up at Daniel’s suite after he sends her an urgent-sounding text.

They make out.

daniel and lily kiss

After sex, they relax in bed and she wonders if he’s okay.

He wants to be totally honest.

He gets the impression his mother is meddling and trying to reunite him with Heather.

She knows his mom likes to meddle, but thinks that his ex might have feelings for him.

She’s really awkward around her.

lily and daniel talk about his mom

He finds that hard to imagine after what he put her through.

Lily suspects she sees him as the man she used to want him to be.

Even if it were true, he says, it wouldn’t matter because they are together now.

She can understand if he’s feeling conflicted since he’s not in a bad place anymore.

When he asks if she’s worried, she kisses him.

daniel lily talk about heather

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