As Ashley Cries to Jack, Abby Discusses Tucker’s Rage With Devon and a Furious Tucker Accuses Ashley of Toying With His Emotions

Thurs Sept 24, Y&R day ahead recap: Kyle tells Billy he can’t help him spy, Devon asks Tucker what happened with Ashley, and Ashley tells Jack Tucker hasn’t changed.

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Tucker and Audra plotted against Jabot, Billy planned to outsmart Tucker, and Daniel worried Phyllis was meddling with his life.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 14, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 15. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

When Kyle walks into the GCAC, he’s surprised to see Tucker and Audra walking down the stairs together.

He asks why McCall is back and where Ashley is.

kyle bumps into tucker and audra

McCall claims Ashley is busy with business in Paris and he came back to sort some of his own. He wanders off.

audra and tucker make excuses to kyle

Kyle suggests that he and Audra fill up the time before their meeting.

She’d loved to spend “quality time” with him but has to make some calls.

Besides, if they are supposed to be secret, they shouldn’t be meeting at her suite.

audra tells kyle she's busy

After she exits, Billy strolls in and tells his nephew they need to talk about Audra and Tucker.

kyle cornered by billy

They go down to the lounge for coffee and Billy tells him he’s sure something “not good” is going on and McCall is acting “off-kilter.”

billy asks kyle to spy

Kyle sensed that he was on edge, but how does he fit into this?

Billy knows he has a personal relationship with Audra and asks him to get some information from her.

Kyle refuses to be a spy.

kyle refuses to spy for billy

Billy suspects that Tucker could be plotting against Jabot or the family.

That will affect Kyle too.

billy tells kyle his suspicions

This is all vague to Kyle, but he’ll admit that seeing Tucker and Audra rekindling their friendship bugs him.

He adds he’s not intimate with her anymore so it’s unlikely she would confide in him.

At the Abbott estate, Diane complains to Jack that it’s like they are stuck back in time.

They are still worrying about what Tucker has planned.

jack worries about tucker to diane

She suggests they go back to enjoying their post-wedded bliss.

They make out.

Jack isn’t afraid of Tucker.

Having Diane’s love makes him feel invincible.

His wife tells him she can count on him. He knows.

diane tells jack he can trust her

When he’s left alone, Ashley calls and tells her brother that everything has changed.

ashley calling from paris

As she sips some wine, she tells her brother that she’s realized she couldn’t walk away from Jabot and the family.

When she told Tucker she was having second thoughts about their business, he accuses her of playing with his emotions and pulling the rug out from under him.

ashley with phone and wine

Tearing up, she claims she had a moment of clarity where she realized he may not have really changed at all.

She can’t live with that.

After he gets off the phone, Diane returns and Jack fills her in on the call.

diane listens to jack vent

He’s thrilled his sister has come to her senses but hates the way Tucker reacted and that he hurt her.

Jack is sure that McCall is nothing but trouble and is relieved his sister is on the same page about it.

Diane is happy that he and his sister are in a better place. She’s rooting for the reconciliation.

So is he. Their relationship has always been complicated and fraught with competition.

There have been times they never thought they’d repair things.

He assures Diane that he doesn’t hold her responsible for this latest feud.

Besides, her saving his sister’s life made this reconciliation possible. They hug.

jack is angry about tucker

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At the Chancellor estate, Abby worries to Devon about her mom not calling back.

He assures her all will be okay.

Tucker will be there soon and he’ll find out what’s going on.

abby worries to devon about mom

Once she leaves, Tucker arrives and his son immediately asks him what’s going on with Ashley.

tucker is asked about ashley

McCall flashes back to being in Paris with Ashley, where she told him all about what a huge part of her life Jabot was.

He thought she’d realized she could move on.

ashley tells tucker how important jabot is

She thought that she could but she and her brother reconnected.

That reminded her that Jabot is her lifeblood.

It makes sense that she always goes back.

The company is part of her and she can’t break that tie.

tucker and ashley in paris

Tucker tells Devon that everything went wrong.

They’d made plans for their own new company and she suddenly decided she’s not interested.

They had a bad fight and he doesn’t think they can roll it back.

devon asks his dad what happened in paris

Devon suggests he’s blowing this out of proportion. Is there something else he did?

His father insists he did nothing wrong. He was sure that his love and commitment to her would be enough.

He flashes back to arguing with her over chocolates about how she dropped him out of her decision-making. She threw away all they discussed for months.

tucker feels like she's changed

Devon doesn’t know why he’s not working this out.

McCall feels like he can’t compete with the “Jabot lifeblood” and he’s sick of trying.

He offered her a new life and she just was not interested.

When he accused her of walking away, she refused to accept that was the case.

His son tells him that if he’s just having a fight with Ashley, that’s okay.

But if there’s more to this, that’s a different story.

Abby arrives. Her mom called her and said that Tucker disrespected her feelings. Now it’s all over.

upset abby talks trash to devon

Her mom made it clear she should be worried about how unpredictable and angry Tucker is.

He’s already broken her mom’s heart.

Tucker insists it’s the other way around. But it is over and he’s done. He walks out.

tucker tells abby that this is ashley's fault

Neither of them were expecting this. Devon says his dad seemed to be in real pain.

He fills her in on what Tucker said. They compare stories and she explains her mom realized Tucker is as manipulative as ever.

Abby doesn’t know why she is so surprised but it’s better this is happening sooner rather than later.

abby and devon worry about what tucker is doing

She feels like she should have trusted her own instincts and known that Tucker was just using her mom.

None of this makes sense to Devon. He thinks it could just be a misunderstanding.

She’s sure her mom wants to be back at Jabot but she can’t come back now because it would be throwing a grenade into the middle of things.

Ashley is sure that Tucker is planning something vindictive. She knows he’s been terrific to Dom. That’s why Devon wants to give him teh benefit of the doubt.

When Tucker gets back to the GCAC, Billy tries to sympathize with him. He knows his sister gets volatile and tells him that Jack tends to turn the cheek about it.

billy tells tucker ashley pisses him off

It pisses Billy off and he finds is unacceptable. Tucker asks what he wants.

tucker tells billy to get to the point

The Abbott is trying to get a lay of the land. Laughing, McCall tells him how predictable he is.

Billy worries that if Ashley comes back there will be sparks and that will be bad for the company.

He still thinks he’s the most level-headed person to run Jabot. “Good for you,” says Tucker, walking off.

Tucker goes to his suite. He calls his wife and leaves a message, lecturing her for telling her daughter that he is the problem.

tucker leaves ashley angry message

He offered her the world and she threw all that away after leading him on with promises of a bright, beautiful future.

After throwing the phone down, he picks it up and calls again, asking where it all went wrong.

Billy goes to the Abbott estate and tells Jack and Diane he couldn’t get information out of Tucker.

billy jakc diane talk tucker

His brother informs him of Ashley call and her desire to return to Jabot. Billy is taken aback.

They talk about Tucker’s agenda and anger. Jack says they have to stop him from destroying everything they care about.

billy jakc diane talk tucker

Next week on Y&R!

“Are you suggesting that we have dinner together?” Adam asks Sally. “Apparently I am,” she confirms.

adam asks sally to dinner

“This is too serious a game. I need to know the name of the company,” Phyllis tells Tucker.

phyllis makes a deal with tucker

Lily informs Devon that Victor has pulled out of Chancellor-Winters and already sold his share to a third-party investor.

Devon asks who and Lily has no idea.

devon asks who bought chancellor stock

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