Nick Offends Sally, Nikki Suggests That Nate Step Down, and Nick Shocks As He Announces He Won’t Return to Newman

Friday, September 8, Y&R day ahead recap: Adam tells Victor he wants to work his way up, Sharon urges Nick to consider what they could do, and Mariah gets another pep talk from her mom.

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Victor gave Sharon Kirsten with no strings, and Kyle offered to return to Jabot if Jack fired Billy.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 8, 2023 episode airs in the USA on September 11. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


Victor shows up at Adam’s apartment. His son is expecting he’s there for a victory lap or an apology.

Victor claims he’s only there as his father.

He wanted to see how he’s doing.

victor annoyed adam taking no responsibility

Adam doesn’t understand this. His father is appalled he doesn’t seem to be taking any responsibility he caused at McCall-Kirsten.

Slumping in a chair, Adam agrees that he’s right that he burned things down on his own.

His father says it never should have come to this.

adam thinks his dad there to gloat

Adam wishes he’d never agreed to his proposal in the first place and saw that he was giving him something he didn’t deserve.

He should have let himself be corrupted by the Newman world.

Victor feels like he’s getting blamed.

Adam says that’s his default position. He knows he’s let him down every time.

He can see what the good thing to do is but always has to test fate.

They always end up back where they started.

This is all frustrating to Victor. He loves him but wonders where they can go from here.

victor frustrated by repetition

As they mull things over, Adam suggests that he try treating him as someone new and force him to work his way up from the bottom. He needs to let him rise or fall on his own merits.

adam suggests he start from the bottom

If he could do that, maybe he could win his siblings around and they could have family unity,

His father can see his seriousness but thinks they have a problem.

He can admire him wanting to change but his darker side always returns and undoes everything.

victor is impressed if adam has changed

Adam insists that it will be different this time because he’s changed. He has nothing to lose.

His father will have to think about this. As he goes to the door, he tells his son that he’s impressed if his intentions are sincere.

At Society, Sharon tells Nick that it’s now like all the problems they had with Adam are gone.

They can go back to what they planned for Kirsten.

sharon nick and sally discuss his future

They talk about his possible new position at Newman.

She senses he has reservations about that and urges him to follow his instincts.

He’s still annoyed by his sister taking advantage of his situation but he could go either way.

Working with his sister could heal the tension between him and he could keep an eye on Hastings.

nick weighs his options for sharon

If he doesn’t go back, all hell could break loose. She points out his family will have to sort themselves out at some point.

It’s not like they’ve reciprocated his loyalty.

She tells him he can’t always save the world. If he wants to do some good, he can work with her.

sharon tells nick he doesn't have to save his family

He’s not ready to make this decision and needs to think. Sharon leaves to see Mariah and Aria.

Left alone, Sally assures Nick she doesn’t have a problem with him working with his ex and will support whatever he decides.

sally and nick talk about pain

Nick keeps weighing up his options. the topic of Adam comes up. She can’t help but worry about how devastated he must be.

The Newman hopes his brother finally learns some humility. Sally thinks that’s cold.

He knows losing the baby was hard, but his brother has created a lot of bad karma.

She stops him and asks if he’s implying Adam deserved that loss.

nicks weighs his options again

Nick didn’t mean that but she doesn’t know the level of damage that Adam has caused.

It’s inevitable that he suffer.

She points out she’s harmed people too so has her pain been inevitable?

He asks to change the subject.

nick and sally discuss suffering

They talk about her new interior design firm. He’s sure she has massive success coming her way.

Sally glumly returns to her suite and starts working on some designs.

sally glum in suite

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In her office, Nate welcomes Victoria back.

She vents about having unpleasant encounters with her father and brother since she got back last night.

He’s glad to hear that’s all it was.

He worried she was still avoiding him.

nate welcomes victoria back

She thought they were in a good place and tells him to stop wondering.

Throwing her arms around him, she kisses him.

nate and victoria kiss

That convinces him that all is well.

He admires the way she’s been handling all the moves in the company. She and her father have talked things out and are in a good place.

She’s sure Newman Media will soar with Adam out of the company.

Nate’s more concerned about the tension Nick will create between them.

Nikki interrupts. She fills them in on moving things to her new office and how confused the staff is by all the recent upheaval.

nikki interrupts nate and victoria

Nate smarmily tells her how relieved people must be to have her back in command.

Nikki makes it clear that things won’t be settled until Nick is in her old position.

nikki tells victoria she wants nick in her position

Victor shows up, wondering where his son is. Nikki suggests that the best way to bring Nick back is to have Nate step down from his position.

Victor thinks they need to wait until they hear what their son has to say.

victor and nikki think nick should come back

After Victor and his daughter leave for a meeting, Nikki asks Nate what he would have done if Victor had agreed with her.

He assumes she’s asking if he would do the noble thing.

nikki suggests nate step down

She wouldn’t have used the word “noble.” Nate claims he would have.

She thinks he’s smooth.

nate asks nikki what he has to do

He says that’s easy when it’s true. Nikki suspects his “truth” is just whatever he thinks will suit the occasion.

Nate asks what he needs to do to prove he’s sincere.

She suggests he step down of his own volition. He doesn’t see the point in doing that now.

nikki and nate talk trust

Nick goes to the park and thinks back to the first day he spent working with his father.

That was one of the proudest moments in their lives.

Nick promised not to let him down.

nick first day at newman flashback

Then he flashes back to when he and Sharon bought the coffee house and went into business for themselves.

nick sharon flashback coffee house

Adams strolls over and says it looks like he has a lot on his mind.

Nick says that’s because of him.

adam claims he's changed

Adam gives him his earnest congratulations on his new position at Newman.

His brother doesn’t believe his new Zen act.

He’d have to pull a Tucker and go to a mountaintop for that.

nick adam bicker in park

Adam says he’s told their father that he’s willing to work from the bottom up. His brother is sure that Victor ate that up.

Their father is the one person who believes he’s redeemable.

That’s something Adam has come to doubt.

adam says they have a chance to change

Nick tells him how frustrating he is. It would be cool to have a brother he could trust and be normal with.

His brother claims that things have changed.

Their father has set the stage for them to figure out who they are and what they want.

nick wishes he had a normal brother

Adam goes to see Sally in her suite.

He picks up one of her drawings and asks if this is really happening.

He’s happy for her and he predicts she will knock it out of the park.

adam stops by to see sally

Sally thinks he needs something too. He tells her not to worry about him. She does.

He claims he has a plan and he’s close to making it happen.

adam and sally with her sketch

Sharon stops by the Chancellor mansion to check on Mariah, who tells her that she made a mistake by agreeing to stay there while Tessa is gone.

She feels like Aria is disoriented there.

sharon visits mariah at chancellor estate

Her mom assures her she didn’t screw up and babies are adaptable.

Aria will be fine. Sharon is more worried about Mariah, who she knows is understandably scared about her daughter’s condition.

mariah worries to her mom about aria

She assures her that she’s a good mom. They discuss how uncertain the future is. Sharon is sure she has been trawling the internet for worst-case scenarios. She needs to take things one step at a time.

They’ll get through this with patience, love, and optimism.

Everyone keeps telling Mariah that and she wants to believe it.

sharon gets mariah to calm down

However, she’s surrounded by what-ifs. She needs a distraction from all this anxiety so she asks about the business.

It startles Mariah to hear that Victor has given her back the company with no strings.

This means Sharon will be counting on her to help run the company.

sharon tells mariah adam won't be at the company

She adds this has also freed them of Adam. “Thank God,” says Mariah.

Sharon will be doing this on her own unless she has Nick by her side.

Nick goes to Newman and announces to Nate and his family that he is not coming back.

He’s going to work with Sharon instead.

nick announces he's not returning to newman

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