Young and Restless Spoilers March 15-18, Rey’s Life is Turned Upside Down

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Young and Restless spoilers for the week of March 15-19.

Last week refresher!

Summer and Kyle almost fell out of their chairs in horror watching Sally and Jack kiss, Sally and Jack went on a few dates and seemed to get closer. Ashland and Tara Locke came to town. Ashland received all of the companies who wanted to bid on Cyaxeres Media — Adam and Victor, Billy and Lily, and Victoria with whom he hit on during the business meeting. Sharon noticed a few items went missing from her house, while Chelsea, who can stand and talk, and apparently walk, gave Chloe a bag of ‘items’. Possibly those items from Sharon’s? And Sharon worried Faith has Bipolar like her, while Faith kept receiving creepy texts from some guy. Meanwhile, Devon and Elena had sex while they were trying to get closure, Rey and Sharon had their first therapy session and afterward, Rey became quite ill. Could his illness have anything to do with Chelsea’s plan? We can’t see them doing a COVID storyline.

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of March 15-19

Monday, March 15

Y&R recap – Nikki warns Adam. (Note to readers, these are Y&R Day Ahead recaps. They’re written the day before they air in USA and go live around 5:30 PM EST – 5:45 PM EST. We have a LINK ONLY Policy. Please do not steal the content and post it elsewhere. Thank you!)

Nikki puts Adam on notice.
Chelsea sends mixed messages.
Victoria comes clean with Billy.

Tuesday, March 16

Y&R day ahead recap – Elena fantasizes.

Interview with Sharon Case! About Shadam and working with Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman).

Jack plays hardball with Ashland.
Elena fantasizes that Amanda caught her with Devon.
Amanda finds Elena’s bracelet in the sofa.
Nate is done with Elena and dumps her.
Amanda calls Devon’s bluff.
Kyle is on a collision course with his past.
Summer puts Tara on warning.
Ashland notices that Tara’s staring at Kyle.

Wednesday, March 17

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Amanda dumps Devon!

Victor empowers Adam. The two share a touching moment.
Nate tells Amanda he let go of Elena.
Amanda wants answers and goes to Devon to ask if he had sex with Elena. He admits he did – twice.
Rey’s life is turned upside down.
Lily confronts Victoria but doesn’t actually say anything about Billy.
Nikki pesters Victoria for answers and finally learns that Vikki admitted to Billy she loves him.
Ashland meets Phyllis.

Thursday, March 18

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Adam and Victor celebrate their win!

Y&R poll. Sally vs Phyllis!

Mishael Morgan emergency surgery – photos.

Billy receives shocking news.
Victoria is crushed.
Nikki supports her daughter.
Chloe helps Chelsea pull off a scheme.
Phyllis corners Sally.
Sally and Jack share a moment.
Ashland and Tara leave Genoa City, but not before he spots her talking with Kyle in hushed and angry tones!

Friday, March 19

Young and the Restless is pre-empted due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Basketball.

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