Young and Restless’ Mishael Morgan Shares Emergency Surgery Photos

Y&R actress resting after eye surgery.

Mishael Morgan’s busy on Young and the Restless with Amanda Sinclair’s storyline front burner as she just learned that Devon (Hamilton, Bryton James) cheated on her twice with Elena (Dawson, Brytni Sarpy). Amanda broke up with Devon, but it remains to be seen whether or not Devon can convince her to give him one more chance.

In Morgan’s real life, the actress posted a notice to her fans that she spent some time in emergency surgery on her eyeball. “So this happened! Emergency eye surgery not fun; but saving my vision, rocking a new sexy pirate look and one crazy story for the books… pretty fun! #blessedandgrateful #outofcommission #piratelife” She has a before and after style photo of her cringing and them smiling.

Brytni Sarpy replied after seeing the image, “Wishing you the speediest recovery 🖤😉”, while Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) sent a heart and kissing emoji.

Morgan didn’t give the reason behind the surgery but Soaps Spoilers wishes her a speedy and easy recovery. Let us know your thoughts on how calm and boring Amanda’s break-up with Devon was and why we wanted more.

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