Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Amanda Dumps Devon — & Rey’s Hospitalized

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Tuesday, March 16, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, March 17. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Elena learns Devon still wants to work things out with Amanda, Adam and Victor share a moment, and Rey gets sicker.

Victor drops by Adam’s to discuss the pitch. He’s complementary but says that even if this doesn’t work out, there will be other opportunities. Adam’s surprised Mumbles wants to continue working with him. “I do.” Victor says and calls Victoria’s attempt to acquire Cyraxeres behind his back a bad idea. Adam kind of respects her for what she did. Talk turns to Adam’s upbringing. Victor has respect for how he has turned things around for himself and he’ll never turn his back on him, ever. Adam wants to prove to everyone that his dad’s right about him. Victor says he believes in his son.

victor wants work with adam again young and restless

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From home, Sharon calls Nate to tell him that Rey had a bad evening. He’s not getting better and she’s afraid he’s getting worse. Faith eavesdrops as Nate tells her he’ll expedite the bloodwork. If anything changes, she should get him to the hospital. Faith appears and Sharon thinks it’s the stomach flu but she’ll stay with him just in case. Faith gets a text from the unknown texter that reads, “Good morning,” with a heart emoji. She smiles and texts back that they’re making it good.

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From Society, Ashland takes a call from his son Harrison as Phyllis watches. She introduces herself as the owner of the hotel. “Phyllis Summers.” She’s heard of him stirring things up since he’s been in town. Ashland loves the hotel and says it’s a shame he won’t be there for longer.

ashland meets phyllis young and restless

At Chance Comm, Lily talks about a certain writer’s work. She wants to give Traci some guidelines but Billy has no focus. He can’t help but obsess over Ashland not calling yet with his decision. Lily calls him out on thinking of Victoria and her confession. Billy says he’s got nothing to hide. He minimizes it and that irks Lily. Billy says he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, so what does it matter? Lily says he let this become more because part of him was enjoying having those warm, family moments. Lily thinks he should take time to examine his feelings. He doesn’t need that. “I love you,” he says. She wants time apart outside of work and walks off.

lily accuses billy thinking victoria young and restless

In their office, Nikki asks what’s going on with Victoria. She finally confesses to her mom that she professed her love to Billy. She’s angry with herself for losing control. Nikki says not to be. “This is love. You two share children. You have a long history.” Victoria’s annoyed with herself and needs air. She takes off. Jack arrives and they discuss Ashland not getting back to them yet. If it doesn’t work out, Jack wants to know what happens next.

nikki wants answers from victoria young and restless

Amanda finds Nate at Crimson Lights and learns he broke off with Elena. Amanda’s shocked and assumes Elena’s still in love with Devon. Nate refuses to get into details. Outside, Lily runs into Victoria. It’s awkward as they discuss Ashland making his decision today. Lily wants to know what’s behind her decision to try to acquire Cyraxeres. Victoria thinks it has potential. Lily thinks she wants it because someone else might get it. Victoria denies it. “It’s important to me, and you know that.” They go back and forth like this for a while until Victoria walks out.

Elena drops by Devon’s and tells him that Nate dumped her. They talk about what they’ve done to everyone and he hands her the bracelet that Amanda found. Elena steps back in surprise. He says he hasn’t told Amanda anything. Elena doesn’t think it’s necessary since they’re not reuniting. Devon fills her in on what happened and says he doesn’t want to mislead her. He feels like he should see where it goes, “Like you did with Nate.” Elena says she guesses they shouldn’t have tried for a second chance. Devon retorts that he didn’t know that’s what they were doing. Elena hopes he gets all the happiness he deserves and leaves. Amanda turns up. She wants answers. She knows something is going on with Elena. He admits yes. She says she knew it. “You slept with her, didn’t you.” She realizes it’s not the first time. Devon reveals that yes, it happened once before. She turns to go but he has more to say. He’s sorry. “It’s all good. Because now I know who you are and it’s going to be so much easier to get over you.”

devon dumped by Amanda young and restless

Jack leaves Chance Comm as Lily returns. She reveals she ran into his ex. They rehash Victoria’s feelings for him and how he can’t control those. “I don’t want to go backward,” he tells Lily. He’ll do what he can to earn her trust. Lily says he’s not getting it. Victoria basically told her she’s coming after him.

Nikki runs into Victoria’s office when she returns and comments on how miserable she looks. Victoria says she ran into Lily and they talked about business but Lily didn’t mention his name. The thing is, it’s obvious that she was staking her claim. Nikki starts to lecture her kid but Victoria doesn’t want to hear it. After Ashland accepts her offer, she’ll figure out what to do.

Elena goes to Society where she sees Lola and shares that she has lost both the men in her life. She blames herself but Lola urges her friend not to. Maybe it’s for the best.

lola advice for elena young and restless

Phyllis rushes Amanda as she comes in, happy to see her. Amanda is upset that she’s made terrible choices when it comes to men. “Okay, we all do that until we stop doing it.” Amanda calls herself hopeless. She wasn’t hopelessly in love with him – yet, but now she looks like a fool. Phyllis calls her incredible. Devon’s the fool. Devon arrives and asks her to hear him out. Phyllis makes herself scarce. In his suite, Ashland calls Tara to tell her to consider coming back to the hotel soon. He’s made his decision. He texts Adam, Billy and Victoria. He’s made his decision.

Later, Rey wakes up and asks for soup. Later, he dreams and thinks he’s on the job. Sharon’s about to call the paramedics when he stops her. Sharon tells him she’s taking him to the hospital. He gets up to go and passes out. Sharon calls an ambulance.

rey passes out young and restless

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