Ciara Calls Claire Names for Stealing Her Boyfriend Tripp & Thinks Ben Wants to Murder Her

Wednesday, March 17, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ciara doesn’t remember who Ben is to her, Allie seems nervous about new information that is found in Charlie’s case, and Kate is jealous of Gabi again.

At the DiMera mansion, Jake wakes up to Gabi leaning over him on the sofa. He reminds her they’re through. She asks if it’s really what he wants and he looks at her sexy outfit and sighs. She almost kisses him when Kate wakes him up. She notes that he said Gabi’s name in his sleep. He tells her he can’t control what he says in his sleep. Kate comments that they argue a lot about Gabi, whose name is brought up a lot. Jake’s done with this. Kate asks if they’re done. Jake says no but that he spoke with her and doesn’t think Gabi’s going to get in their way anymore.

gabi sexy outfit days of our lives

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Tripp drops by Rafe’s to see Ava. Now that Sami Brady has been charged, they can go back to their lives. Ava says they can’t yet. Gabi appears, grumpy and in need of coffee. Ava ate the last bagel and that makes Gabi angrier. She bitches about how Ava’s walking around like she owns the place. Charlie’s dead, he’s no longer a threat and she asks why Ava’s still there. Her brother doesn’t need to be around a Mafia Princess who probably killed her own kid in cold blood. “No offense to my big brother but the Salem PD never gets it right.” Plus, she saw Ava leaving the house the night Charlie was murdered. She doesn’t like Ava living there so she decides to leave. Ava tells her son she cut ties with her mafioso life, even Angelo, because of Nicole’s influence. That’s why she can’t pay her rent and is living with Rafe still. Tripp understands. He’s proud of her.

At the square, Rafe tells Nicole that forensics says there’s new evidence that points to another suspect. Nicole begs for information but Rafe’s not talking. Nicole’s no Sami fan but she loves Allie and it’s tearing her apart that her mom is in jail.

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At the hospital, Claire asks Allie outright if she murdered Charlie since she talked about murdering him the night he was offed.  Allie asks if she thinks she’d let her mom rot in jail if she did it. Claire says that’s not an answer. Allie can trust her. She too wanted Charlie dead. “I won’t tell a soul if you did this.” Allie looks about to cry. Henry’s sitter Linda had an emergency and she has to go home. Meanwhile, in Ciara’s room, she doesn’t recognize Ben as her husband but as the Necktie Killer. “Did you break out of Bayview to come kill me? Am I next?” She asks in a panic. Ben tells her he loves her and she loves him. He’d never hurt her. She tries to get out of the bed and calls for help. Kayla arrives and tries to calm Ciara down. She asks Ben to go and he cries. He goes to Claire and explains what happened. Claire’s so sorry. She tries to comfort him but it doesn’t work. He’s beside himself. Back in Ciara’s room, Ciara asks Kayla what’s going on. Kayla asks her to take deep breaths. Kayla thinks Ciara’s missing some memories. Ciara asks what she’s not remembering and Kayla lies. She’s not sure but they’ll do tests. Kayla appears by the hub and says Ciara’s calmer. Ben wants to see her but Kayla says now isn’t the right time. She sends Claire in and tries to calm Ben down, reminding him that he’s kept the faith this long. In Ciara’s room, Ciara calls Claire “that bitch who slept with my boyfriend Tripp.”

ben upset ciara can't remember who he is to her days of our lives

Nicole and Allie arrive home. Nic tells her that Rafe has new information in Charlie’s murder case. Allie looks worried.

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Rafe walks in on Kate and Jake kissing at home and tells Kate that forensics are through with the gun that was involved in Charlie’s murder and have learned it’s hers. The serial number matches. Kate says it’s impossible. Hers is upstairs locked in a box. Jake suggests she call a lawyer but Kate goes to get her gun with Rafe while Jake recalls Kate considering murdering him herself. He runs hands through his hair and whispers, “Oh man.” Kate and Rafe return with a box and she gives him the code to enter to get inside. When he opens the box, it’s empty. Kate’s face drops. It was stolen. Jake says they’ll make a list of names of those who go in and out of the rooms at the house for him and then tells Kate to stop talking without her lawyer. Kate urges him to dust for prints and he takes the box and goes. Kate’s pissed that she was accused of murder. Jake reminds her that she did say she had half a mind to get her gun and hold Charlie accountable. Kate says she didn’t do it. He asks if Lucas did. Kate snorts at that but recalls Allie knew where her gun was. She says nothing.

rafe wants kate's gun days of our lives

Rafe takes Kate’s box to SPD and considers Kate’s words that the gun was stolen. Rafe recalls Allie stole Kate’s gun once before.

At home, Allie thinks back to opening Kate’s safe and getting out her gun. She was wearing a fluffy white sweater.

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