Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Elena Fantasizes Amanda Catches Her Kissing Devon

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Monday, March 15, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, March 16. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Amanda isn’t happy with Devon, Elena fantasizes about Devon, and Sharon calls for a doctor.

At their suite, Kyle and Summer talk about Harrison. She doesn’t want him to look back on his son with regret. Kyle argues that the kid has two parents who love him.

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At home, Sharon calls for a doctor since Rey won’t go to the ER and is still very sick. His legs and feet feel as though they’re on fire.

At home, the sofa is a shambles from Devon and Elena having sex on it. Amanda notices and thinks he needs a housekeeper. She straightens up and finds a bracelet. Devon thinks it must be Elena’s. Amanda’s surprised they still hang out. She thought it was nice that they were friends but when she spoke with Nate, he told her they’d hit a rough patch. Amanda knows Elena has a secret and is commiserating with Devon over it. She asks what’s going on. Devon looks uncomfortable. He admits he felt betrayed by Elena but he realizes he played a big part in that. He was spending a lot of time with Amanda. Elena thought there was more to it and given the direction that their relationship took, he can’t say she was wrong. He tells Amanda that he was looking for closure. Amanda says she’s jealous and takes off.

devon with amanda young restless

Nate meets Elena at the cafe. Elena realizes to herself that she has lost her bracelet. Sharon calls Nate about Rey’s illness. She tells him Rey doesn’t want to go to the ER so Nate says he’ll be right over. He tells Elena they’ll talk later because there’s a lot that needs to be said. He takes off to Sharon’s. Lola turns up. It looks like Elena could use a brownie. “Spill.” Elena says one word. “Devon.” She can’t figure out why she’s being so selfish and careless. Lola goes and Elena flashes to making love with Devon. Later, she has filled Lola in on sleeping with her ex, Elena cringes. Lola is trying not to judge but she’s way too smart to let this happen again. Elena then fantasizes that they’ve reunited and are kissing when Amanda walks in on them, ranting that she knew something was happening between them. Elena starts a new fantasy where Nate is telling her that Devon’s a part of her past and that he’s what she needs in her life. “Be with me.” She asks, “How?” He tells her to let go of the past.

At Society, Ashland introduces Jack to Tara. Jack recalls meeting her through Kyle. Jack goes to Abby and learns about the surrogacy.  Later, Summer and Kyle are seen by Jack and Ashland as they arrive for food. They try to get away but Ashland says Jack was just singing his praises. He looks forward to working with him. Kyle jokes that he thinks his brother Billy will be the one to buy Cyraxeres. Ashland finds him amusing. Summer and Kyle go to check on their take out and Summer leaves while Kyle orders. Abby asks about how things are going. Kyle says he and Summer were doing well and then things spun out of control but they’re back on track. Abby’s glad for their happy ending. She talks about her husband complicating their lives just when they were having a surrogate child together. She tells him to hang in there and “Go ahead and put a ring on it.” Kyle grins. When the time comes, he’ll let Abby know. “There’s no way I’m letting Summer go again.” Summer finds Tara in the hall outside the restroom and stops her to tell her that she and Kyle don’t keep secrets from each other.  Tara couldn’t care less and asks, “What do you want?” Summer wants to know what Tara wants. Tara’s traveling with her husband and is no threat, but she says Sally Spectra is. Tara says she’ll manage her own affairs and suggests Summer do the same. She goes back to the men and stares at Kyle. Ashland notices. When Kyle turns up to say goodbye, Ashland stares at his wife and Kyle as they talk.

ashland stares tara young and restless

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Nate arrives at Sharon’s and shares his symptoms. Nate tells Sharon to make a list of everything Rey has eaten. He’ll draw blood and figure out something. Sharon worries it’s something neurological. Nate says to take it one step at a time. He takes some blood and goes. Sharon checks on Rey who is sorry for raising hell about seeing a doctor. “Someone has to counteract your stubbornness,” she says. They say I love yous and he rests.

rey sick sharon young and restless

Nate arrives at Crimson Lights to see Elena. He tells her he’s moving on. Whatever they had is over. He takes off, leaving her furrowing her brow.

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