Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Nikki Has a Warning for Adam, While Chelsea Sends Sharon a Shocking Message

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Friday, March 12, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, March 15. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Victoria doesn’t want Nikki’s sympathy, Chelsea sees her doctor, and Sharon gets Rey soup for his mysterious illness and runs into Lola.

In her office, Victoria admits she’s in love with Billy still. She says she shouldn’t have said anything because it’s irrelevant. She doesn’t expect him to return the sentiment and won’t interfere with his relationship. Billy thought she had moved on. She tells him she only wants the best for him. He believes her. He wants to continue the discussion but she gives him the heave-ho.

victoria admits loves billy young and the restless

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Traci shows up at Chance Comm to update Lily on her New York trip, which was fantastic. She found wonderful writers for their short fiction platform. Lily’s excited. But Billy’s not there. Lily’s tired of Victoria being around, “All the time.” She’s sure she has ulterior motives. Lily thinks she sounds nuts but tells Traci about the bidding war. “She’s trying to stay on Billy’s mind.” He brought her up in the middle of the pitch and then stayed behind to talk to her before her pitch. Lily thinks Victoria can’t let Billy go. Traci thinks it’s natural to feel that friction between them. The situation breeds insecurity and jealousy. She urges Lily to talk about this at length with Billy. Later, Traci goes as Billy arrives. They agree they need to have a talk and Billy shares he was with Victoria and that there’s something complicated they need to discuss. He says Victoria was trying to stop the war between him and Adam by pitching Ashland. Lily gets it. Billy was insulted though and confesses that she’s still in love with him, but she isn’t going to do anything about it. Billy says it doesn’t matter. He’s in love with Lily.

lily talks with traci young and the restless

At home, Chelsea flexes her fingers while Adam’s looking in another direction. He tells her things are turning around for them both. He can feel it. Chelsea says to herself that it’s turning around alright. “If you only knew.” Adam says his meeting went well and Ashland was impressed. Inside, Chelsea thinks Adam will regret not appreciating her when he had the chance. The doctor arrives and the doctor is happy to see that Chelsea’s eyes are bright and alert. Adam leaves them. They chat for a bit and when the therapist leaves, Chelsea stretches and uses her tablet to send Sharon a message.

adam doctor young and the restless

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At their house, Sharon wants to call 911 but Rey, who can barely move, says he’s okay. He thinks it’s just a bug but Sharon worries since it came on so fast. He says he felt nauseated. It’s probably something he ate. They agree to wait to see how he feels. “You scared me half to death,” she says. Rey’s surprised. Sharon loves him and hates that he’s not well. She’s sorry about everything. Rey thinks if they keep at therapy, they can make it to where they want to be. He’ll call the station to tell him he’s not coming in. He asks for Cuban Chicken Soup, which fixes everything wrong with him. He reminds her she has a coffee delivery coming. She’ll cancel. He urges her to go. She’ll be back as soon as she can.

rey sick young and restless

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Sharon goes to see Lola and asks her to make Rey’s favorite soup since he’s sick. They discuss the kiss between Sharon and Adam. Lola hates seeing her brother hurt. She’s rooting for her and Rey and asks if she’s willing to try. Sharon says she is. They’ve already had therapy!

Adam meets Nikki at Society. He was surprised to hear from her. She brings up the “cozy new working relationship you have with Victor.” Adam says he came to him. Nikki retorts, “He can’t help himself!” Adam says his father matters to him, though he knows Nikki will find it hard to believe. Nikki thinks he should focus on Chelsea. He agrees but needs a purpose beyond that. Running the company will bring him joy. Nikki says that’s only if he gets the job. Her money is on Victoria. Nikki will never trust Adam, never forgive or forget the anguish he has delivered to her family. She won’t tolerate it. “It’s a warning,” she says. She encourages him to leave town once Chelsea is better. “And never come back.”

nikki tells adam get lost young and restless

Adam stops Sharon at the coffee shop. He asks for a minute of her time. She has to go but reluctantly stays. He brings up her asking if he stole the statue and tray. He asks if she talked to Rey about it. Did he take it? She didn’t ask. She turns to go and he hates how she’s so annoyed by him. She tells him he messes up her life. She has to go and toddles along to Rey.

Nikki visits Victoria in her office. She hasn’t forwarded the real estate contracts for the Snyder deal. Victoria’s distracted. She tells her mom what happened with Billy in so many words. Nikki’s supportive but Victoria doesn’t want her sympathy.

Sharon arrives home and reads a text Chelsea sent from Adam that reads,  “I can’t stop thinking of you. What I wouldn’t do for us to be free.” She looks upset. Rey walks up and she goes to heat up his soup.  When she returns, he’s on the sofa with a blanket. She worries something is seriously wrong.

At home, Chelsea is surprised Sharon hasn’t responded. Adam returns and says not to give up. They’ll beat this. Chelsea says to herself she’ll beat him. Adam says they can get another doctor instead of Dr. Cavet. To herself, Chelsea says this will soon be over anyway. And she’ll no longer be his problem.

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