Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Victor & Adam Celebrate Winning the Bid on Cyaxares

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Wednesday, March 17, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, March 18. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Ashland makes a decision, he and Tara leave Genoa City, and Kyle and Tara’s discussion about Harrison is witnessed!

Kyle and Summer dine together and talk about how weird it is to have Ashland and Tara stay at the same hotel they live at. Kyle goes to a meeting and looks up Harrison’s birth announcement.

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kyle summer dine young and restless

Jack pops over to see Phyllis and they discuss Kyle and Summer’s issues. Kyle rushes past with a quick wave and Phyllis points out that he’s likely just late for a meeting, when Smiling Jack looks crestfallen. Later, Tara runs into Kyle. She is glad he kept quiet about their past. He asks about Harrison flying out there at some point and Tara gets angry with him. She told him not to do this! Meanwhile, their exchange is being witnessed by Ashland. He and Tara leave and Sally spots them. “Ah the one that got away,” she says. Kyle tells her that Tara’s son isn’t his. She tells him to relax. She wants them to get along. Summer appears and they take off. Phyllis turns up. “Sally Spectra, just the woman I want to see.” An employee named Troy has been asking about her. “He’s a trainer at the gym and he’s gorgeous. Gorgeous.” He asked if she’s single and says she’d be willing to set up a dinner on her. Sally assumes Phyllis hates that she and Jack are becoming friends. Phyllis says as long as it stays that way. They hurl insults at each other.

phyllis jack at club young and restless

On a call, Victoria learns Adam and Victor got the bid on Cyraxeres. She’s letdown. She put a lot of energy into the proposal and tells her mama that Ashland hit on her. Nikki’s disgusted and yells, “What?!” Victoria says she invited the wife along and he wasn’t interested. Nikki tells her, “Good comeback.” Meanwhile, Billy gets the same call and is angry. He feels Cyraxeres is going to come after them. “I’m a target right now.” Lily tells him not to focus on old feuds. “It’s not good for you.” Billy thinks she sounds like Victoria. Lily’s okay with that. “On this point, she’s not wrong.” Billy thinks something shady went on but Lily says, “Onward and upward.”

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nikki learns victoria didn't get bid young and restless

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Meanwhile, at home, Adam pops the champagne, grateful for Ashland. Ashland takes off to pick up his wife and the men drink champagne. Adam says he shouldn’t have had his doubts. Victor asks for a toast. “To us and our massive win,” Adam says, simply. he wishes he could see Billy and Victoria now. The Black Knight tells his son not to gloat. Chelsea is wheeled in and learns the news. She thinks to herself that he has no idea of what’s coming. She thinks Victor’s bribing his son. Vic goes and Adam asks if Chelsea is supportive of what he’s doing. She blinks that yes, she is but inside, she says she’s not. He tells her he’s going into this with his eyes wide open about Victor. He leaves and she texts Chloe to come over now. Chloe arrives and Meredith the nurse takes off. Chelsea stretches. Later, Chloe agrees to something Chelsea asks of her though she doesn’t like it. Chelsea goes to the tablet and texts…

chelsea at home young and restless

Billy runs into Victoria at Crimson Lights. They talk about not getting the bid. Victoria doesn’t want to ever discuss what happened and what she said to him. He doesn’t want her to feel bad. He knows it’s hard for her to put herself out there. He says they’re fine. He doesn’t want her to feel bad. She smiles. They have coffee and talk about Katie wanting music lessons. Nearby, Victoria runs into Adam. She congratulates him, not that it means much to him. She taunts him that he’s become totally submissive to their father. He laughs. It may look that way but she’s probably just bummed that Ashland didn’t let her buy the company. He calls her desperate, just not for Cyaxeres. For Billy. Adam knows she was protecting him from him and Victor. He calls it kind of pathetic. Once alone, he gets the text Chelsea sent to Sharon, “I can’t stop thinking about you. What I wouldn’t do for both of us to be free Please don’t ignore me. Please respond.” Then he gets Sharon’s reply, “Leave me alone, Rey is sick and I need to be by his side.”Adam’s stumped.

Victor arrives at Victoria’s office. She’s not there and Nikki doesn’t think she’d like a pep talk right now. Nikki’s more concerned about him risking being with Adam. Vic asks if that’s her way of congratulating him. He tells her Adam has learned. Nikki’s heard it all before. Moneybags assures his wife that his son has changed.

Summer and Kyle arrive at Society. They talk about what a “jerk” Sally is and that he ran into Tara, who wants him to pretend their affair didn’t happen and that Harrison doesn’t exist to him. When Summer says that’s good, that’s what he wanted, Kyle looks ambivalent. They stop that discussion and get cozy and decide on ordering champagne.

Sally brings Jack a new light blue dress shirt. Jack’s thrilled, but wonders if she thinks he needs a new style. She just loves to shop. They discuss Phyllis’s thoughts on Jack being out of her league and Sally says she agrees and wonders what’s wrong with wanting nothing but the best. Jack likes that and gives her a winning smile.

Friday’s episode is pre-empted due to basketball.

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