Young & Restless Spoilers March 14-18: Sally Unintentionally Spills the Truth to Lauren as Victoria Doubts Ashland

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18.

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Victor vows to protect Vicky, while Jack searches for answers, and Nick faces a tough decision.

Monday, March 14

Y&R day ahead recap for March 14: Victoria confronts Ashland with the evidence against him

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Victor goes to great lengths to protect Victoria.
Victoria is hurt by Victor.
Nikki worries about her daughter and husband’s future relationship.
Ashland defends himself to Nikki.
Jack’s world is rocked.
Allie is revealed as Keemo’s daughter and Jack’s granddaughter.
Jack explains who he is and how he came to be Keemo’s father.
Allie’s shocked at the letters that Keemo wrote.
Jack asks for a relationship with Allie but she refuses him.
Jack’s heartbroken.
Victor presents Victoria with damaging evidence against Ashland.
Victoria tells Nick that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore about Ashland. “It can’t be true, can it?” She asks her brother.

jack cries over keemo letters forgive young and restless

Tuesday, March 15

Tuesday, March 15 Y&R recap: Ashland threatens to have Nate’s license revoked.

Victor strategizes with Nick.
Phyllis helps Jack with complicated family ties.
Nate sees a new side of Ashland.
Ashland threatens Nate when he learns that Nate dug up some dirt on the man.
Nate knows Ashland never had cancer or chemo and he can prove it!
Kyle and Jack talk on video chat as Michael Mealor makes a brief return.
Allie returns to see Jack with a lovely gift.
Phyllis gives Jack some support.
Nick is summonsed when Victor asks him to talk to Victoria about her husband.
Victoria starts to wonder if she knows the truth about Ashland or not.
Sally eavesdrops on Adam and Victor.

allie gift jack young restless

Wednesday, March 16

Wednesday, March 16 Y&R day ahead recap: Nate goes to the Newmans after being threatened by Ashland, while Sally asks Sharon for help and then goes to Chelsea for friendship.

Victor receives ammunition against Ashland.
Nick talks to his sister about Ashland and her feelings on his betrayal. 
Nate tells Elena all about Ashland’s lies and she reacts with shock.
Elena helps Nate make a judgment call.
Lauren gets troubling news about Michael.
Sally lets the cat out of the bag.
Sally asks Chelsea and Chloe to be friends and do a reset.
Chelsea reluctantly agrees to let bygones be bygones.

sally interrupts YR

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Thursday, March 17

Y&R is not on today due to the  NCAA Basketball Tournament. Viewers won’t miss any episodes as this is a full pre-empt in all markets. But please tune in to this cute skit by Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) which should bring a smile to your face.

Friday, March 18

Y&R is not on today due to the  NCAA Basketball Tournament. Viewers won’t miss any episodes. Monday’s episode will be all new. Until then, check out our current Y&R opinion on the man pain storyline and Y&R’s Surrogacy story which has worked our last nerve.

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