Victoria Blows up at Victor & Confronts Ashland With the Proof He’s Gaslighting Her as Jack’s Granddaughter Reveals Shocking News

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack meets Allie, Amanda has a burning question for Devon and Chance’s therapy is hard on him, while Rey and Chelsea get together. In the previous episode, Victoria ranted to Nikki for believing Ashland before he signed as co-CEO.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, March 11 2021 episode airs in the USA Monday, March 14. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Nikki finds Victor in Adam’s office with the documents Michael sent from Peru. He thinks they’ll prove Ashland is deceiving their daughter.

Nikki begs him to handle this carefully. He doesn’t want to alienate her but Locke forced his hand. She needs to know the man she’s married to.

Nikki knows that there is evidence against him. It’d be wonderful if it wasn’t true, but she doesn’t believe it at this point. Ashland asks if she’s found more so-called evidence against him.

They both agree they want to protect Victoria and Ashland asks if he’s ever seen her happier or more in love.

Nikki reminds him of the lengths they went to to ensure the wedding was perfect and that his reputation was intact. What he did was unforgivable.

Ashland says he’s not lying about the cancer. He’s in remission. He tries to drum up some tears about fighting for the love of his life.

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In L.A., Allie tells Jack that he must be confused. Hao couldn’t possibly be his son. He was her dad and he never mentioned Jack. He was born out of an affair that his mother had in Vietnam. “Her name was Luan,” Jack clarifies.

She says he never knew his dad, not even his name. She asks if Jack’s tracking him down after all these years but Jack says  no. Her dad didn’t tell her the entire truth.

He explains that he and Luan were reunited when he met Keemo.

She asks for proof and he takes out the photo of Luan and  Jack’s wedding. She’s obviously shocked. She’s never seen the photo but recognizes her from other photos her dad have. “This is you,” she says.

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Her father was his best man. Allie doesn’t think it means he’s her grandfather. Jack shows her documentation that legally acknowledges that he’s Keemo’s dad. She asks why he’d keep it from her and he shares their falling out. He knows he was mistaken in keeping his secret.

Keemo was furious with him. Jack tried to bridge the gap but Keemo cut himself off and changed his name. He refused to communicate with him. Allie asks if that’s true then what’s he after. He explains that he received texts that lured him there.

She’s upset that he came and rifled through her dad’s things. He understands but he needed to know what kind of man he became. He tells her he found answers. The letters.

He tells her they were painful. She’s angry that he read the private letters but realizes they were addressed to him. She reads one and begins to cry.

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She can’t read it and asks him to tell her what they said. Jack reveals he was almost ready to reconnect. He tears up as he explains that there was no chance to reunite since he died. She reads another one and cries as she sees his handwriting.

She can hear his voice in her head and admits she can barely face the fact that he’s gone. She didn’t know any of this. Jack asks if there’s someone who can support her to get through this. She says her parents divorced a few year ago and her mom lives on the east coast.

They haven’t seen much of each other though she came for the funeral. Jack knows he’s the last person she would turn to for comfort but it kills him that she’s alone. She assures she’s fine.

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Phyllis asks if her mother sent the texts, if she knew about Jack. Allie doesn’t think so and angrily tells them to go back to where they came from and pretend this encounter never happened. Jack can’t do that. He’s glad he came, glad he met her.

He knows what it’s like to lose a parent and not get answers from them. He’d like to get to know her. She’s sorry but she isn’t interested. He tells her to call if she ever changes her mind. He asks if he could keep those belongings. She allows it. He offers her the necklace he gave her grandmother. She refuses. She’s sorry to waste their time and goes.

Phyllis tries to get him to consider that Allie’s just reeling right now. They agree she may come around. He suppresses his emotions until Red tells him not to. He cries and admits it’s overwhelming. He’s heartbroken that his son didn’t tell his daughter about him. Phyllis knows. Jack worries about Allie dealing on her own. He could tell her relationship with her mama was strained.

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Victor turns up at Newman Enterprises. “We need to talk,” he tells Vicky. She doesn’t think they’ve anything to discuss unless he wants to take back the allegations. He gives her the documents and vows not to leave until she reads them.

Victoria has seen all she needs to. Victor doesn’t want to hurt her but he tells her that Ashland has been lying about his illness. She asks if he thought her husband would take off on her. Michael sent it to him this morning.

Victoria’s emotional as she asks why he’d do this. He’s trying to protect her and the company. She tells him Ashland is now the co-CEO. They signed the contracts. Victor drops the documents and points his finger at her in anger, before looking away. He calms down and explains the whole entire shebang to her. 

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Victor knows that she has to be angry at him instead of Ashland. Victoria yells that she can’t stand being patronized. She asks him to go, but he can’t watch her be deceived by this man any longer.

He shares that Michael Baldwin has gone missing. It’s been days and Lauren’s worried. Victoria’s concerned. Victor says Ashland knew they were on to his trail. Victoria blows up at the accusations.

She believes none of this and no matter what, she’s staying with him. Victor leaves behind the documents. He has copies… He apologizes. He adores her and loves her and only wants what’s best. He goes and she opens the documents.

vicky reads docs about ashland lies young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

At Society, Ashland sits alone, concerned. Nikki sees him and walks away. He stops her and asks for some time to explain himself. Nikki has no time for that. Ash thinks Victor put things in her head about him but Nikki staunchly defends herself.

Nobody puts things into her head but her. Ashland says that one unscrupulous doctor was lying about him.

ashland ponders next move young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

She knows how profound his love is for Victoria, how happy he’s made her? He claims he’d never mastermind a plot to hurt Victoria, but Nikki says there is overwhelming evidence. He tries to talk her into believing in him but she’s not buying it.

Nikki finds Victor at the office. He tells her about their daughter’s anger and disbelief but she has the documents.

vic nikki office young restless

Ashland returns to Newman Enterprises and Victoria tells him about her visit from her dad. She tells him Michael disappeared in Peru and he’s accusing Ashland of that.

She tells him about the evidence she read and how damning it is. She asks why a small company that they own sends a steady stream of money to a doctor in Peru that’s connected with his treatment.

vicky confronts ash young restless

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