Y&R Opinion: The Surrogacy Storyline Worked Our Last Nerve Last Year, Now — it’s Torture

Why does this storyline continue to play out?

I have yet to meet a person on social media who loves the surrogacy storyline, and here we are, a year later, and it’s still going on. This story has consistently offended viewers from the start, which is a big issue, and it’s also caused many to hate the characters in the story. 

A bone to pick with Devon

I love Devon, but I have a bone to pick with him, and I’m not even one of the viewers hating on him right now for what they see as insinuating himself into Abby’s baby’s life.

I never thought the surrogacy with Devon donating sperm was a good idea to begin with. We all knew how this was going to end. Badly.

Still, my unpopular opinion is that I still like Devon. I respect him. I like him with Amanda, and since Abby and Chance appear to be alright with the custody agreement, I am too. This doesn’t mean I haven’t had my own issues with him initially wanting custody.

chance tells devon he has therapy young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Most hate it. Most argue that the baby is Abby and Chance’s and they’re not wrong. Many are tired of him pushing for more.


Some have commented that this is no surprise since Devon is all about family.


But I already ranted and raved at length about this Y&R surrogacy storyline in several opinion pieces since 2021 so I won’t repeat it all but this is what I said back in December:

“I love Devon but he is a sperm donor who signed away his rights to a baby, who now claims that he now wants shared custody not because of how miserable Abby and Chance seem to be at parenting but because he’s attached to Dominic. A big part of me wonders if the baby whisperer is lying to Abby and to himself about the real reasons behind wanting custody.”

Fast forward to March and Amanda’s just now cluing into that possibility, yet Devon’s denying that he wants sole custody. Where. Is. This. Story. Going? Please, put us out of our mystery.

Give us new storylines and back burner this one. We can still hear about the Kumbaya Crew’s surrogacy issues from time to time, but let us move on.

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What would be acceptable to keep the story going

Let the grandparents on both sides weigh in on this and make some of them argue about it. Give us the real drama.

Matt’s idea of having Chance and Amanda becoming jealous and questioning their relationships. I’d even go as far as to have them get a little too close for comfort.

Not cheating exactly, but finding comfort in someone else when they’re really searching for that comfort from their spouse.

It happens all the time. If people recognize it fast enough, they can actually stop themselves from cheating. I’ve never seen this in a soap (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen) but I’d like to.

The show had Mariah going a little “lulu” over Dominic but Devon being a man gets to have shared custody? I’m not saying that it’s misogynistic but to me, as a woman, it feels offensive. 

mariah with the kid young restless

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Thoughts? Weigh in on whether you agree or disagree in our comments.