Y&R Opinion: Focusing in on Man Pain — Billy’s Boring Podcast, Jack Losing Keemo & Noah’s Depression

There’s been a lot of man pain during Women’s History Month on Y&R.

For a show that was created for women in mind, we’re sure seeing more time dedicated to the pain of Noah, Chance, Billy and Jack and during Women’s History Month. Sure, Y&R doesn’t have to write for Women’s History Month, but it’s a glaring oversight when we take into account of how many of the storylines are revolving around the men.

The show continuously writes storylines with most of the action happening off canvas or from 40 years ago which doesn’t interest viewers for the most part. And that’s how we started Jack’s man pain story.

Jack’s man pain

Unpopular opinion time…Jack’s pain over losing his son Keemo is realistic to me. They didn’t have a relationship for decades. The problem is that we haven’t heard the name Keemo even a handful of times over the years.

He was deliberately not spoken about which is really strange, especially for a family man like Jack, not to at least think about Keemo or try to call him.

jack mystery text CBS Y&R

So we’re now into a retcon storyline where we have to suspend disbelief that Jack has tried in vain to get his son back into his life and Keemo refused.

Jack kept the secret of Luan’s illness from her son and honestly, I can’t blame Keemo for being angry. Still, that’s a long time to hold a grudge when life is so fleeting but Keemo was an angry man from the start, so it goes along with his character.

The story started out great. We love a good mystery and those texts were cryptic and lured us in. They brought back a few beloved characters to mind, but all that we’ve gotten so far is Jack sobbing over a box of letters.

Don’t get me wrong, I was moved by Jack’s pain, where many viewers who had tears of their own. They were bored of the lengthy monologues.

jack devastated keemo death young restless

Peter Bergman did a great job in making me feel something, but it dragged on for days, much longer than anyone wanted it to.

The flashbacks to Luan and Jack were touching for those who watched them live and possibly for those who didn’t but enjoyed a little backstory. But leaving Keemo out of the flashbacks was a strange choice since this is literally all about him.

jack cries over keemo letters forgive young and restless

Bringing in a grandchild for Jack is nice. It gives the character something more to do than think about reuniting with Phyllis or being sad that Kyle, Summer and Harrison are in Italy.

But instead of killing off an Abbott, it would have made more sense to me to bring Philip Moon back — or bring in a recast.

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Who sent Jack those texts? If Allie didn’t, then who else is out there? Who left that box of stuff for Jack to see? Is Allie lying? Is there another person watching? Was it Allie’s mama?

allie cries keemo letters young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

What I really like

Traci and Phyllis’ involvement, and Allie’s appearance. Traci’s the voice of reason, which from time to time, her brothers need, and I already like Allie.

I like that she didn’t automatically tell Jack she’d jump to living with him and becoming his granddaughter. That’s not how this works.

What I love most…I love that we have an Asian character on canvas again. Diversity and inclusion are important.

traci phyllis jack trip YR

Chance’s man pain

Chance is going through PTSD, which to some should mean that I write this with compassion, but because this is a television show, and not reality, that’s not going to happen.

I’d rather amuse instead of harp, I’ll leave this tweet right here, along with the accompanying photo of Chance in all his man pain glory, shirtless, thankfully.

I’ll also say at least the man is in therapy. I like that we’re moving this along. At some point, I’d also like to see Abby’s woman pain. (But we can’t have nice things.)

sexy chance young restless

Billy’s man pain podcast

Billy’s man pain is something I think many if not most people go through at one time in their life. Instead of showing the reason behind Lily’s insecurities about becoming CEO of Chancellor, which women would have related to, we got this.

I love Billy. Warts and all. He’s a flawed character, and that’s what we all want in a good soap. Angst. But his rambling podcast is a dreadful bore. Find this poor guy something else to do.

I miss him lurking behind the potted plants and plotting.

billy podcasting young and restless

Noah’s man pain takes the cake

Noah was dumped offscreen, then his love for self-professed lesbian, not bisexual but lesbian Tessa returned. Spoiler alert: She will never love him. She’s gay.

Noah’s been glum ever since he Eeyored all the way back to Genoa City and it’s not fun for him or viewers. He’s a hot guy, smart, and creative.

noah not happy again young restless

He should be getting ass at every turn. Yeah. I just said that. Having him date Cindy was hysterical. I loved it. Loved her. Y&R doesn’t have nearly enough short-term characters, let alone ones that bring the laughs.

But we know the point of Cindy was for Noah to be seen with women he won’t end up with long term. He might have if this were a fun soap like Days of our Lives.

noah and cindy young and restless

Noah deserves some fun in his life. Since Allie’s appearance, we’re all wondering if they’ll have chemistry and be paired up. As long as I see that chemistry, I’m all for any thing that stops his man pain.

Let me know your own thoughts about all the man pain on The Young and the Restless right now by leaving us a comment.