Opinion: Just About Done With This Devil Story

Breaking down what’s been going on these past few weeks on Days of  Our Lives.

My favorite auntie is an episode one ride or die fan of Days of Our Lives, right through today. One of my fondest childhood memories is of sitting in her gloriously air-conditioned den with a cold iced tea and checking out what was happening in Salem.

I have an emotional connection to many of these characters that is built on years of story and memorable moments. I’ve been there for the serious years, the crazy 80s and 90s and today’s combo of both.

For all its kookiness, Days is the most solid and most heartfelt of the shows. Most of the time, I love this show. Not every story is about love, but every story—even the Satanic possession, even the magical masks, even Sarah believing she’s the long-dead Renee — has love at its core. And that’s what soap operas are all about.

A Cheeky Nod That Fits Right In

Tony is understandably confused as to why Sarah Horton is throwing herself at him and trash-talking Anna. Abigail explains that it’s the same drug-induced psychosis she experienced at the hands of Kristen.

Sarah’s mind is mixing up her own memories with what she read in Renee’s diary. As a cheeky nod to the recently departed actress Philece Sampler, who played Renee Dumonde until 1983, it fits right into the show as it is today.

anna jenn talk sarenee days

Back in Salem, Anna has flounced around town, doling out blunt assessments and fixed opinions to everyone who doesn’t want them. Anna’s not really in any of these stories, but she steals every scene.

Tony returns and tries to explain to Anna what’s happening. Enter Sarah-Renee, who still wants Tony for herself. “Tell this washed up floozy to hit the bricks!”

sarah renee days of our lives

My Cousin Married a Serial Killer in That Church

Clueless Xander is blissing out in bed with Gwen. They haven’t chosen a wedding venue, so he suggests St Luke’s. Gwen doubts the town pariahs would be welcome but Xander thinks it will be fine. “My cousin Ciara married a serial killer in that church.”

When Chad slips into the always open interrogation room to confront Ava, she plays it cool and admits nothing. Chad tells Ava that she’s a person of interest. “I’m always a person of interest. I’m used to it.”

After Sarah-Renee escapes the hospital, she runs into Xander, but she thinks he’s Renee’s devious husband Alex Marshall. When Xander shows her a cute photo of them together, Sarah-Renee doesn’t recognize herself.

At the same time, Gwen gives Ava a girl power pep talk to get her to keep quiet about how Abigail’s head met the back of a shovel. Ava’s not convinced so Gwen comes up with an escape plan. Ned the pilot dresses up as a latter-day Mike Brady and poses as Ava’s lawyer to whisk her out of jail… because it’s that easy.

gwen xander engaged days

The Devil Is (Still) Lurking In Salem

That horny little shape-shifter JoDevil has masterfully arranged the chess pieces—EJ, Chad, Jake and Gabi — to build power in the family biz. Nonno Stefano would be so proud.

While Tony and Chad are away, a DiMera board meeting is held with Li Shin. Lots of squabbling and a little devilish mind control results in the board ousting Chad and replacing him with Gabi, leaving Jake out in the cold.

Jake lays hands on Johnny, who promptly goes yellow-eyed and knocks Jake ends up flat on his back and with no memory of the fight.

jodevil dimera days

Ben and Ciara On the Outskirts of The Action

Ben and Ciara are off on their own spin-off show and have finally figured out Johnny is possessed—welcome to the story! A quick call to Johnny’s grandma Susan and the snazzy dresser is back in Salem and ready to undo the devil’s work at the DiMera mansion.

susans back being stupid days of our lives

But even Susan’s supernatural abilities can’t shake the prince of darkness.

Okay, I’m just about done with this story. Why is the show’s most popular young couple, perhaps the most popular in all of daytime, off to the side doing filler scenes on the same set week after week?

ciara ben missing days

Tripp and Allie’s Shattered, Boring Dream

That poor sucker Tripp wants to marry Allie and be a father to little Henry. Who wouldn’t want a cute if somewhat dull doctor/babysitter in the family? Well, Allie, who prefers the intimate company of bestie Chanel.

When Tripp finally proposes to Allie with a romantic soliloquy, she says yes. Enter JoDevil, looking to make trouble. He spills the beans about Chanel and Allie’s latest tryst to a shocked Tripp.

When Chanel tries to downplay her night of passion with a married woman, Johnny responds with “Oh, so it was the sweet kind of cheating, not the sleazy kind.”

tripp proposes days of our lives

Heartbroken (again) Tripp ends up at the Brady Pub, where Allie’s grandpa Roman wants the scoop. Creepy! Roman thinks maybe Allie is going through a phase, which is exactly what a 60-something Catholic ex-cop to say. Roman’s coming from a place of love and he means well but he’s totally wrong.

Allie confides in Kate who gives her granddaughter solid advice. Really, if everyone in Salem just did what Kate told them to do, they would have much more stable lives.

Days later, Allie is still moping and not showing up to work at the bakery. As you know, it’s really not important to bake things for a bakery. Chanel shows up to sympathize and of course it turns to an almost kiss, no thanks to Nicole and her bad timing.

challie almost kiss days of our lives

I’m enjoying the soapiness of this non-traditional-for-soaps love quadrangle, but isn’t it about time to catch up with the real world? More and more people are living outside the standard boy meets girl model. Why can’t Tripp + Allie + Chanel = love?

Does Allie really love Tripp or is she just afraid of her feelings for Chanel?

Does Allie love Tripp?

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tripp allie chanel threesome days of our lives

Has TR Really Changed His Ways or is He Still a Slimeball?

Despite the horror stories Paulina has told about her shady ex, TR is determined to win her back. He’s is thrilled to be in Salem with his newfound daughter Lani and wants to know his grand babies, much to Paulina’s chagrin.

Eli confesses to Lani that he secretly met with TR and told his father-in-law in no uncertain terms to stay away from their family– or else. Do we already have a murder mystery in the works?

I hope not because TR is fascinating. There are layers upon layers with this character that we’ve just begun to peel away.

TR and Lani run into each other and agree to a meal at the pub. Bonding moment ensues when Lani asks for mayo for her fries, just the way TR likes. Well, so do I but it’s hardly enough to overcome the way TR treated Paulina.

While he seems genuine in his apologies and pledges of reform, TR is a Hollywood movie producer, so I assume he’s still a slimeball.

Is TR really reformed or is he too smooth to be true?

Is TR a slimeball?

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tr coates slime days of our lives

Three’s a Crowd for Craig, Nancy and Leo

Chloe is determined that she and Brady are just friends now and, as usual, she’s totally wrong. Brady is being the perfect supportive boyfriend but Chloe is so wrapped up in her parents’ drama that she can’t see it.

Girl, you’re wistfully reminiscing about romantic dates together with a very eligible hunk who thinks you’re the be-all and the end-all. Get it while you can!

Craig arranges a dinner with Chloe and Brady to introduce his new boyfriend—and, like many theorized on Twitter, Craig’s new man in none other than Brady’s almost-brother Leo Stark.

craig upset days of our lives

Craig’s having trouble understanding the unsavory facts about Leo’s life, but Leo’s not wrong when he calls Brady “a total drama queen.”

So far, Leo is saying all the right things, so I am totally suspicious. While I personally feel more connection to flamboyant and fork-tongued Leo than the more family-friendly gays of daytime, I’m not sure how I feel about Leo being Craig’s mystery man.

I want this story to about love and family, not one-liners and sex jokes. Do two former con men have a chance at happiness in this crazy, mixed-up town?

leo in red days of our lives

When Chloe tells her mom about the double date she had with Craig and Leo, the Nancy we know and love comes roaring back. She all but busts down the door to catch Craig and Leo nearly en flagrante. “Get your grubby little paws off of my husband!”

Leo and Nancy have an amusing cat fight that I’m hoping is just the beginning of more twists to this story. Really, these schemers are three peas in a pod!

What do you think? Has Leo pulled the cashmere over Craig’s eyes, or has Craig seen a different side to Leo?

Is Leo gold digging?

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craig and leo caught days of our lives

Bonnie and Nancy, Insta-friendship

When Nancy runs into Bonnie at the pub, Bonnie gives her new bestie solid advice and tells Nancy to get he own boy toy. “What’s good for the gay gander is good for the goose!”

I like this insta-friendship because both of these women are outside the soap opera norm and they both have done some crazy stuff to get what they want. The possibilities are endless with these two!

bonnie nancy friends days of our lives

The Boys Are Back In Town

Will and Sonny come back to Salem and have a couple of much needed emotional scenes. Will learns from grandma Marlena that her patients are leaving in droves and the good doctor might be losing her job. Is this a surprise? Isn’t it time for Marlena to retire and write books?

Meanwhile, Sonny admits to his pop Justin that he’s got a problem with his new wife Bonnie—especially after walking in on them gettin’ busy in Maggie’s living room. Gee, why would Sonny be weirded out about his dad marrying poor dead Adrienne’s doppelganger?

sonny hides from naked days of our lives

If Brady’s the Leader of This Pack, They’re Doomed

Will and Sonny are totally in on Chloe and Brady’s hairbrained idea to turn Craig against Leo because soap characters love butting in where they don’t belong. Honestly, if Brady is the leader of this pack, they’re doomed.

Chloe and Brady meet up with Leo and pretend to be interested in the side of Leo that Craig knows, which is kinda reprehensible.

leo artist days of our lives

Leo tells the gruesome twosome about his love of art, but he knows exactly what’s going on. “Did you really think I was dumb enough to believe you’d want to hang out with someone like me? Girl, bye!”

Yeah, they deserved that. Of course, Will and Leo’s plot to turn Craig against Leo fails big time, too. “Nice try, bitches!” Leo says as they leave.

Is it weird that Will still seems really bothered about what happened with Leo and Sonny? I mean, he did try to kill Leo. Isn’t it time to let bygones be bygones?

What do you think? Is TR really reformed or is he too smooth to be true? Has Leo pulled the cashmere over Craig’s eyes, or has Craig seen a different side to Leo? Does Allie really love Tripp or is she just afraid of her feelings for Chanel? Vote in our polls, like and comment below, then follow me on Twitter @mattFarris.