Ashland Threatens to Have Nate’s License Revoked After Confronted With His Lies — & Sally Eavesdrops on Adam & Victor

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ashland feigns being innocent to Nate, as Sally eavesdrops on Adam and Victor, and Nick’s tasked with talking to Victoria, while Allie returns to Keemo’s to talk to Jack. In the previous episode, Victoria confronted Ashland & Allie rejected Jack.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, March 14 2021 episode airs in the USA Tuesday, March 15. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

From his office, Adam leaves a message for Victor and tells Sally that he hasn’t been able to get a hold of his dad. He thinks he’s icing him out again. He admits it’s possible Ashland may have done something that he could take advantage of.

Sally realizes Newman Locke could suffer which could make an opening. He says, “Oh really? Lady Macbeth?” She’s not suggesting he try to take control.

adam and lady macbeth young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

At Crimson Lights, Nick learns about the doctors in Peru who were paid off to lie about Ashland having cancer. Nick’s grateful to Michael for finding the paper trail. Victor admits there’s an issue.

He hasn’t heard from Michael since and believe Ashland is behind his disappearance. Victor has people in Peru searching for him and if something has happened, he’ll hold Locke responsible.

Nick’s upset that Victoria knows everything and that Locke denied it. Nick could see him manipulating his sister from the beginning. Victor admits he now wants to be co-CEO.

Nick’s angry since she fought for years to control it on her own and now gave up sole control. What will Victor do? Victor says it’s what Nick’s going to do. Nick reminds his dad that she barely speaks to him. Vic counters that he has nothing to lose.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asks why a small company that they own sends a steady stream of money to a doctor in Peru that’s connected with Ashland’s treatment.

Ashland can’t explain why she found the funnel of money going directly into the pocket of the doctor who accused him of fabricating his cancer. Ashland gets angry and snipes, “Kudos to Victor,” who wanted to dig up dirt on him. He can’t wait to get his hands on the person who set him up. He apologizes for getting upset.

victoria being dumb young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

She understands. They need to find a way to fix this. Victoria admits she doesn’t believe her father is trying to frame him but Ashland lies that he does. He fights her on it and she tells him not to.

It must be someone else. Ash says the worst thing anyone could do to her is poison him in her mind. He hopes it’s not working. Vic knows he’s innocent.

She’s shocked at the level of deception. He gets a text from Nate who wants to meet. Ash thinks he’s probably talked to Victor already. He jumps to the worst possible outcome and says he feels under siege, but with her by his side, he doesn’t feel alone. They hug.

vic hug hubby young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

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Jack takes a call from Traci and they discuss him reading through the letters in the box he found at Keemo’s house. He tells her that Keemo forgave him but wasn’t ready to let him back into his life.

Traci’s heart breaks for her brother. He stares at Allie’s photo, sadly. Phyllis appears with coffee and sandwiches as Traci tells Jack to take care of himself.

traci comforts jack young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

He disconnects and says he’ll talk to Traci about the other things once he’s home. Allie texts with an apology about how rude she was when she left. She wishes him safe travels back to Genoa City.

He says it’s time to go home. He won’t force her into a situation she can’t embrace. Phyllis says she never knew they were from Genoa City. She did a search on him which means she’s curious about him and her newfound family. Jack needs to consider how this will affect her.

jack phyllils at keemo talk kyle young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

He wants a relationship with her but he can’t risk pushing too hard the way he did with Keemo. Phyllis asks if he wants to find out who lured him there with the texts. He doesn’t.

He just wants to call Kyle to tell him about all this. She gives him privacy and he makes the video call. He tells Kyle that he’s in L.A. at Keemo’s  house and that he passed away. Kyle’s sorry.

He hasn’t heard Keemo’s name in forever. Jack tells him about Keemo’s daughter. “You have a niece and Harrison has a brand new cousin.” Kyle’s flabbergasted.

Jack tells him that Allie’s world has been turned upside down.  He’s trying not to rush her. Kyle thinks it sounds wise. He’s there for his dad.

kyle chat jack young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Allie returns with a little statue that was her father’s. She wants Jack to have it because though their rift ran deep, she can tell he loved him. Jack’s overcome and fights tears as he thanks her.

It means the world to him. He calls it lovely and kind. He won’t forget it. She admits she hasn’t changed her mind about them. She’s sorry but she has a lot she’s going through with graduate school, legalities of her dad’s death. “It’s a lot.”

She needs to move forward without him which she hasn’t started to contemplate. Jack gets it and respects it. He lost his mother and understands the enormity of loss. She appreciates him saying so.

He thanks her for the gift and wishes her well. She tells him the same and thinks they can get together for coffee if he’s ever back in L.A. He invites her for dinner if she’s ever in the mid-west. If she needs anything, he asks her to call.

allie gift jack young restless

Victor catches Sally telling Adam in his office that she doesn’t know the situation but Victoria will protect her pride, which leaves Adam to step up and fill a leadership void, so be it.

Victor asks for time alone with his son and Sally goes outside to eavesdrop. Adam asks what the plan is. Victor says Nick’s going to talk to Victoria. Adam sneers. “That’s it? You’ve gotta be kidding me.” He can’t believe that Victoria failed this company.

vic plans adam young and restless

Ashland arrives at Society and can already tell Victor has gotten to Nate. He thinks Victor’s trying to poison his mind against him and asks what he said. Is it about how he supposedly lied about his cancer.

nate angry ash young restless

Nate saw his test results but after they spoke, those results were all he had a to go on and they came from Ashland. Ash doesn’t like where this is going and Nate frankly doesn’t either.

ash caught young restless

Nate hates that someone would use a disease for financial gain or to dupe an entire family. Nate doesn’t like being screwed over, either. He crossed a line, ethically speaking but there is no sight of cancer on either of the x-ray scans that Ashland had.

Ashland figures it’s human error or that they’re the wrong scans. Nate dug deeper. He says there is no evidence that Ashland had chemotherapy at Memorial Hospital or at any of their affiliates. Victor was right wasn’t he? Ashland never had cancer!

Ashland tells Nate that one phone call and he can have his license revoked. Nate doesn’t care.He was leaving anyway. Ash asks what he plans on doing with this. Nate will tell Victoria and Victor everything.

nate sneer young restless

Nick goes to Victoria’s office to talk about Ashland. She’s not happy to see him there and accuses him of trying to ruin her marriage. He came to see how she was and if she has considered that it’s possible Ashland did this. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore. “It can’t be true, can it?”

nick accusation young restless

Y&R day ahead recap for Wednesday, March 15: Nate asks the Newmans for help after he’s threatened by Ashland, Sally goes to Sharon for advice and then asks  Chelsea to let bygones be bygones.